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  1. Been working on a set of custom stairs. Single stringer in the middle vertical 3/4 round pickets plug welded into the tread plates. The wood worker has to slide his wood treads down over 6 pickets on each tread plate. After the treads are installed I have a flat bar which plug welds on top of the pickets. Drilling a 13/16 hole at a 31.8 degree pitch on 1-1/4 x 1/4 flat bar has been fun.
  2. I was teasing you. We all like pictures. Send a few with the whole anvil in the picture please.
  3. Where are the pictures? With out the pictures for all we know you just picked some random #
  4. I am glad to see that you got a boom lift it will make your life much easier. It sounds like you either borrowed or purchased the lift. I have had jobs where I purchased a piece of equipment at the beginning of the job and sold it when I was done because it was cheaper than renting. If you purchased it then you can work on your schedule with out the clock ticking on the rental bill. It looks like crappy weather to be trying to do your roof system. Have you gotten the supplier to send you a better packing list on your insulation and where each size is intended to be used ? You are too far down the path to give in to discouragement. Don't give up , look at how much you have accomplished by your self with limited help , with out a background in this style of building . I am sorry that I am not closer so that I could give you a hand from time to time. PS: Vise mount is done and works well and I watched 2 of your videos which were both very good. It is very nice that you are trying to share your skills and talents and are patient enough to put yourself through the videoing process. Thanks David
  5. Here is a picture of my CVO Road Glide I mentioned on my last post . I got to ride it about 90 miles yesterday to go measure a job. Beautiful day mid 70s , 2 lane road most of the way with a few little twisty parts. It is loaded up on a carrier that mounts to my hitch receiver on my truck and 2 other mounts on the bumper i built for the truck. I was headed on a 1900 mile trip to do some work and had to have my truck and tools but wanted to bring my scooter with out dragging a trailer. I went to Warwick New York from Texas . While there I went for one of the best rides I have been on. I went from NY to Vermont during Fall and rode through the falling leaves on a road blanketed with leaves all in different shades of the fall colors. It gave me new meaning to the term Fall.
  6. I rode about 150 miles today. I have had my MC license since 1982 and have never let it lapse. Today i rode a 110 CVO Road Glide
  7. Jennifer I did some research on Athol and Mr Starrett was a founder of athol then left because of patent disputes later sued Athol and won which allowed him to purchase Athol I used to have some Starrett tools but unfortunately someone liked them better than me. Try not to let your building beat you up. You are doing very well even if it hurts. Any more info from the insulation company.
  8. About 6 or 8 months ago a friend gave me a vise that was broken , it wouldn't screw out. He knew I liked old things even if they aren't currently working!! It was made by Athol Machine and Forge , it is a cool vise because it has both a swivel base and a swivel jaw. A little while yesterday and today I took it apart to see what was wrong and clean it up . I had assumed that there was a problem with the screw box and that it might be a basket case. As i pulled it apart I was pleasantly surprised , both the screw and the box were perfect. It was dirty and covered with grease and build up but the screw would screw in and out but wouldn't move the jaw out only pull it in after cleaning. After further cleaning there was a spot on the shaft were there used to be a pin which had sheared off on each side of the shaft. When i drove the remains of the pin out it came out in 2 pieces length wise. Someone in the past had replaced a broken pin with part of a cotter key which is soft steel . I replaced it with a hardened roll pin and it is working like new! 4-1/2 inch jaws pivoting jaw . The jaw is fixed in the square position with a tapered screw in pin and pivots on an 1-1/2 inch diameter pin inset into the main body. Cool!! The moral of the story is don't just give up on these tools from the past. Unlike most of what is produced today , they were built to work and to last while doing it. It was a simple fix and now this vise has been given another 100 years of possible life and usefulness !!
  9. Sorry Its Not ham and beans But I got a temporary mount tabbed for my leg vise. I am not sure where the permeant location will be so the saddle bolts to the plate and the plate bolts to brackets on the fab table. The wedge needs to be moved to the other side of the spring with it there I don't have as much push, so the vise doesn't open on its own more than 5 inches. But that is an easy fix.
  10. That is how i would look if I was doing it to. Except no coveralls because I don't live where it so stinking cold . The vise grips were a good plan. You took one of our conversations about good buildings verse more difficult and came up with your solution ! I am proud of your drive and problem solving ability.
  11. Old Crew

    Columbian vise

    I have a columbian vise that i have owned for 30 plus years that looks identical to that one except that next to the branding is a spot that could be punched with stamps the model # Mine has 6" wide jaws. My guess is that this does also. If it does have 8" wide jaws send me a PM with your contact info Lavan . My " Little Columbian" has always wanted a BIG brother and you are not to far from me.
  12. I have watched your build of the pressciouss and am glad you have it up and running and put to good use! No press or treadle for me to use but I do have a mechanical hammer which should move the metal
  13. JHCC how long did it take you to make that set of tongs ? I have never made any and figure that for me to make some I just need to multiply whatever time it took you by 5 or maybe 10 to arrive at time invested in a set of tongs
  14. Old Crew

    Columbian vise

    It is worth nothing with out pictures and it is helpful to post your location also