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  1. Rookied out the ends she says, yup I resemble that. Do you happen to have any pictures of what the ends should look like? I still have't found my groove yet on scrolls and hook ends. I had to trim the heart ends a couple times, and I still wasn't very happy with how they turned out. I should have spent some more time drawing the tips out to a point.
  2. I apologize if my original post came off the wrong way. A lot of guys don’t realize the power requirements of that big of motor, especially being 3phase. You have the flow, so I would get as big of cylinder as your budget allows. Also make sure your control valve can handle the flow you’re pushing.
  3. I’m sure you’ve used yours way more then I haves used mine, but my liner is holding up ok after a year. If I remember right your coating was a little tougher, maybe if it was smoother it wouldn’t break up as easy? I was pretty careful with keeping mine as smooth as I could and the only cracking I have is between the floor and the wall. I think I’ve ran 250ish pound of propane through it?
  4. Would it be an option to get a bigger tank? I know the TSC in Norwalk will fill tanks. I’m not sure if the one in Wellington will, or if there is someplace close that would fill a 100lb tank. It’s so much nicer having a bigger tank then a 20lb.
  5. I agree with the others, very nice roses KYCATS. What was the thickness of the material you used to get that much texture on the peddles? The only thing I would add would be a couple thorns on the stems. To me it just adds a whole nother level that really makes them pop. I finally lit the forge for the first time since Christmas, and the second time since about November. The old arm lost a little condition in the time off. The wife and I don’t usually do much for Valentine’s Day, but I lucked out to land a pretty amazing woman so I needed to make her something. I made a couple heart wall hooks and my first feather. They didn’t turn out as good as i’d hoped but not bad for being rusty.
  6. You are both correct, "period blacksmith" would have been a better term. For a little twist, I'm a woodworker as well. Should I only be allowed to use a hammer and chisel? Can I use a brace and bit? Or a cross cut saw? I much prefer my shaper, chop saw & planer. Does that not make me a woodworker? The same would go for many "old" professions or trades. Why do smiths feel like they need to put themselves in a box?
  7. I hear that reference mainly on a farming forum I read. The assumption that I have always made was it is somewhat of a regional, or generational slang term. Their dads, or grandfathers in the late 1800-early 1900 always had to take their steel equipment to a blacksmith for repair. Traditions and slang can sometimes die hard, so they still use the term blacksmith for any steel repair shop. In essence though modern welders and fabricators are performing the same tasks that traditions smiths did back in the day, just with torches and welders. I would answer your question like others did above, in my opinion having a welder in your shop would make you a smart blacksmith. We should always use whatever tool or technology make our jobs easier. It is up to us the be a good blacksmith and know where and when to us them. The exception of course would be if your goal is to be a traditional smith using only traditional tools and methods. They would pick the time period they would like to stay in and not deviate.
  8. I'm not as brave as John, I want no part comment on the "her" TP was referring too...... That second picture was taken the weekend we moved into the house down south, Max was a tired dog. He has always had a habit of squeezing into the small beds instead of laying comfortably in one of the bigger beds.
  9. Personally, I'd sell it and buy/build the setup I wanted. But I also don't have the power available for that big of a unit. That would be what 130 amps at 220v 3 phase? Also check the voltage for that motor, with it being that big there's a good chance it's 440-480v. Do you have that kind of power i your shop?
  10. Yeah well, it would t be as fun if I didn’t have to do a little research. Its great that your so close to SOFA and have already started some classes. Unfortunately I’m 1-2hrs from the closest group either east or west. The forge is looking good so far, what are you planning for a burner? I went with a 3/4” Frosty style T with a naturally aspirated ribbon burner on mine. So far I’m really happy with the setup. I believe JHCC has the same setup (and many others) and has some pictures of his on here.
  11. The picture of the steer was actually somewhat of a joke. It’s good to know he was still welcomed though. He took a ride to freezer camp a couple weeks ago, and the new guys in the pen aren’t nearly as curious. Max is the dog that spends time out in the shop with me.
  12. This followed me home a couple weeks ago. Lucky for me a fellow member keeps his eye out for local smithy stuff that I could use. Also lucky for me this just happens to be the style of press I was planning on building this winter. She needs a motor & pump which is almost a plus since I can put on exactly what I want. As for cost, it was a touch over scrap price. I think filling the truck with fuel on the way was more then the press.
  13. I would agree that there is nothing wrong with using a welder, but just like any other jointing method it needs to be done correctly. I have also noticed items with welds that totally take away from the looks in my opinion (mostly pintrest/etsy photos) I think the bigger question is what do you consider a "blacksmith"? In a large part of the mid-west USA I hear the term blacksmith used for steel & fabrication shops. These shops don't usually have a forge or an anvil. In that area a blacksmith is anyone who can fix stuff with steel, a welder, and a torch.
  14. Welcome Keith. I must say, I had to look up were Vandalia is as I've never heard of it. I can very much relate to the whole too many hobbies part and being somewhat of a tradesman. You're lucky to have a local club that offers classes, there isn't really a whole top offered up north. Looks like your off to a good start.
  15. 2.08 C.I. Since "heavy C" isn't a shape I used an MC3x7.1 which is the heaviest 3" channel I found, is my guess right? I know you were just making a statement that some shapes are harder to calculate, but I had to guess anyways.......