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Found 5 results

  1. Hi everyone! I'm Jack and I'm from Berks County, PA. I'm actually not a smith yet, but I'm going to be starting my apprenticeship with our blacksmiths at the Daniel Boone Homestead, as a volunteer living historian. (Translation: I'm going to be learning 18th century Blacksmithing!) I'll be starting during our Heritage Day event on the 29th and I'm really looking forward to it. My hope is that I take too it well and that I'll be able to not only forge things that we need for the Homestead but also stuff that we can sell in the gift shop of the Homestead to bring in some more financial support to our local historic site. A little bit about me, I'm 24, and have wanted to learn smithing for a very long time. My dad actually apprenticed to a blacksmith (alas not a historic one) back in his day and I've been wanting to give it a go ever since. I have a hobby farm at my house, along with a bunch of pets, so you'll always be hearing me talk about all my animals and how much of a zoo the house is! I'm hoping to build a forge at home so I can work whenever, not just at the Homestead. Any advice is greatly appreciated, and I'd be happy to sit and listen till my ears fall off!
  2. Hello. I've been reading this forum for quite awhile and finally joined. I'm pretty interested in learning blacksmithing because 1) I like to make things and 2) fire + hitting = good. I can weld (ugly, but they hold), cast aluminum, failed hilariously at metal spinning (like that'll stop me), and do a lot of woodworking. I'm interested in combining wood and metal in some of my designs. I'm not quite ready to jump into blacksmithing as I have to first re-build the shop and add a metalworking area, all scheduled for next spring. I did heat up some cold-rolled steel and hit it with a sledge on my little railroad track anvil a couple of weeks ago and made a slightly flatter piece of cold-rolled steel. I'm so proud. The anvil came from my neighbor, who is a blacksmith-turned-stone-mason who has promised to show me some stuff this winter because I'm letting him use my wood chipper aka "Chippy." He's a really good guy and I'm like the son he never had, which is pretty funny considering I'm a girl. I'm also a professional beekeeper and lavender farmer, have a feature documentary coming out in December, and have published four books (3 novels, one textbook). Finally, thanks to all who contribute on this forum---it's a wealth of knowledge with occasional yelling about safety (or lack thereof). Really a great resource and I appreciate you all sharing the knowledge.
  3. Me:(Ryan); and my brother:(Bryan); have decided to go into blacksmithing because of our love of fire and wish to learn more but were on a fixed budget of $75 a week and have a crappy shop we have to fix and we have bought most of the equipment to get started like our Mig welder, vise, torch but still have a few things that I will post in another thread. we live in Oconee county in south Carolina we don't have much but we can start by getting more equipment like the next two thing on our list is a Forge and an anvil. we are 16 and still go to high school as we are rising juniors, but we will be getting more stuff soon and I'm not that good at introductions so I will wrap this up so anyway we hope to learn from this an my brother a little more than be because he has been sheltered all of his life, so I know more about the tools but he can pull his own weight, so I'm not that worried about him, so anyway that's it for this intro
  4. Hello everyone, My name is Jonathon, and I'm just wanting to get started with all of this. I'm in the U.S. Army National Guard working in Intelligence and living in Los Angeles, California. I probably seem like the last person that might want to learn something like this, but I find it very interesting and am aware that it has many used. I have never done it before, and don't have any equipment to do it yet, and this is what has brought me here. I'm hoping that I can get some help to get started, and share my adventures with you all, while also helping others with what I learn along the way.
  5. My name is Sebastian, I am 34 years old. Currently in the Moore Oklahoma area. I suppose you guys have a steady stream of aspiring smiths that start with big intentions and ideas and simply fade away into the sea of whim and inconsistancy. Just the same, I suppose I should introduce myself, tip my hat and issue warm greetings before innundating you with the innane questionings of an aspirant. My blacksmithing goals are small. I have interests mostly in jewlery and small utilitarian items, if I could somehow work my way up to a few high quality knives I would be pleased with myself. I cant imagine anything I make would be over 12 inches. But you never know. About ten years ago I came to the conclusion that I was pretty worthless. Not a self esteem thing, but it occured to me that like many of my generation I had no definable skills beyond a computer keyboard. I am an author by trade and have thrown my hat into the self publishing world. I also work in the computer gaming industry. You catch my meaning, if it didn't have a keyboard attached to it I was pretty useless. So I started a bit of a journey of personal improvment, I started a crusade of research and book knowledge. Small scale farming, health and first aid, firearms, bushcraft, basic engine repair... lots of reading, lots of research with only a smattering of practical experience. All the things my father should have taught me, however declined the task. Then I picked up a book called "The Backyard Blacksmith" by a Farris named Lorelei Sims. I am sure many of you have read it. The book has kinda stuck with me and over the years I have read it over and over. I have changed a lot in the past ten years. Going from an arrogant preppy narcissist with a bad attitude typical of my generation to a much more calm and passive family man. Adopting the 'speak softly and carry a big stick' mentality. I have developed a taste for practicality and for the traditional way of doing things seeking to improve my mind and myself more than to increase my 'stuff'. So I am at the point now where general undirected book knowledge on a variety of things isn't going to cut it and I need to take steps into developing an actual skill. I am ready to get my hands dirty. So I find myself here, among you, seeking guidence, advice and looking to learn like so many before me. Resources that I have: 1: A strict budget of $100 to start. Personal preference, I could spend more but from what I have read I think I can pull it off. 2: Roughly 20 Railroad Tie Nails that I picked up a few years ago next to a dumpster in Alaska. "Hey, those might be useful one day!" 3: A Kobalt Cross Pein Hammer (2.5 lb) that I purchased last weekend and should probobly take back. It cost me about $20 or so from Lowes. I think I could pick up some used/vintage tools elsewhere and save a bit on the budget this way. 4: A typical suburban backyard in Oklahoma City with no home owners association. (yay!) 5: A massive artisan/craft/flea market this weekend in the area called "An Affair of the Heart" that should be adventagous to the cause. 6: More concrete Bricks than I know what to do with. 7: An empty propane tank. 8: Farris Lorelei Sims' book. What I know I need: A: A Forge. I am still debating between a gas or coal forge. My traditional and budget consious side says to make a coal brake drum forge and learn to do it 'right'. My parent and safety side reminds me that I live in the suburbs and I need to be mindful of being able to shut off the fire completely when I walk away from it. B: Tools. Something to hold the metal, something to hit the metal. I think the both of these should work themselves out this weekend. C: An Anvil. I think this is my biggest hurdle. I saw two anvils at a junk sale about 6 months ago and walked right past them... that was a mistake. Even if they were cast iron and would have to be replaced, sadly I didn't even look at them. I am obviously kicking myself now. I know that a 2 ft section of rail would do nicely, need to work on this and learn how to tell the difference between an iron anvil and a steel one. I move around A LOT (Every 3 to 4 years) so an anvil under 70# or so would be wise.
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