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  1. Dive Knife

    If you make a knife from carbon steel, you are going to have to look after it well esp if using in, drying and oiling your knife will help keep it maintained. If you want an easier knife to maintain opt for stainless steel and out source the heat treatment if you can't do it yourself. Saying this, no steel is 100% rust proof! You still need to look after it, albeit not as stringently. Also I would suggest a plastic handle, most woods wouldn't cope with the repeated water exposure. Hope this helps a bit. There are wipes (I forget the brand) that put a protective film on knives for storage.
  2. Puukko sheath finished.

    Finally finished this puukko sheath out of Buffalo leather with a accoya wood insert (rot resistant). Posted the puukko late last year and it's had plenty of use and really proved itself as a nice field/bushcraft knife. It's my first real attempt at a sheath and although it's not the best, I think it came out OK.
  3. 5 bar broken back seax

    Really nice work, loving the patterns in the blade.
  4. Rooster Spur bodyguard knife

    Love it! Great work.
  5. Mini Camping Cleaver

    Thank you everyone, for your interesting input and kind comments. Really enjoyed making this piece. I made it for my Dad who has helped me out, no end, with tools, equipment, advice and has made everything possible! Cheers Dad, you're awesome!
  6. Railway spike letter opener

    Letter opener, forged out of an old British railway spike. A bit of fun, trying to find an owner for this as I mainly tear my letters up! Don't know if this belongs in knives but can't find another worthy place.
  7. Mini Camping Cleaver

    What I was trying to say was....the spine in between the handle was intended to 'look worn' rather than just shiny new with the sanding of the scales. The sides of the cleaver and rest of the spine are straight off the anvil. Bit of confusion with the original post and showing the spine to Steve. It definitely wasn't rescued, I worked hard to get it finished from scratch as ive never attempted a cleaver. Thank you for your input and means a lot. It was playing on my mind whether to have a shiny, finished spine all the way around or to keep it lookin entirely forged. As it progressed this is what I ended up with.....I guess this is my best description
  8. Mini Camping Cleaver

    I went for the worn in look. I like it! Could have gone 'unfinished' or shiny clean but I think this finish fits the piece.
  9. Mini Camping Cleaver

    Thanks Steve!
  10. Mini Camping Cleaver

    No Steve, I don't. Its intended purpose is for camping, as a small axe for kindling etc. Any thoughts on the craftsmanship?
  11. This is the first forged cleaver that I've made. Hardened 1095 blade, Jatoba handle scales, mosaic handle pins. Finished in wax-oil. Length 9", width 4", thickness 1/4".
  12. I was only thinking about this issue this morning. Then it popped up... I had a thought about hiding a cheap tracking device in the stump if my anvil.... There's not much crime where I live but it still scares me to think It could go missing!
  13. Dwarven hunting knife

    Xxx intro ..oh no, I see, you meant cracking. That's an American's job, to make up words that English people have already made up.
  14. Dwarven hunting knife

    Steve Sells said something too but I forget.. Wow, this thread is hot now. They say any publicity is good publicity! I think my next post might be something along the lines of........ Asgard letter opener meets krypton sheath...that'll get the rabblers (like me) rabbling!
  15. Dwarven hunting knife

    My "spelling not grammar" was also light hearted. Just saying!