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  1. Its definitely possible we may have met, I've trained with quite a few people in the general area over the years: John McDonald, Matt Montalvo, Kyle Pettit, Dave Morris and the guys at Pil Sung, James Chapman, and Justin Flemens... I think Justin might still be training at Summit City Submission in Ft. Wayne; the guy is a strangler! LOL It really is a small world. I'm definitely interested in coming by sometime... I literally have zero experience. But I'm a quick study and hard worker and willing to spend an inordinate amount of time and money to learn. Do I need to sign up or anything like that? It was a privilege to serve with such great men; you're welcome.
  2. 3/4" if I remember correctly. I'll double check when I get back home.
  3. King187


    Wow! Impressive!
  4. King187


    Now that is awesome!
  5. As long as it performs I won't hold that it against it... this time. I really enjoy the history involved in this stuff also; from the individual item history (where it was made, sold, found, etc.) to the manufacturer history. Most of these seem to have been made/out of business long before I was around.
  6. Sounds interesting and a place to score some tools and equipment. Is there a schedule out; when I searched I only found a 2016 (just a cursory search a min ago). As long as it isn't during my two week fishing trip Minnesota this mid-September I should be able to check it out.
  7. I've heard of Troy, but I'm not familiar with what region. What can ya tell me about it? I may make it a point to go.
  8. Thanks, it was a privilege. Once I start to get a grasp of the basics and acquire more tools I'd like to try bladesmithing of some kind... I've always had a thing for knives/swords/tomahawks as well as weapons throughout history and different cultures. I also love old architecture and could see myself exploring ideas there also. I don't want to set the bar too high that I can't achieve a goal, so we'll see where it leads. I don't like to be pigeonholed into a set way of thinking anymore than I already am. LOL As long as I'm enjoying myself, it will hardly matter. Wish I'd have taken an interest sooner!
  9. Hello everyone. My name is Josh and I recently decided to pursue my interest in forging; and whoa boy is there a lot to take in! Googling various questions constantly led me back to this site, so I decided I might as well join. I'm 35 years old and live in Northwest Ohio with my wife and 3 children. I spend A LOT of time (and money) bass/pike fishing, and until recently spent a lot of time working out or training mixed martial arts. I'm a U.S. Army Combat Veteran - Afghanistan (1st and 87th INF, 10th Mountain Division) and enjoy attending/supporting veterans services/organizations and auctions when I get time. Did I mention I like fishing?
  10. Aw man, going back through threads? Are you kidding me? !! j/k Tons of useful information scattered through different posts! I think some of the members have forgotten more than I'll ever know about forging related subjects. Googling questions is actually what brought me to this site numerous times. Good stuff.
  11. It's certainly possible being the conditions it was found; either way I'm happy between my own findings and response to the post. Thanks everyone; I'm always eager to increase my "think tank" on on a subject I'd like to pursue , so any input is beneficial.
  12. I got it for 390. Wasn't sure it's worth, but from what I've seen for a new anvil... figured it was available now and close = minimal fuss would be worth any overpaying I might do. Have a question: From what I've gleaned from scouring the Internet the "3" at the base means roughly 30 pounds. Call me crazy, but it sure felt a lot more than 30; it was attached to an angle iron base but even considering that I'd have to say it was more than 30. I could be misjudging, but I can curl 30 pounds for reps easily... and that simply ain't happening with this piece. LOL I'm not concerned with the weight really at this point, being a beginner and all; more general curiosity. *sigh* Looks like I'll be weighing it just to satisfy that curiosity.
  13. Thanks. The guy I bought it off of said it was buried under barn debris and a foot of mud... said he wouldn't have even noticed except the part of the horn was poking through. He wired wheeled it and posted it; said right after I agreed to buy it he had 10 people chomping for it.
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