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  1. On the vehicle side, I'm playing with a 74 Dodge Dart I picked up for a song, and a xxxxxx stern drive Bayliner. I'd be fine with the Bayliner becoming an artificial reef, but I like the Dart. Did the head gaskets and freeze plugs, raised the dang torque bars to where it didn't scrape the wheel wells when you make a turn, and we're currently playing with the carburetor and getting rid of all the assorted duct tape and bubble gum from the previous owner. This is far more literal than I would have believed possible. The vacuum hose is connected to the brake booster with silicon caulk. Funny things, intake and exhaust bolts work better when they're not just hand tight.
  2. Dear Ben (I got that from your yahoo address in your profile),

    I thought that I'd mention that I was in Coupeville some years ago and thought that it was a neat little town.  One of my best friends who I've known for close to 45 years lives in Port Townsend, a guy named Varn Brooks.  My wife and I were planning a road trip to the Pacific NW with a stop in Port Townsend before the Covid-19 crisis hit.  Once this is all over we will probably try again.  If we can get it together I'll drop you a line and maybe we can have coffee or a beer.

    The only I Forge Iron member I've ever met in person is Thomas Powers and it would be nice to get memories of faces to go with the IFI handles.


    George Monsson

    :aramie, WY  

  3. Ain't PTSD fun? I self-medicate for it on occasion. One of the reasons I make mead, although corn whiskey does nicely too. Doesn't fix the insomnia, but it moves it around a bit. Bees see color, and they orient visually. That's why on a sunny afternoon you'll see dozens hanging out hovering in front of the hive. They're new bees orienting so they can find their way home when they forage. In America hives are traditionally white or light tan for temperature control, and also because it's cheap and easy to spot in a field. In other parts of the world, they paint them all kinds of colors, and that's also more common with hobbiests. Up here it rarely gets much above 70, so I don't have to worry about overheating, and they stay warmer in the cool months. You also get less drift (bees going in the wrong hive) when the hives are close together if the patterns and colors are different. Also, it's pretty. You wouldn't believe some of the crazy hives out there. There's at least one top bar hive I saw with a bed and cover built on top. You sleep on top of the bees.
  4. You mention the Rose of Lancaster, and now you've got me thinking of the Mel Brooks joke about the War of the Roses being the only just war. "One day we woke up, and all our roses were gone. Hey, where's my roses, you ain't gonna get my roses, mister." Here's a pic of the hive stand I made this weekend, with the new hive (blue top) we picked up Friday cleaned up, painted, and with a new bottom board and a super added.
  5. I occasionally see some evidence, sir, to the contrary. Mr. Welsh, So pink.....so very, very pink... I welcome pics, btw. Think of it as a "what did you do outside the shop today?" post. Here's an old one from making mead.
  6. Afternoon all, First of all, this isn't a post directly about blacksmithing, which is kind of the point. I was planning to go pick up another beehive today, and started thinking about all the nutballs and weirdo....I mean, wonderfully eclectic people I run into in this hobby, and that a large number of them have other hobbies that are a bit outside the mainstream. The more obvious trends I see are of course cooks, hunting, fishing, readers, musicians, and brewers galore (although sometimes some very eclectic music), and almost anything homestead related. On the other hand, I've met guys that build cob houses, sculptors, musical instrument builders, linguists, one guy that built robots. So what else do you guys do? What other weird talents do you have in your skill set? I keep bees and chickens, do casting on occasion, and *gasp* I've been known to knit or work a crossstitch needle. I also like messing with random historical tidbits and recreations. Trebuchets one month, making garum the next, after that, who knows?
  7. Good evening, there's always the classic, chisel out a coyote sillhouette and curl the end poking out. And I believe what you all are looking for, naturally, is duck tape. Possibly in 8-track.
  8. Buy the fellow that gave that to you a case or three of beer. You got a thousand bucks worth of anvil for free. And don't listen to them, buy a scratch off now before the streak ends.
  9. Don't sir me, I are a crusty old NCO. 1999 to present, Currently S-2, HHC, 56th TIOG, Washington NG, M-day status only. Got 15 yrs of full-time and don't need the stress anymore. Did a few years at Hood and had buddies in 4 ID.
  10. Lasts forever in marine environments too, way better than galvy. I'm on an island here, and it never fails to amaze me how many wrought iron chains and anchors are sitting out as yard art. Also, a perfectly good post vise just up the road from me holding up a yard sign. Sigh... sometimes it sucks not being a kleptomaniac... BTW Welshj, ya've got four lieutenants pointing north on your avatar.
  11. I could argue that it delayed service, although it's likely to be outweighed by COVID delays, but I would also say that failure to state the charge is fairly prejudicial. How do you prepare for a trial or discovery if they've failed to say what they're taking you to court for? At any rate, I don't lose anything by making the motion, and I might gain something. If it gets tossed here, their only recourse is to go to the superior court, and up here they often refuse the case out of hand if the lower court kicked it back. Also, the plaintiff is being a...umm...fourth point of contact, and I want to irritate them and point out that they don't have their act together before we discuss that two-thirds of their move out charges are illegal under state code. The legal ones are maybe a third of the deposit, and I offered repeatedly to let them keep the whole thing. Hopefully they get tired of it before mandatory arbitration. I hate arbitration.
  12. With the beards, you might try a beard butter or beard oil. I hate calling them that, but works wonders for the itchyness/scratchyness when it's coming in. I grew/regrew one every month for a couple of years between drill sessions with the Guard, and had one most of the time I was in Iraq. I prefer having a beard, but I'd have to win over wife number three, and I'm still worn out from convincing the first two. Give beards time. Mine grew in lousy until I was in my mid-30s. Patchy, and the middle was missing out of the mustache. Cool video Joe, you never fail to impress.
  13. They admitted it, and figured it wouldn't matter, and that they were free to change their minds. Yah, been helping my wife out getting a paralegal degree, which basically means I've been auditing the classes and doing all the homework alongside with her. Good for the marriage, but add one more skill that I have zero accreditation for... We're also filing a motion about insufficiency of process, (didn't serve us remotely right, no certification of delivery, complaint was wrong, address was wrong, no notice of retaining lawyers, defendants were wrong, and how do you get the plaintiffs incorrect?) but the whole thing was delayed til next month due to COVID. Whee....
  14. Yes, when I've up in the middle of the night sicking up from reflux and ulcers (not at all booze and ibuprofen related, right...) my first thought was, 'but man, how alive I feel!" I'm going to go out on a limb, and get to the root of the problem by saying if you've got a vegetarian bill, you're hooked. Could be barking up the wrong tree though. Meh, I'll just leaf.
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