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  1. you did a great job. And make things for yourself as much as you can, once you get going you won't be able to afford your own work ! Really nice, you should be proud of yourself
  2. building...i feel your pain. Nice shop, plan wisely, i guess you are planning a ducted exhaust system... as am I. what is the frost line there in Mo.?
  3. fill it up with holes, try 1/2". You could just block off enough of the hole so the coal doesn't fall through. Make a grill out of small round stock, or grind the flare off of valves and use the stems, weld with SS rod, years of service
  4. I agree, about the blisters. At first i was going to suggest carving under the head ( because your hand doesn't belong there ) but that might encourage cracks due to the narrowing shape in that area
  5. from the short stroke I'm guessing you have the switching valve to close to the cylinder. If you have a 10" cyl, you should have about a 9" stroke.
  6. what area in Mass?, I'm sure you are surrounded by many good smiths
  7. I wouldn't mind owning any of those Knives. Beautiful handle work on a rustic blade, looks good to me
  8. what ever steel you choose, I would try it "as forged" before any heat treat, IF it bends ( and I think it won't ) try an oil quench and use the old way of tempering ........heat it until the oil burns off. As Forgemaster recommended break the edges
  9. I can't find the previous thread, someone wanted to see this. I made an auger tool for a plumber friend of mine, he wanted to be able to identify it amongst the other valve keys,
  10. as zen is,....... sometimes you get in the "zone", and it all comes together, time doesn't matter, heat doesn't matter, burns are incidental, and you end up with a piece that you almost don't remember making, and its amazing
  11. I purchased a pair of tongs about fifteen years back,... once i held them in my hand............ nuff said.....once,........ to much work to make them serviceable
  12. Like Tim says "when Mark wakes up...... Thor hides his hammer"
  13. i don't know, the wife suggested a dragon......what do you think ?.....now she says two facing each other, maybe she's right
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