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  1. I don't know how Alexandr does it but I am in the process of rebuilding and recreating some 100 year old handrail for a building. It has 1/2 square solid which is twisted in the center. I built a fixture and twisted it cold. I post some pictures later.
  2. I will 2nd the recommendation for Technicus Joes videos. I don't know if I will ever want to make small anvils but it definitely takes some skills. Enjoy the forum and take things with a grain of salt. There is vast experience here. With vast experience comes Crust or crustiness
  3. JHCC Something to keep in mind if you want to use 7018 rod is that standard 7018 is DC only and welds like crap on AC. They do make 7018 for AC though which works fairly well. I think the same is true of 6010 and 6011. I had the same machine in the 80s and it worked well for my needs for a time. Eventually I upgraded to a DC machine, but for only $50 you have another tool in your arsenal, which is always good.
  4. Welcome Wyatt I have learned a lot here and have much more to learn when I get back to learning to forge. I also am in central Tx . Central narrows it down some but texas is spread out. I am just northwest of Austin
  5. I had a pipe freeze inside the wall of my house. Plumbing pipe was on the outside a north facing wall and the insulation was on the inside of the wall. So not much between the pipe and the cold. I had left faucets on in a couple spots just not the kitchen sink . So when there was no water the sink I put a diesel torpedo heater outside on the wall blowing on the stucco. A while later water is flowing from the sink slowly I look outside ad water is ruing out of the wall I cut a 2'X3' hole in the stucco and fixed the broken pipe in the wall dried it out and insulated it all while at about
  6. Looks good MT I played with the angles of the legs for a bit before I found that 15 degrees worked well for my stand . If mine wasn't so stinking heavy I would have done wheels like you did, but I don't want anything popping out of where it shouldn't (Hernia) so no wheels on mine!! David
  7. Here in Texas at my place it got down to -1 a couple weeks ago and everything came to a halt for a week. Most central Texans thought civilization had come to an end. I am fairly handy and was mostly un-affected by the freeze and power problems. I feel for the people that are not equipped to deal with problems. I like your solution for a large heater on a budget. You want heat make something work on the cheap. If I lived in a place where coooooold was a common problem I would probably have built a home brewed heater for my shop similar to yours which burned used oil if possible . W
  8. I used to shoot anything and everything out of my wrist rocket and had a lot of fun. But I was a pyromaniac in a permissive or unknowing family so my favorite was a small ball that I made myself. I melted equal parts table sugar and ammonium nitrate in to a taffy consistency and molded it into small balls with a little tail. Once hardened I could light the little tail with a lighter and shoot a firey ball !! It was good fun in a different time. I could buy the ammonium nitrate at the drug store as a young teenager and I was in the pacific northwest where it rained more than the sun
  9. That sounds exactly like what I probably have. I am insulin dependent also. When I was first diagnosed they didn't want to give me insulin . Just metformin at first. I went from 185# to 145# and was wasting away before they finally gave me insulin. Balancing the insulin dose with the food intake can be a real challenge especially when you are a carboholic like me. I have been trying to limit it but don't always succeed . A couple of days ago I took my shot with dinner and did not eat a evening snack like I usually do I woke up in the morning with my blood sugar at 35.
  10. At my shop there is only 220 single phase at the pole. The power company was able to provide me 220 3 phase through the use of 3 transformers at my pole. I don't know how it works but 1 of the 3 legs is higher voltage . I believe they call it a delta Y with a high leg ? In my panel 1 leg fluctuates from 220 to higher which works fine for my motors and welders and only cause a problem on machines that have a step down transformer for low voltage controls. It only causes a problem if I hook the high leg to the step down transformer. All in all it works well and I don't need a rotary phase conv
  11. Fowllife Mine are both wet Jhcc I will take some pictures
  12. I have a 2 large steel cutting bandsaws the conventional style 1 (hinged at the back scissor style) uses rollers with bearings mounted so that the blade can be adjusted with set screws. The other saw has simple blocks made of either carbide or steel harder than the blade material. There is a small rectangular block on either side of the blade , one mounted slightly above the other. Each block sits in a recess with 2 set screws which can adjust the blocks ( push one side of the block deeper than the other to twist the blade). This style would be easy to fabricate. I mention this because t
  13. JLP I believe the brand door I used last was PLYCO I bought a 3-0x7-0 With hinges, leverset, Frame insulated leaf and threshold for under 500 in July They are not precut I install the frame and then cut to fit . If your threshold has to be purchased separately I have seen some aluminum ones with a hard plastic bottom piece bolded to them. I typically use hot dip galvanized "Tapcon" style concrete screws. (Tapcon brand are always coated with a blue anti corrosion coating that looks bad on a finished product or aluminum threshold). The frames are typically only attached to the
  14. Jennifer I typically install the aluminum threshold in a bed of NP1 sealant or similar and wipe off the excess that oozes out. David
  15. Jennifer You may not have to redo your door. You may be able to unscrew all of the sheets on the door header and prop it up with a 2x4 to the same height it is at the door jambs and then re screw your header sheets in new holes in the header. I see you un screwed to get your doors in. If necessary with the sheets mostly unscrewed you could trim the bottom of the sheets to get little more height? Sorry for the additional frustration though. David
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