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  1. Judson Yaggy

    Fisher chain vise repair... advice needed

    I did look at the pics. A lot of that damage is from where someone who didn't know how to weld CI tried anyway and it later broke off the weld. Lucky for them the jaws didn't fall off. If you must, look up proper pre and post heat techniques, and there are some pretty good (albeit expensive) cast iron rods out there these days.
  2. Judson Yaggy

    Fisher chain vise repair... advice needed

    Fisher vises are cast iron with steel jaws laminated in the casting process, just like they did with their anvils. Are you a REALLY good weldor of cast iron? If not you will do more harm than good, possibly totally ruining the jaws of that vise. NICE anvil!
  3. Judson Yaggy

    What did you do in the shop today?

    You did just fine! It was nice to finally meet you, looking forward to next time. If anyone else finds themselves on the west coast of New England give me a shout.
  4. Judson Yaggy

    Anvil weight?

    Not 750#. 500# anvils are usually more than 30" long unless they are a cube. Looks like a crisp 250# Peter Wright with a busted tail to me. Tall step too, look for repairs. What's going on with the smaller anvil in the left of the photo?
  5. I agree with TJ. From the photos I see no alarming cracks. It's a forged anvil, built up from chunks of iron forge welded together, steel top plate forge welded on. Something might be stuck in the hardie hole, looks like a previous owner tried to drill it out, or perhaps this anvil never had a hardie hole and someone tried to cut a new one French style (side exit).
  6. Judson Yaggy

    First power hammer help

    +1 to setlab's comment. Push and shake every moving part as hard as you can by hand, if something is easy to shift by hand it's probably worn. If you could provide some basic dimensions (total hight, size of dies, etc) we could guess at the tup weight. Comparing it to the tires in the second pic and the size of the spring, I'd roughly guess less than 75 kg.
  7. Judson Yaggy

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Amen. Time is worth more than money, but money is what everyone else uses so....
  8. Judson Yaggy

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Made a fundraising raffle item for my son's fencing club. 8" tall, 20" long. In a perfect world I'd have had the time to work on the torso more... 6 hours was enough for a donation.
  9. Judson Yaggy

    NEB 2019 Spring Meet Date ?

    *slow* typo
  10. Judson Yaggy

    NEB 2019 Spring Meet Date ?

    June 7,8,9. Sorry I've been low in posting info about this one. Ellen Durkan will be the demonstrator! winter 2019 sm color (dragged).pdf
  11. Judson Yaggy

    Finding large 4140 stock

    Buy drops of large round bar and bandsaw it down to rectangular. 4140 in large round(8"+ dia) is WAY cheaper than rectangular stock.
  12. Meeting Info: When: Sunday - February 24th, 2019 Time: 1-4pm Where: Blacksmith Shoppe Mystic Seaport Mystic, CT Info for entry: Enter through the regular entry gate. Tell the attendant you are here for the Connecticut Blacksmiths Guild Meeting. YOU WILL BE ADMITTED FREE AFTER 12PM. Ask to be directed to the Ships Smith Shoppe. Any problems you can reach Bill Scheer Demos: TBD
  13. Judson Yaggy

    I have a lead on a number five Fisher double screw post Vise

    I bought two #4's for $150 and $235, but that was just before the tool price bubble really kicked off. That #5 on ebay has been there almost a year for $2400.... I expect I could easily sell my #4s for $800-1k
  14. I havn't actually counted, but it's slightly slower than my 95# mechanical, as one would expect. I learned on mechanicals, and prefer a speedy hammer, and the Ken's kit is faster than some of the other utility hammers I've seen. Ken told me that they have the kit on many 150# hammers, so I felt comfortable putting it on a 135# system. The hitting the top stops happens most when parking, but it will also hit when running flat out. Depends on the air pressure setting and linkage setting. If it were my hammer, not sure I'd bother altering an IronKiss. The one I've run had a differnt feel than Ken's, but still had great control. I would say they are on par. If it was a Blu, especially an older one, that would be a different situation.
  15. Judson Yaggy

    How to forge a flatter.. No swage block used..

    Jennifer, that's funny! We have the same rug next to the same dog blanket on the same hardwood floor. (sort of) I keep my tools out in the shop thou! (except for the kitchen anvil)