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  1. Most definitely NO. For all of the above reasons and the $
  2. Jennifer It put a big smile on my face when I saw this post. [and you know why] You go Teacher Girl !!! Some of us need more instruction than others
  3. Just to be clear. Further in my post I did say that the ground and common hook together in the box. I don't hook them together prior to the connection in the box.
  4. ground and common hook together. Your box has two hots bars which feed the breakers . Each bar feeds 110 volts when you have a feed from each bar you have 220. The ground and the common hook to the same bar in the box. Having a ground and a common is a redundant safety feature. I am not an electrician! I have wired many things including 3 phase successfully . This is my limited understanding
  5. KYCATS They are very nice. I can't even imagine the amount of time they take to make. If I was making them it would probably take at least 8 times longer and they would probably look like crap still.
  6. I would suggest putting your location in and reading the read this first section. That being said that close up picture won't do much good at identification without some pictures of the whole stand and possible the anvil it was made for.
  7. Thomas how low did you go? I have diabetes also but no pump . Last week I over shot and went down to 33 . By the way I never test with my finger I always use my forearm less nerve endings and blood is blood
  8. i will post some tomorrow mine has an upset block and a side wing the side wing is damaged though
  9. I have an S and H anvil made in 1911 it is marked in kilograms 210 or 462#
  10. I am in agreement with Jennifer Normal is on a sliding scale witch from gets adjusted from time to time by your choice of friends or associates or your chosen activities. I also have broken myself more times than i care to admit. Un-fortunately experience is the best and most unforgiving teacher. I am also a slow student which seems to indicate that either I am either stupid or don't feel pain Normal ? I don't understand what all that entails! Happily abnormal and glad to be back from vacation in the mountains of New Mexico (Think time travel to the days before cell phones, internet and phone-{landline}) How did we exist in the stone age ? (70s or 80s)
  11. I am currently paying 35 to 45 cents per pound for flats and shapes a little more for tubes. But i have accounts with several suppliers and buy large quantity occasionally .
  12. I have been a certified weldor for 35 plus years. When i purchased my first anvil my first thought was weld the bad spots then put in my mill to make the face perfectly flat. I have come to realize that it is good idea to beat on it a while first before you do something that depending on your skill level could ruin it. and may not even be needed
  13. Free is good Paid to haul of something you want Priceless for you