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  1. Fatfudd - that was another one I had my eye on! I actually contacted the guy selling it, haven't heard back. Not much detail about it but it looks like it's not in too bad shape. And while $275 isn't chump change I'd be a lot less xxxxxx if I got a dud than if I paid a bunch more cash. DSW I've gotten welding stuff of CL and I've always had pretty good luck. And basic common sense does go a long way. I think I was most suspicious because I kept turning up these "antique" anvils which made me think the people didn't know what they had but were asking antique prices or people with old cracked junk trying to make a quick couple of hundred bucks. I'm not experienced enough yet to not get taken, especially if there are no marks on the thing for me to compare against what little I do know.
  2. Thanks for all the feedback. I think I'd agree with those who said that you're less likely to get robbed/murdered/stewed & fricasseed by a guy selling an anvil than jewelry or something else more obviously valuable. I'm just xxxx anxious to get my hands on something so I can start working. I don't mind working my way up from a low-end anvil, but judging from the comments here, the Vulcan may be a wee bit on the pricey side. I think I'll just keep my ball bearings handy and keep bugging the folks at the junk markets for now. But I do feel a little bit better about CL and will keep my eyes open there too. Also Thomas's comment about the Swedish looking off was what threw me too. It looks like they slopped some paint or grease or something all over it.
  3. Sorry if this is a repost, I got an error last time I posted. Anyway, TPAAAT isn't working great for me so I turned to Craigslist. I don't know if I should be or not but I automatically get suspicious whenever I go to CL. I saw a couple of decent looking anvils that are about what I'm looking for. Something about this one raises a red flag for me, but the price seems about right for the weight: CLXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX This one is closer to me since I'm in So. MD, and it's also got about the right proce for the weight. I've also heard of Vulcan so that makes me feel a little more confident. CLXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX I know there's only so much you can get from a picture, but I'm wondering if there are any warning signs you guys can see here. Craig List ads removed.
  4. Hey Sebastian - I am also a newbie here and am getting my small shop up and running. It's pretty amazing how much time and energy it takes just to get something modest off the ground where you can even start messing around and building things. I am going with a coal fired forge, I think; there are several plans I've been checking out, one for converting an old Weber and another a water heater. I'll probably end up with a hair dryer or vacuum blower to start and see how that goes. Like I mentioned in my introductory post, my biggest hurdle at this point is finding an anvil, but I've gotten some good advice from some folks here and plan to go haunt (annoy) the markets around here to see if I can get the word out about what I'm looking for. The new anvils look pretty xxxx swanky, but it's just not in the budget right now so, like you, I'll take the best hunk of junk I can and smash on it until one of us breaks. I am definitely into getting back to basics as well. I really like the idea of being able to craft tools or implements from scratch. We get used to going to the hardware store and seeing a dizzying array of tools for a given job, not thinking that even that selection is limited, but pretty much anything can be fabricated in the shop. It's a pretty powerful feeling I think. Anyway, good to see another newbie and good luck to you!
  5. Got it David thanks. I am going to try some of the farmers markets and junk markets this weekend and see if I can get the word out about what I'm looking for. Steve that's a good point and thanks for the welcome. I've read up a little bit on the techniques and I think I may just end up grabbing one of the more widely available hammers if I can't get my grubby mitts on a Hofi. 781 I'm jealous as hell now!
  6. My name is Tim. I am pretty new to blacksmithing. I spent a weekend learning the basics at Broken Hammer forge in eastern Maryland, and am in the process of getting my own small shop set up. My other hobby has been metalworking with welding, mostly using oxy-acetylene. But it's not a big jump from there to blacksmithing once you get into it. My biggest goal right now is finding an anvil. I am trying "The Method" but it's slow going. My wife's eyes got pretty big when I told her the prices for new anvils, so i think I am just going to have to keep plugging away. I am hoping to find something in the 150-200 pound range since that's what was recommended to me. I'm also in search of a Hofi hammer because it's supposed to be less grief on the joints. This site has been a great resource - I've mostly been lurking around but I am picking up a load of useful information from all the posts. Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself and say hi! Tim