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  1. Judson Yaggy

    Wobbly Bottom

    3M 5200. It's a urethane based adhesive specifically designed to attach metal fittings to wood in a marine environment. I've used it extensively to glue thousands of pounds of stainless and CorTen cladding to architectural statements... sorry, I mean buildings. It's bomb proof. My Rat Hole (Fontanini) is glued to a 200# white oak block with the stuff and I don't think I could get them apart if I tried. Big blob in the middle of the anvil, heavy bead inside the periphery of the feet to minimize squeeze-out, Bob's your uncle. 100% Silicone caulk would be my distant second choice if you don't want to spend the $20usd per tube the 3m stuff costs.
  2. If they are useless to you in their current hardness try a water quench, then temper immediately. Read up on this forum about water quenching 4140 in larger sections like power hammer dies, the late great Grant Sarver had much to say about it. 4130 should be similar if that's what you actually have. Be sure to round EVERY corner and edge.
  3. Judson Yaggy

    Fisher Anvil info

    The step looks overly big, but hard to tell from the pics. Could you give us some more shots of the edge, step, and inside the hardy hole?
  4. I have. Similar situation, I found a 1900# block at the scrap yard and built the hammer around that. 135# tup, 11 inch stroke. AMAZING control, one hit wonder! Be aware that the dump valves on the piston don't slow down the tup on the up stroke, it stops when the ram hits a rubber bumper atatched to the hammer frame, design your frame accordingly! I have more pics and some action vids on my Insta account, same name.
  5. Judson Yaggy

    Frozen drive Fairbanks Drive Shaft

    Make sure you get ALL the chips from tapping the holes out else they fall into the bushings and cause problems.
  6. Judson Yaggy

    Frozen drive Fairbanks Drive Shaft

    I believe Fairbanks had cast iron bushings and steel shafts. I also will second the idea of vibrating with an air hammer. Good luck Steve!
  7. Judson Yaggy

    Naturally Aspirated Ribbon Burner. Photo heavy.

    I used a grinder to cut groves on the inside of the steel plenum, carved shallow half dovetails in the fire brick, and glued the brick into the plenum with furnace cement. The cement locked into the groves and dovetails and once cured seemed quite secure. Time will tell if I get expansion differential problems, but 10 hours of burn time so far and no problems.
  8. Judson Yaggy

    Naturally Aspirated Ribbon Burner. Photo heavy.

    Hi all, here is my entry into the multi-port game. 3/4" with an AMAL commercial injector. 7" tube. Started with 19 @ 5/16" holes, got some backfires so ended up plugging 2 of them with furnace cement and it runs like a dream. As an experiment/proof of concept I used a 3000 deg. insulating fire brick as the burner block. Super easy to drill and cut, very precice holes. I put a little countersink/taper/flare on the buisness end of the burner holes. Only used for about 6 hours so far but the brick still looks lilke new. Time will tell if it has the longevity needed. Delivers a high yellow heat at 10 psi, starts to backfire around 3 psi. Like everyone says, these things are nice and quiet. The hiss of gas going thru the injector is louder than the noise of the burn. The smaller block was the drop from the brick I cut down, with hole spacing half as far apart. I drilled it a little more aggressively, got it up to yellow in my other forge, and manhandled it a bit as a stress test. When it didn't crack I felt like I was good to go with the hole spacing in the bigger block.
  9. Judson Yaggy

    Amal Burner

    They are fairly rare here in the USA but I bought 3 out of a NOS lot of 50 off ebay 5 years ago on speculation. Wish I'd bought all 50! I've been using gas forges for over 20 years and these burners are hands down the best burners I've ever seen. Can forge weld with 1 burner running at 10 psi.
  10. Judson Yaggy

    Tools to set up shop

    Add a set of OA torches and a drill press and you will have a metalworking set-up smiths for the last 2000 years would have killed for. More pics of the Unimog please, I've always wanted one of those!
  11. Judson Yaggy

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Torch only required if you change latitude, daylight savings only requires a little adjustment off true north (rotation of the whole thing) as I understand it. I'm not far from the 45th parallel so setting that angle was prety easy. Should have added no welding of any kind involved in the making.
  12. Judson Yaggy

    What did you do in the shop today?

    These were fun. Ironically started on the darkest day of the year. 3 pieces plus the rivet.
  13. Judson Yaggy

    Shop rebuild

    I put a Ken's Kit on a 135# air hammer about a year ago. Absolutely amazing once you get used to the action! Pretty thrifty on air consumption as well.
  14. Judson Yaggy

    Repurposing a soft anvil

    Cut dovetails into it to wedge in harder dies, a la cutler's anvils.
  15. Just to start a hand made leather belt should provide adequate service, save your money for when you know everyting else works and then upgrade the belt to something modern. As for motor HP please weigh the head/hammer/tup, note the pulley diameters, and let us all know those numbers and we can roughly estimate motor HP and RPM.