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  1. Any luck with the titanium project?

  2. Lester Flat and Earl Scruggs are from my Home Town B) Yes it is very true folks . and I spent many a day watching the Beverly Hillbillies as a young lad .
  3. You are well on your way to a very nice shop Brother . As well as one you and your Father have built Together it will be a memory etched in time you shall never forget each time you get to forge in the shop . anyhow it is looking very good and thank you for taking the time to share it with us here on IFI . Best Regards & Many Blessing to you Brother Ret, Sgt Robert Yates
  4. I see a WIP in the making LOL . keep us posted how it gos either way Wade I would to know what you find as the culprit that is making the lose gib or slop . Best Regards Brother
  5. If the Majority of the play is in the slide the rebuild the slide completely or you will be taking it down and doing it yet again when you do not want to do it or do have the time to do it . trust me ! The expense may be an up front cost but it will out last you in the long run if done correctly the first time. if it calls for Brass runners , or the other material you have to make the repairs for it to function properly so it will Not cause you Harm, or Bodily damage when you operate the ram. Good Luck Brother ,Blessings & Best Regards Remember Safety First ! Ret, Sgt. Robert Yates
  6. I would like to wish All my fellow Brothers & Sisters here on: I Forge Iron Blacksmithing Without Boarders a Very Happy New Year 2015 ! May the New 2015 Year Ring in with blessings ,happiness, a renewed health for those that need it , Healing and the Grace of God fill Y'all's lives & spirits. Also I hope that Everything that you touch this Year in the Forge and your life's situations works out for the better and succeeds. most All of the Friends & Family here on IFI have Been an Inspiration to me and very helpful to me and for that I would like to extend a very heart felt warm Thank You & Blessings to You also . Prays ,Blessings, & Best Regards Ret, Sgt. Robert Yates
  7. IF you actually understood the physical properties of Armor Plate and what happen when Woodweavil added a prespring / Pre-sprung it and surfaced the anvil in a concave and clamped it down and welded it around the outer edge It Did Bond the Top plate rather well forcing ALL the air out Creating a Vacuum Bond when he welded it together that is why it Rings like it does in the Video. I do NOT know what in your Life that has happen to you Brother that has Made You So Sour at Folks or that stole your happiness, that you Feel the Need to take it out on some people ? However , I Am Going to do one thing for You Brother Arftist.I hope you do not get mad at me for it. In your Name I pray Aman ! With Love Through Christ Your Brother Ret,Sgt. Robert D. Yates Yes , Brother Scott that is the concept of just what did happen, whether he intended it to or not it worked out for the best and created a vacuum and bonded the top when he welded the top to the Anvil base giving the Ring you hear in the Video. Armor Plate Is Fun to play with in may aspects . Ret, Sgt. Robert Yates
  8. I Would Like to Put "Glenn Connor" on the list ! As He has Mastered " Blacksmithing Without Boarders" Ret, Sgt.Robert D. Yates
  9. *** Fact Is A Syncrowave MIG / TIG / Heliark Machine is Very Capable of Either Push or Pull with 100% Penetration & Will Pass ALL of these Tests at a 100%, U-Bend, X-Rayed, UV-ed, Magnafluxed, and Ultrasound. Wow with Technology the Welding Society & Capability has come a long way Brother Arftist. we are all getting old and Times, Equipment,and Techniques that are used do change. Per: Miller, Hobart, & Lincoln Schooling Professors 30 Dec 2014 - Phone Call Time - 0730, 30 Dec 2014 - Call Time - 0845,30 Dec 2014 - Call Time -1030 This thread is Not about beating ones own chest or seeing who know the most about welding or what is the Newest Machine that can do what what Everyone needs done in the world Brother Arftist ! It is to Help out Curly in the UK that is having issues with some Burn through on some 1/8 / 4mm Boxed Plate Project he is /was building . Anyhow I hope If Brother Curly Or Any one else does Needs Help this Thread Does NOT reflect Bad On the Forum or Myself or Others that are willing to lend a Helping Hand / Kind words of wisdom to solve some of your issues you may be having with any welding problems that may be plaguing you or your machine With Respect and Best Regards Folks Ret,Sgt. Robert D. Yates
  10. To Celebrate the coming title :lol: How about a case of this ? http://foundersbrewing.com/our-beer/curmudgeon-old-ale/ Sorry could not resist . Back to the thread Brother Curly did we / I make you mad If so I have stated I am sorry , Please forgive me and allow me to help you out with your welding. Come back and post some of your welds Brother I will do my best to help you succeed in fixing any issues you may be having with welding Sir . Ret, Sgt. Yates
  11. Woodweavil, It sounds like you have done everything possible to ensure a perfect bond. I believe you will be very happy with your anvil when you finally get to forging projects on it . I look forward to seeing some of them as well . Good Luck, Blessings, & Best Regards Brother. Ret, Sgt. Robert Yates
  12. Most Excellent Anvil Build Brother Woodweavil, Here is a link to/about your "Top Plate Steel AR400" http://cliftonsteel.com/tensalloy-ar400.html ** Note: I still utilize steel from this Company when certain projects Call for Mill Spec Armor Plate for many of my Clientele for their Safety. I have used it many times , in many different thickness, in many applications to up armor a massive Fleets, Brigades, Battalions,Tons of vehicles. the only difference is we had to also Plug weld them and do a perimeter weld to the base steel or the hanger plate that was to be installed on the vehicles . Yes some were even packed with explosives to explode out so the round would not enter the vehicles that troops were in , they work every time and saved many lives. Physics state a feather weighs less than lead ! However, IF you have 1000 LB of Feathers & 1000LB of lead what ones weigh more? Neither they Both Weigh the same 1000 LB . Physics did Not change the weight of either even though they are made of different things . So , Your project does Not defy physics it is Physics ! it is the Physics of Armor Plate that will allow you to achieve what you have done. you are using a type of "Armor Plate " and have attached it to a Solid Base by the means of welding . if you have been successful in your per- tension of the Armor plate and the 100% penetration weld to bond the two metals together you will have a very Fine Anvil that should have an Excellent rebound with even a one (1) inch Ball bearing of any type of steel. Awesome Project Brother Best Regards and Blessings Ret, Sgt. Robert D. Yates
  13. My first Project is always with me I have never lost it . You see when I very first pick up a 1 LB hammer I mashed the Bird Finger on my right hand and broke the very tip of the bone in it & Mashed the end very Bad , at the young age of 7 . I still have a pin in the end of my finger However, it was replaced with a plastic pin some years later due to a crooked end of that finger( they broke it and straightened it as well) yet the scars are still there . it reminds me to keep all my fingers tucked in while hammering. By the way I am now right Handed . Ret, Sgt. Yates
  14. Brother Curly, If you will post some photos of your welds and the conditions in what you were welding I will Help you narrow down the ways to fix the issues at hand that are causing you problems with your project . If You would like some help Brother Lets get this Thread back on track and see just what we can do to help you progress in doing so . Yes I do have the Credentials, Training, and Certifications . I have Welded in all 50 states , the islands and just about every country there is . I have even utilized many machines in many countries that were cobbled up to weld before the US gave them a real Welding Machine and actually taught the folks how to weld Correctly and started a welding program for them to teach in their Country (I was Part of that as well in Many Countries & Islands). You see I am Classed as a Master Welder (44E50) by the Military for well at 30 years . what does this mean? well It simply means that I am Certified in Unlimited Welding in All aspects of welding including but not limited to MIG,TIG, ARK, Heliark,Pipe, Gas Pipe, SS, (All Types, Plate,Pipe, Ect) Armor (All Types) My largest Plate to date was done 08/1991 @ 6 foot thick for a refueling Station in the ocean that spanned 3000 Ft W X 4000 Ft L X 6Ft Thick and is 4 stories tall with sheet steel welds to make Housing for the troops, All the Pipping for Oil, fuel, anti freeze, Water conversion from the Saline station, all the ladders, decking, railings and Ect. This is one of Many Project that I was In charge of / responsible for to see completed from start to completion as a Master Welder . You See Brother Curly, As A Master Welder in the US Military we do NOT have a chance to have a DO OVER / Second chance to reweld anything . Why you may ask , because Lives depend on your welds being done correctly the first time and Every Single Time you Weld . Why Is that ? not only could one person die but thousands or several thousands of Troops Could Die ! Just because You/ Me Had a bad day why we were welding and did not weld a weld properly . This is what I live / did live with Each and Every Day while me and my Team welded on every project we were involved in or with while in the Military and Yes Even in the Civilian World . I'll Await your Response Brother Curly. Ret, Sgt. Robert D. Yates
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