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Hi from Maryland!

Tim (Gavagai)

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My name is Tim. I am pretty new to blacksmithing. I spent a weekend learning the basics at Broken Hammer forge in eastern Maryland, and am in the process of getting my own small shop set up. My other hobby has been metalworking with welding, mostly using oxy-acetylene. But it's not a big jump from there to blacksmithing once you get into it.


My biggest goal right now is finding an anvil. I am trying "The Method" but it's slow going. My wife's eyes got pretty big when I told her the prices for new anvils, so i think I am just going to have to keep plugging away. I am hoping to find something in the 150-200 pound range since that's what was recommended to me. I'm also in search of a Hofi hammer because it's supposed to be less grief on the joints.


This site has been a great resource - I've mostly been lurking around but I am picking up a load of useful information from all the posts. Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself and say hi!



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Got it David thanks. I am going to try some of the farmers markets and junk markets this weekend and see if I can get the word out about what I'm looking for.


Steve that's a good point and thanks for the welcome. I've read up a little bit on the techniques and I think I may just end up grabbing one of the more widely available hammers if I can't get my grubby mitts on a Hofi.


781 I'm jealous as hell now!

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Greetings and welcome Tim,


You sound like most of the new start up smiths....  The hammer does not make the smith.....   My best suggestion for a anvil poor smith is to save up 400 bucks and keep it hid in your wallet...  The time will come for the just right anvil purchase and you will be ready...   It seems to happen when you least expect it....   Keep learning from this sight and I wish you well.


Forge on and make beautiful things



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