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  1. Jennifer You may not have to redo your door. You may be able to unscrew all of the sheets on the door header and prop it up with a 2x4 to the same height it is at the door jambs and then re screw your header sheets in new holes in the header. I see you un screwed to get your doors in. If necessary with the sheets mostly unscrewed you could trim the bottom of the sheets to get little more height? Sorry for the additional frustration though. David
  2. Oso and Wire Rabbit I have a steel fab shop and recycle lots of scrap steel . Some of it is large but I always have scrap smaller stuff also. There are a couple local smiths that I give scrap to. I also have a source for free jack hammer bits for heavy equipment . Some of which is excellent for hammer blanks. I also have accounts at several steel suppliers and can order most things. So free steel from my scrap pile and probably free high carbon steel also. Also local my shop is in Liberty Hill Tx. So very close to you Oso and also close to you Wire Rabbit ( In Texas terms ) Un
  3. Jennifer I love tools! Old tools especially . They used to be made to last now everything is made to be replaced . You have collected a lot of very cool tools. Glad your getting them inside before the weather gets any worse. Once you finish the doors I can picture you spending the entire winter in the shop. I imagine that you will spend half the time doing electrical and lights and other shop building things. But the other half will be spent getting reacquainted with your treasures cleaning them ,polishing them, arranging them, loving on them. congratulations on all the hard
  4. Jennifer Your shop is looking very good and I am very glad and also proud of you for pushing so hard to get the walls and roof before the weather gets to crappy. I have a full insulated sliding wall in my shop which makes it very easy to move large things in and out . It is 11' tall by 23' wide and slides to one side. I built it with a rectangular tube steel frame for support. Then metal stud framed it and used 3" thick rigid poly-iso board insulation with the same wall sheets as the rest of the building on the outside. In the center I installed an insulated metal building man door.
  5. Did you purchase your anvil from Terry ? As for stands I made a steel stand for my anvil that I am happy with. I have a small anvil compared to yours at only 559# I can send you some pics if you want.
  6. Nicely forged and quite practical I like the hinge no one wants to run out And like Blue rooster to many other irons in the fire right now to forge the 105 temp doesn't help either
  7. Jennifer It amuses me that we just spoke about that wagon rim a few days ago. It must ave been calling to you to come get it. Or it was a good excuse to go swimming again
  8. Welshj 496 cubic inches of FE goodness
  9. It is looking good Jennifer with the rod bracing down here we typically stretch a line for the general location then drill 2 holes with a unibit a few inches apart and then cut a slot between them with an angle grinder. But i have no idea what a guzunta is ?
  10. I was on 2000 ml a day of metformin for quite a while. My stomach hurt all the time and I could not make a real stool. I don't miss metformin either!!~!
  11. Frosty and Thomas You are both antique And your knowledge is worth its weight win gold ! Thanks for sharing
  12. I also have several vehicles. For trucks from newest to oldest 2018 dodge crewcab cummins 4500 welding rig truck with 2 miller pro 300 caterpillar diesel machines with reels, 2016 f350 crewcab 6.7 deleted daily driver, 2013 f250 crewcab work crew truck, two 2002 freight liner fl50 trucks with mercedes diesels and allison trans. 1 to pull my 50 foot drop deck trailer 1 for running gear for the last truck on the list. 1975 ford crewcab 4x4 with a factory ford V636 diesel made by caterpillar otherwise known as the 3208. The current project 1969 crewcab 4x4 f250 1 of only 524 produced w
  13. Thomas This will be my daily driver when done. Thus the need for better power , braking sound deadening and other amenities found in newer vehicles. Thus the term at the beginning of my post Resto-Mod.
  14. I haven't been posting much lately about forging because I have started working on a frame off resto-mod of a 1969 Ford F-250 Crew Cab truck. Here is a picture from when I was still driving it. I have the bed and front clip off and just finished building a 3 inch dual exhaust system with H pipe from the headers back to the bumper. I have a mock up block in it to fab exhaust and do drive train mods. I have replaced the 4 speed standard with a dodge NV4500 5 speed with over drive and a New Process 205 divorced transfer case. power steering and brakes with a disc brake front axle have
  15. very cool tool I am nowhere near a point where my skills can justify many of my tools But I still appreciate them and my ability to use them will continue to improve I like the idea of definitively quantifying your results
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