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  1. Judson Yaggy

    Tool Barn Photos

    I've been loving the whatzit posts and will help out when I can. Also love seeing tools preserved in a museum for posterity, but am having a hard time reconciling the 500 year hopeful estimate with the photos of peg board and pine timbers. Both of the backer materials in the photos are moisture resivoirs (moisture is the bane of both wood and iron). If they have been kiln dried and are in a climate controlled environment that's great but will the environment survive 500 years? I know, I know, budget is the penultimate factor for small museums. But some time spent thinking about the system as a whole might be worthwhile. Budget cleaning and oiling every 6 months? Peg board is some sort of MDO (medium density overlay) or MDF (medium density fiber) sheet particle board wood product. There have been well documented problems with MDO and MDF off gassing formaldehyde . Don't know how that would effect the conservation of ironwork but it might be worth looking into.
  2. Judson Yaggy

    Any idea?

    Stash is right! (Nice to see you at ABANA by the way!). Rock drill resharpening tool.
  3. Judson Yaggy

    ABANA 2020 Saratoga, NY

    Drop her here too, my wife can have yours learn to shear sheep if they want to get really primal with the whole fiber thing...
  4. Judson Yaggy

    unknown vise(?)

    Tail stock of a pipe threading devise perhaps.
  5. I'll be there. Will keep an eye open for you guys!
  6. Judson Yaggy

    Abana 2018

    If anyone from New England is going to ABANA in VA next week feel free to stop by our NEB group campsite if you need to see a familiar face!
  7. Judson Yaggy

    Fischer #4 double screw vise

    They are not just a square thread, at least on mine, they are some sort of butress thread. In working condition they sell for between $500 and $1k usd. The one above does not seem to have the lower movable jaw support that passes thru the rear leg making a total of 3 different patterns of the same size that I have seen.
  8. Judson Yaggy

    control excessive distortion of large hole during forging

    Try cutting the hole with a carbide tipped hole saw with a steel rod in place of the pilot bit.
  9. Glad you made it there John. I bought a bunch of machine tool stuff last time I was there. When are you going to come visit? I'm 15 min. from Middlebury College.
  10. Judson Yaggy

    Brake material

    Clean, then shim the brake disc closer to it's mating part. If you want better information you will need to post way more photos and explanations of the mechanism. Free advice is worth every penny.
  11. Judson Yaggy

    control excessive distortion of large hole during forging

    Forge first then cut the hole. When forging, think about the metal's resistance to movement. It'll always move at the point of least resistance. Selective heat may help if you made the mistake of cutting a bunch of these shapes before forging.
  12. Look up Bob Menard, Ball and Chain Forge, Portland ME for a nice shop visit. For tools go a little further north east to the Liberty Tool Co. in Liberty, ME. (mid-coast) Giant permanent tool flea market and a museum.
  13. Judson Yaggy

    Save the dates! Spring and Fall Meets 2018

    Wish I had time to check out what you folks were doing down there in the teaching center, 60 pair of bolt tongs just kept our team WAY too busy for socializing! Nice to have lunch with you Jenifer, and I got to meet Dick (Seldom here on IFI) at least. Add drive time, set-up and tear down and running the forging competition to 14 hours of production forging and I'm looking forward to work tomorrow as a nice relaxing change from the weekend! If they work following is a quick video of the upper forging area during the only 5 minutes of rain we had all weekend, one of the entries into the forging comp. and some of my loot from tailgaiting. See you all in September! IMG_2671.mp 4
  14. Judson Yaggy

    How to repair a fisher vise screw

    The threads on mine (all 4, I have 2 of them) are clearly turned. There are obvious lathe tooling marks. The interesting thing is that it's not an acme, but rather some sort of buttress thread.