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Found 19 results

  1. Good afternoon everyone. Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Andy currently living in the South Carolina/Georgia Lowcountey area. I am currently working on gathering tools and equipment to get into blacksmithing. Been looking around the forum for a while now, and finally decided to register. Looking forward to gaining knowledge and direction from the experience from you all. Thank you!! Happy Hammering!!!
  2. Frosty requested pictures of our new apprentice smith. My wife gave her stamp of approval, so here they are. I'm not sure yet how I feel about putting my child's name on the internet, so for now we'll call her little bean. FAQ: - She's about two months and three weeks old. - She is our first. - We'd like four more. - She was 7 lb. 15 oz. when born, 20" long, and possessed great big feet and hands. - She held her head up 10 minutes after arrival. I was holding her at the time and I freaked out a bit (safely). - For now, she looks like me. - I plan to have her smithing by age twelve, maybe earlier.
  3. Hey guys I've been reading the forum as a guest for a while and decided to finally join. I'm pretty new to smithing, I've done a fair bit of research but I have maybe 10 hours of actual smithing time under my belt. My current setup consists of a cast iron bowl filled with clay soil and a shop vac for air, a small harbor freight anvil on a stump, a cross peen hammer, a ball peen hammer, and some channel locks for tongs. I have a ton of scrap metal to play with. I have been using charcoal but I just got some coal locally I've gotten to fire up recently. The recent coal firing has tought me I need a better forge so I think I'm going to build a better(hopefully) jabod soon that won't self destruct in one firing. Here's a few pictures of my setup by the way
  4. Hi, I'm Billy Salyers. I got started in smithing in August of 2017. Every year, I do a project with my kids as a way to teach them the basic skills they need for life. It also helps me do one of the things I enjoy most, spend time with my kids. Yellow Rose Forge was born out of such a project. Together, my sons and I built our own forge from scratch and began teaching ourselves the art of forging metal into beautiful objects. Enough people asked us about it to justify setting up shop. It didn't hurt that about a week after we started that someone told us about a certain TV show...you know the one. Anyway, I've been blessed to find a group of local smiths who are more than willing to share their knowledge and experience. I make a lot of chef's knives, mostly because I've been able to sell a lot of them but also because I love to use them. I'm still learning, but I've come a long way. I'm a bit old school in that I hate buying a tool when I think I can make it, and I'm a penny pincher too, so I save every scrap piece of metal to the detriment of my shop's organization. I've spent more than a few hours looking over the forums here and finally decided to start posting. I don't know how much I have to add, but what little I do, I'll gladly share, as others have done so for me. link removed I'll hopefully be posting some stuff here as well. Thank for all the help you have given me already.
  5. Hello all! I learned about this site from 'The Tigris Tinker' on Etsy. He kindly referred me here, and I'm excited to get to learning. I feel like a fish out of water at this point with the amount of learning I need to be halfway competent here, but I'm gonna give it my best and see what comes of it! I plan on reading (a lot!), being quiet and listening, along with a few hammer strikes here and there, hopefully! I haven't yet built my forge, as I'm waiting on money to come thru, but soon I'll be a real boy with my very own forge!! I'm hoping to build my own tools, because I don't have a lot of money, but have no clue where to start.. What tools do I need in order to build the tools I need.. Etc. I just figure I'll make do as it comes up. Like I heard Alec Steele say "need a tool: make a tool". Anyway, thank you for your time, and putting a site like this together so people like myself can learn!
  6. Hello everyone, Brand new to the forum so I thought I would post a quick introduction. As the lack of creativity within my handle suggests, my name is Patrick and i'm 24! Blacksmithing is something I have been interested in for a long time. I pursued this interest as a career whilst I was still at school, hoping to secure an apprenticeship, but unfortunately apprenticeships were few and far between at the time and the opportunity never arose. I went to university instead and joined the British Army after that. I have had a great career so far, but as you would expect, it comes with a fair amount of time constraints! In my free time, I would love to peruse that boyhood interest and dedicate more time to learning the basics of Blacksmithing, just for the sheer enjoyment of it. As a complete beginner, I appreciate that I have a lot to learn, but that's all part of the fun! After a few years, the aspiration would be to have enough time and money to set up a modest forge on my girlfriend's farm with a few of my close friends in order to further practice and have fun with it. Knife and sword making is of particular interest to me, but getting the basics right is what i'm interested in at the moment. I look forward to talking to you all in the future, as well as replying to any questions or suggestions anyone has going forward!
  7. Hi all, I just thought I'd introduce myself and see if there was anyone else nearby. Names Matthew, I'm 28 and just getting my own forge set up here in Bathurst, NSW, Australia. I'm a contaminated land, environmental and marine scientist who is taking a break from the city rat race to set up an off-grid workshop here. I'm looking to make groundwater sampling equipment for the mining industry in the workshop and research and patent a few remediation methods while I'm at it. Hopefully I'll have time and space to also do a bit of forge work, and build my John Welsford "Navigator" a 5m sailing boat. I have a 200A AC/DC TIG welder, table saw, pedestal drill, drop saw, cut-off saw I managed to source myself a 45kg anvil for $200, and a forge for $110. as well as an antique set of leather bellows for $120. The bellows are too far gone and a little on the small side for what I'm looking for for the forge, so I plan to build my own great bellows. I have sourced and stripped a free fake leather couch of its PU leather and will be using that for my bellow material for the time being. I'm planning to make my bellows slightly lighter than the other plans I have found so far, by using more cross-bracing and thinner planks. I can get hardwood planks free from used Australian pallets. here's a video of the forge before I got my anvil, linked to youtube, so it won't take up server bandwidth.
  8. Hello everyone. My name is Josh and I recently decided to pursue my interest in forging; and whoa boy is there a lot to take in! Googling various questions constantly led me back to this site, so I decided I might as well join. I'm 35 years old and live in Northwest Ohio with my wife and 3 children. I spend A LOT of time (and money) bass/pike fishing, and until recently spent a lot of time working out or training mixed martial arts. I'm a U.S. Army Combat Veteran - Afghanistan (1st and 87th INF, 10th Mountain Division) and enjoy attending/supporting veterans services/organizations and auctions when I get time. Did I mention I like fishing?
  9. Hello everybody, I’m 18, come from Serbia, work as a tool and die maker apprentice and have wanted to learn about blacksmithing for quite some time. My friend and I have set up a small smithy at his place about a year ago and have forged there some primitive tools. We have an improvised coal forge with a vacuum cleaner as blower and old 40kg anvil. I look forward to learning more.
  10. Hello everyone. I'm knew to the world of bladesmithing, and just felt that I needed to introduce myself. As of right now I'm in the planning stages of everything. Researching books, techniques, sketching plans my starter forge. All that fun stuff. I decided to come here first because bladesmithing is really my ultimate goal with working the forge. The end result is weapons grade replicas of video game and movie swords/knives/armor. Along with my own custom knives. I honestly prefer knives to swords. More practical in modern times. Anyway I'll pop in from time to time with questions, and try to share what ever I learn on the way. As it sets right now, I have nothing but blueprints and a dream. So since I'm on a budget I won't be posting any of my work for at least a few months while I get myself set up. My first project however will be a Scottish Dirk. I'm thinking 1095CV steel with a plain ebony handle and scabbard. Like pictured (although I think that's a leather handle and scabbard) Anyway It was good meeting you all.
  11. My name is Sebastian, I am 34 years old. Currently in the Moore Oklahoma area. I suppose you guys have a steady stream of aspiring smiths that start with big intentions and ideas and simply fade away into the sea of whim and inconsistancy. Just the same, I suppose I should introduce myself, tip my hat and issue warm greetings before innundating you with the innane questionings of an aspirant. My blacksmithing goals are small. I have interests mostly in jewlery and small utilitarian items, if I could somehow work my way up to a few high quality knives I would be pleased with myself. I cant imagine anything I make would be over 12 inches. But you never know. About ten years ago I came to the conclusion that I was pretty worthless. Not a self esteem thing, but it occured to me that like many of my generation I had no definable skills beyond a computer keyboard. I am an author by trade and have thrown my hat into the self publishing world. I also work in the computer gaming industry. You catch my meaning, if it didn't have a keyboard attached to it I was pretty useless. So I started a bit of a journey of personal improvment, I started a crusade of research and book knowledge. Small scale farming, health and first aid, firearms, bushcraft, basic engine repair... lots of reading, lots of research with only a smattering of practical experience. All the things my father should have taught me, however declined the task. Then I picked up a book called "The Backyard Blacksmith" by a Farris named Lorelei Sims. I am sure many of you have read it. The book has kinda stuck with me and over the years I have read it over and over. I have changed a lot in the past ten years. Going from an arrogant preppy narcissist with a bad attitude typical of my generation to a much more calm and passive family man. Adopting the 'speak softly and carry a big stick' mentality. I have developed a taste for practicality and for the traditional way of doing things seeking to improve my mind and myself more than to increase my 'stuff'. So I am at the point now where general undirected book knowledge on a variety of things isn't going to cut it and I need to take steps into developing an actual skill. I am ready to get my hands dirty. So I find myself here, among you, seeking guidence, advice and looking to learn like so many before me. Resources that I have: 1: A strict budget of $100 to start. Personal preference, I could spend more but from what I have read I think I can pull it off. 2: Roughly 20 Railroad Tie Nails that I picked up a few years ago next to a dumpster in Alaska. "Hey, those might be useful one day!" 3: A Kobalt Cross Pein Hammer (2.5 lb) that I purchased last weekend and should probobly take back. It cost me about $20 or so from Lowes. I think I could pick up some used/vintage tools elsewhere and save a bit on the budget this way. 4: A typical suburban backyard in Oklahoma City with no home owners association. (yay!) 5: A massive artisan/craft/flea market this weekend in the area called "An Affair of the Heart" that should be adventagous to the cause. 6: More concrete Bricks than I know what to do with. 7: An empty propane tank. 8: Farris Lorelei Sims' book. What I know I need: A: A Forge. I am still debating between a gas or coal forge. My traditional and budget consious side says to make a coal brake drum forge and learn to do it 'right'. My parent and safety side reminds me that I live in the suburbs and I need to be mindful of being able to shut off the fire completely when I walk away from it. B: Tools. Something to hold the metal, something to hit the metal. I think the both of these should work themselves out this weekend. C: An Anvil. I think this is my biggest hurdle. I saw two anvils at a junk sale about 6 months ago and walked right past them... that was a mistake. Even if they were cast iron and would have to be replaced, sadly I didn't even look at them. I am obviously kicking myself now. I know that a 2 ft section of rail would do nicely, need to work on this and learn how to tell the difference between an iron anvil and a steel one. I move around A LOT (Every 3 to 4 years) so an anvil under 70# or so would be wise.
  12. My name is Tim. I am pretty new to blacksmithing. I spent a weekend learning the basics at Broken Hammer forge in eastern Maryland, and am in the process of getting my own small shop set up. My other hobby has been metalworking with welding, mostly using oxy-acetylene. But it's not a big jump from there to blacksmithing once you get into it. My biggest goal right now is finding an anvil. I am trying "The Method" but it's slow going. My wife's eyes got pretty big when I told her the prices for new anvils, so i think I am just going to have to keep plugging away. I am hoping to find something in the 150-200 pound range since that's what was recommended to me. I'm also in search of a Hofi hammer because it's supposed to be less grief on the joints. This site has been a great resource - I've mostly been lurking around but I am picking up a load of useful information from all the posts. Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself and say hi! Tim
  13. td4


    Hi all. My name is Malcolm, I live in South west Ireland. I have become interested in working steel since I retired. I have been welding as a hobby for the last 30 years, also I like repairing and making things. The site is very interesting, but I was reluctent to join as I know so little. Malcolm.
  14. Hello All - I'm choppertrike - the name comes from my hobby building VW based trikes from scratch using "found" materials (otherwise known as JUNK to most people). Being a self taught fabricator, I like working with metal and I've always had a "curiosity" or "passing interest" in the blacksmith's art. I've had the forums bookmarked for a couple of years and have stopped by to lurk from time to time. It's something I have wanted to try "someday" when I had the chance. Well "someday" came last month when my son called and asked if I could use an anvil in my trike building.The answer was YES. "There's also a blower-fan thing and a big funky vise." (his words.) When he brought the items it really fired my latent interest so here I am. I've already learned a lot by reading the forums in the last few days, now for some background work (cleaning the items, building the forge, building vise and anvil stands) then I can try beating some HOT metal along with my usual "cut & weld". I've already had a lot of fun just reading the forum, I can only imagine the fun I'm going to have soon!
  15. Hello everybody I am a sharpener, angler, retired teacher of languages, internet fan and amateur cook. I just saw a video on YOUTUBE in which somebody recommended your site, so here I am. I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina, South America. All my best Dick KELLER www.afilamos.com.ar
  16. Alright. So, I have nothing. No equipment, no job, and especially, no experience. any help?
  17. Hey everyone, I'm William and am currently wanting to learn the trade of blacksmithing. I'm only 16 and still in high school. With no job, I don't see how I'll get started in the next couple of years. I was wondering if anyone knew of any colleges of technical schools that teach blacksmithing. My interests in blacksmithing are blades, armors, maybe some jewelry, and I'll make my own tools so I know I can trust my equipment. Anyone got some advice for me?
  18. Well I guess I should go ahead and introduce myself on here. My name is Ben and I live in Murrieta, which is in between LA and San Diego on the east side of the hills from camp Pendleton... I'm finally pursuing blacksmithing though I've been interested in it most of my (relatively short) life. I signed up for a Saturday afternoon class that runs 3 months at an adult school in Escondido and am looking forward to learning something new and actually pounding on metal! :) I'm also looking forward to the change of pace from my engineering day job so something a bit more down to earth... Ben
  19. Howdy. I'm an old, but green, would-be blacksmith from the little town of Lyons, Colorado. I've been learning for about a year - taking lessons from David Norrie up in Berthoud, CO and from Brian Brazeal down near Jackson, TN (I'm actually an archaeologist working for FEMA). My shop is just about finished (a 16' x 30' walled in portion of my barn - 5" concrete floor with 110 and 220 wiring). The shop is equipped with a two-burner gas forge (which I built), a large coal forge (also built), a 140# Wright anvil, a treadle hammer, a couple of floor vices, swage blocks, drill press, grinders, saws, and misc. other tools. Hoping to meet many of you at the national meetings in Rapid City next year. I'm looking foir a good deal on a Little Giant, if anyone hears of one. Gary L. Moore
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