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  1. What do you mean by fluorescent? As in glows? Also chatoyant if it's polished with a gem like cut to shimmer since it's so dense correct? Mine seems very yellow not quite neon though lol. I'm lucky down here I haven't had too much of an issue with Beatles yet but I definitely need to do some clearing in my forest. 250 years is crazy Id have a hard time using it being that old! I think I can be patient but we'll see in a couple months what I say lol
  2. Thanks for the info remind me in a few months and if I'm making enough money for postage ill send you a package of them for the great advice
  3. Great info slag! Does it follow 1 year per inch like most woods for aging? Also I know about the rot resistence from experience they make great fence posts nice and straight at that. The heat of them burning is amazing to know i have a whole forest of them so if I'm short on coal that would be great. Do you age it before burning usually or just burn it green?
  4. Has anyone used black locus for knife scales? Im about to clear out a patch of forest around my house for more farm use and read its close to hickory in hardness. It would be a shame to waste it if it could be used. If it is of any use any tips on aging it? I'm familiar with the microwave method but I'm not in a hurry to uses it. Should I just debark it, cut it in foot long peices and wax the ends?
  5. We have a farrier store the next town over where I get my coal I don't know why I didn't think to ask the owner he seems like a pretty nice guy. Thanks for the info frosty its appreciated.
  6. Does anyone know how if farriers generally take on apprentices or do you have to go to a school? Its something I'm thinking about getting into, but I'm not sure how one would go about it. As a side note is it a pretty decent area to have a job or is it a pretty hard area to make a living?
  7. I'll definitely have to make one asap that's a great idea I have plenty of spare sockets to make a pretty modular system too
  8. Other then avoiding zinc any tips on blot selection? just a plain steel bolt should work even with it being in the forge right?
  9. Kind of like a bending hardee tool? Nice jig I'll have to check into that it would help with the positioning a ton lol is that just a 1/4 inch plate?
  10. Even if i could derust them that's what they mostly are lol I wouldn't even have a place to grab them. I'm thinking drill them out then use long carriage bolts all the way through thoughts?
  11. I didn't find much info for making a treble clef so I figured it tell yall what I learned while I made one for my wife for mothers day. The total stock length should be 3 times longer then what you want the finished product to be. The bigger scroll diameter should be 1/3rd The total length of the peice. The smaller scroll like wise should be 1/6th it's easiest to forge both scrolls first then do the final bend. So for making a 1 foot treble clef; Cut a three foot section of stock Forge a scroll 4 inches in diameter. Forge a second scroll 2 inches in diameter on the other end facing out the same direction Using the 4inch scroll as a guide or measuring 1 foot from the bottom bend the middle price in a half circle fashion where in intersects the large scroll directly half way through making the peice 1 foot tall.
  12. I'm thinking drill out old bolts then jbweld some all thread into the forge and thread it through the blower and bolt it on