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  1. S and S anvils are very good german anvils. The ones I have seen have all been forged. I have a 462# forged S&S You have acquired an excellent anvil congratulations
  2. Bleu86 I am in Liberty Hill tx just a few miles north of you. I have some very hard steel that would make a good starter anvil. Most of the stuff in the picture is jack hammer bits from large excavators. There is a local shop that lets me have the broken or worn out bits. Pm me and I either give you some or help you get some from my source. David
  3. Yes What Frosty said He better at typing his thoughts than me
  4. Please don't be cranky and show us a close up of the pattern. Thanks
  5. I am definitely liking the low # patterns. Keep up the good work and continue to show us more
  6. If it was it would be sexy ! Probably worth 2 manpower to make. But then there is the using Pattern welded chainsaw Bar ? The chisels are beautiful . BTW
  7. Chris Is it a Herd? I think that he has a whole "flocking" bunch of hammers! If only I had such a large flock
  8. I definitely understand choosing the hard way over the easy way. I am anal about symmetry if it is at all possible I want it to be symmetrical . I was mounting my hammer this weekend. The hammer is bolted to an 1-1/4 ar 500 plate sitting on 1 inch rubber sheet. 2 of my bolts hit rebar. I have a rebar cutting bit and drilled thru 1. The bit broke in the other. I spent 8 hours painful hours getting the bit out of the hole so that my bolt pattern would be symmetrical . I won at great cost of time and some pain. I will post some pics later on my hammer thread. Point is your hot cut is sexy and symmetrical because of your knowledge and your desire to make it RIGHT even if it is the hard way! Thank You
  9. Nice JHCC Although looking at your hammer rack gave me hammer envy! But who am I kidding I don't know how to use the ones I have YET! JHCC A close up was not nice ! I could clearly see my lack of hammers with out the blow up version . I currently have 2 A sad state of affairs
  10. JLP That makes sense to me mostly. The shank and cutting edge being one piece makes absolute sense. The shoulders being a U shape kinda makes sense. Is that so both sides get forge welded together at the same time ? Still another David
  11. Nice JHCC Although looking at your hammer rack gave me hammer envy! But who am I kidding I don't know how to use the ones I have YET!
  12. Jennifer Thank you for showing us such a well made hot cut. It is so well made that it appears to a mass produced item, stamped out en mass by a machine. I know that this is a tool made by a craftsmen that truly takes pride in the finished product . How much does that cost is supplanted by how well it performs and how clean it looks. Will you need to make another of these for your Refi ? NO when your Refi goes to the next generation hopefully for smiths the beautiful tooling you made for it will service them until they have the skills to make there own replacements! You asked what I want to make now that I have the basic requirements in place. On the top of my list was some hardie tools a couple of different styles. hot cuts were high on the list. This one is excellent and yet the one you made decades past is also well crafted. I doubt that I will be able to make such clean and symmetrical lines. But a hot cut is probably one of my first real projects . Thanks PS : hopefully the hot cut how to video is out soon!
  13. I agree attractive yet disturbing. Qualities i found in my lovely wife! (don't tell her though or you will have to deal with the disturbance in the female force) Well done!
  14. I listened to the good advice found on this forum and tightened the rubbers by one full turn of the nut. This machine has BIG nuts 2-5/8 to be specific , it was the largest socket in my collection. When tightened the toggle arms were straighter and there was less slap. I would post a video but IFI is super slooooooooooooooow today? Thanks Andrew T and Judson Y for the good advice. I still don't have it quite right as far as the belt tension goes ( or maybe the brake ) when I last used it the slack belt was tight enough that it would continue to hammer after releasing the treadle. I backed it of just a little and it won't engage from a stop now unless I manually turn the crank until the hammer is in the lowest position. If I keep the hammer in motion no problem?
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