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Found 70 results

  1. Hi everyone! After having a fascination with knives, swords and blades for some years, I discovered Alec Steele on YouTube who took my fascination from a low burn, to a roaring flame! The stuff he made has me hooked, but I heard the odd mention of a show called 'Forged in Fire'. Seeing some of the amatuer smiths that went on there and how basic and simple their setups were, convinced me that it's not 'too' difficult to get started. This lead to me finally getting my xxx in gear and start getting the bits I need to start. After a year of a slow start, I finally have a working setup!! I have finally joined you lot! This is my first backyard setup! Basic, but proud of it! Had some coil spring from a van ready to get started on, got it heated and started hammering away at it. had to make a spring for my post vice and a wedge for the bracket that holds it to the stump and finally the last I shall touch of my first piece (spring and wedge were made after) Not gonna attempt to fit a handle as I feel that would be a RIGHT pain xx xxx xxx to try to attempt a hidden tang handle on what started as a "lets just heat and beat on this and see just how bad my aim is" practice piece So all in all, I'm pretty xxxx happy with myself for my first setup and VERY FIRST FORGING SESSION!! Compulsory fail pic: don't yet have soft fire bricks to block one end of the forge for heat retention. Turns out cinder blocks melt........these are used in buildings......... concern.
  2. Good afternoon everyone. Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Andy currently living in the South Carolina/Georgia Lowcountey area. I am currently working on gathering tools and equipment to get into blacksmithing. Been looking around the forum for a while now, and finally decided to register. Looking forward to gaining knowledge and direction from the experience from you all. Thank you!! Happy Hammering!!!
  3. Hello, I'm new to the forum and really enjoy making things out of sheet metal as gifts. I work as a welder, so I have access to a Trumpf laser, welding equipment and lots of scrap sheet metal. I'd love to try forging some metal, can you recommend any courses or clubs that I can join in South Yorkshire please? Zane
  4. Hello all. Well I've been visiting off and on for 4 years now and thought it was about time I introduce myself. You can call me Jeff; I live in Washington state, no not in Seattle, and have been trying to learn to be a Smith over the last 5 or 6 years but life gets in the way. I have an 80 lb Peter Wright anvil, a post vize that needs a new spring and a new leg, and I have rebuilt my forge 3 times. What was a pile of bricks is now an old sink, a satellite dish and some fence posts for legs. I have 3 books on blacksmithing and developed a deep love of the trade. But I have done very little actual work, just a lot of reading and video tutorials. Anyhoo. I look forward to learning as much as possible from you all and I am excited to get back in the smithy!
  5. Hey I’m new to forging and wanted to know if what I’m experiencing is normal the coating that came with the forge I put on is cracking and outside around where the burner goes is turning white any help or advice would be very appreciated Picture of the forge
  6. Hello, my name is Markus and I'm from Germany. Bavaria, to be more precise. I'm 36 and a complete beginner, in terms of blacksmithing and crafting in general. My father was a metal worker though, so I can fall back on some tools (which most of them I have no idea how to use properly). But even the best tools can't compensate for my lack of basic skills. For now, I have about three days (4 to 6 hours each) of forging under my belt, since I only get to it every other weekend, at best. I built a JABOD forge (with charcoal fuel) and did some small stuff (a curl prototype for a friends garden, a cross for my sisters birthday, a really xxxxxx pair of tongs from rebar) and last weekend I tried to make an updated version of a JABOD, to make it more mobile and smaller. I probably will post it in the solid fuel section, since I'm not sure this one is viable. Other than that, I want to keep going, I aim to take a blacksmithing class the next few months and my next big goal is to make a small box out of wood (another thing I want to learn is a little bit of woodworking) and combine it with some self-made hinges and maybe a decorative front piece. If I reached that goal, I will aim for another project. Also, I want to apologize in advance for my English and the possibly improper use of blacksmithing terms, it's hard to learn that. And inches vs. cm. I will be using a lot of cm and mm. Sorry guys. Here are some pictures, if that is okay: First forge with my (fathers) anvil in the background (hard to spot the little thing) Scroll prototype (couldn't get the egg shape to be round) Cross (burnt an arm) New forge (WIP, have to ask questions in the JABOD sub)
  7. Hello again everyone! I've been learning a lot from these forums and everyone has been great so far. I think I'm ready to attempt making my first forge. Its not exactly what I want but I live in city limits and hope to move in the relatively near future so u opted to build convenient over desire. I've read must be 2 dozen threads on here alone but still feel I'm just grasping at the concepts so consider this a wide open invitation for constructive criticism as I wont he starting construction until i see some green lights from you guys. So heres the plan: I think the JABOD is the best foundation for me right now as good red clay is abundant for me to work with. I've got a 4 inch deep, 24 inch diameter galvanized steel pan I plan to line with that clay about 2 inches thick and sloping down into the tuyere. The tuyere will be a 1.5 inch hole drilled out of the bottom into a likewise diameter steel pipe that T sections off for the airflow to come in from the side and the debris to fall straight down. I've seen a lot of folks mention kitty litter instead of clay but is one better than the other or is it just availability? I'm not 100% sure i used the correct terms anand please forgive spelling errors as this was typed on my phone. I look forward to hearing from you! PS. I finally updated my profile to include location! Link to a tub that is close to the one I'm looking at. 16.5 x 16.5 x 7.5 inches and holds 3 gallons
  8. Hi everyone! I'm Jack and I'm from Berks County, PA. I'm actually not a smith yet, but I'm going to be starting my apprenticeship with our blacksmiths at the Daniel Boone Homestead, as a volunteer living historian. (Translation: I'm going to be learning 18th century Blacksmithing!) I'll be starting during our Heritage Day event on the 29th and I'm really looking forward to it. My hope is that I take too it well and that I'll be able to not only forge things that we need for the Homestead but also stuff that we can sell in the gift shop of the Homestead to bring in some more financial support to our local historic site. A little bit about me, I'm 24, and have wanted to learn smithing for a very long time. My dad actually apprenticed to a blacksmith (alas not a historic one) back in his day and I've been wanting to give it a go ever since. I have a hobby farm at my house, along with a bunch of pets, so you'll always be hearing me talk about all my animals and how much of a zoo the house is! I'm hoping to build a forge at home so I can work whenever, not just at the Homestead. Any advice is greatly appreciated, and I'd be happy to sit and listen till my ears fall off!
  9. Hi everyone, Im currently designing my first forge and hit a snag. I've looked around, but haven't quite found the answer I am looking for. I am going to use a 3 burner, naturally aspirated setup, and am curious, what the experts think about NOT using physical flare within the forge, ie no pipe, but instead forming the flare shape with the refractory. On the exterior, I plan to weld bungs to my forge tank, which my 3/4 burner pipe will thread into. On the interior, Im thinking about just molding a 2" dia hole with the refractory to serve as my flare, if this makes sense. Has anyone else done this, or am I being stupid? Additionally I am trying to find ball valves for the plumbing side of things, but it seems everywhere I check (Lowes, McMaster-Carr, Ace, etc...) only seem to carry propane rated valves with a max rating of 5psi. From what I understand, Ill need around 20-25psi for initial lighting, so these valves will not work. Where is everyone finding theirs? Ive used this project as an excuse to practice my 3D modeling, So ive attached a couple pictures to try and make sense of my Flare question. Any advise is greatly appreciated. Thanks to all. If its of any concern regarding the pictures, The blueish-purple areas represent 2 layers of 1" kaowool and the inner most white area represents the refractory.
  10. Hi Everyone! Yesterday I picked up this 140# Arm & Hammer anvil and I was wondering if someone can help me determine the age. The serial number appears to be 15200. Searching online I haven't found an example of an Arm and Hammer anvil with the same logo as mine. After looking for a while I was stoked to locate this anvil because there aren't a lot for sale in my area (Northern CA). I was also really happy to stumble across this awesome forum. What a great resource you have all built here. Thank you! Mickey
  11. Hey there, I'm brand new to blacksmithing but gosh darn is it fun! I live in New Braunfels Texas and Smith just for fun when I'm not working overtime. In real life I'm and electician with local 520 for any brothers out there. I have 2 young kids and a great wife that somehow understands that at the end of a long day of running pipe at work I love to come home and hammer hot metal. I've been lurking in this site for a couple of months, learning and buy tools and building the things I need to get started. I do not have a shop, I have a tool bag with a few basic tools, a stand, a homemade mailbox forge and cheap anvil. I didn't want to sink 100s into something I might not like but I will upgrade in a few years if I keep at it. Right now I store everything inside because of the neighborhood I live in and when I have time set up in my driveway and try to stay out of the wind and the sun. It's working out well so far and my neighbors haven't cursed me yet. I would really like to find someone in my area to shoot the stuff, share a 6 pack and help out. Newbie or veteran doesn't matter, I will also help out around the forge and anvil, swing a hammer and maybe trade some electrical work for tips or tools. I know balconies forge is I my area but don't really want to pay money just yet to enter a group and the next meet is months away, but if I continue with this I most definitely will join. Anyways thats a little about me, I'm going to try to stay active on this site and learn as much as I can.
  12. Good evening All. I've just picked up a John Brooks from a farm auction in East Sussex, United Kingdom. I think its a 123 English Hundredweight? I can not find any online pics like it. I've not got it on a scale yet but I can say, I shouldn't pick it up myself... Any ideas? Thank You in advance for your help!
  13. Hello all! My name is Robert. I'm from a little town in Texas called Dublin. We moved here a few months ago from west Texas to get back to a slower pace of life and allow our children to grow in an environment that wasn't so filled with all the modern conveniences and distractions. We have super slow internet and limited cell phone service out here where we live. ( that may have been done on purpose). I've been lurking on the site here for well over a year, slowly picking up tools and supplies for my little shop. As far as my shop.. well its just an old garage that was built somewhere around 1941. It's about 900 sqft on the bottom floor and the same up top with more limited head room due to roof pitch. I work as a mechanic and have for over 20 years out in the oil field of west Texas. Metal working and shaping to some extent is not anything new to me, but smithing... completely new to me. We own a farm, which should be up and fully running by years end. We moved to late to get anything done for the season this year, other then what we are growing for ourselves. My wife owns and operates a small hand made soap shop. We very much are trying to move back into a more traditional life, with a few modern amenities here and there. Not quite sure what else to put here so I'm going to cut it off there. Please feel free to ask me anything and if by any means i post something in the wrong spot or ask a question that's been asked 109283091823 times, please feel free to correct me. Rob
  14. Hi everyone, I'm new here. I'd like to jump in straight away with an issue I've been having for the last few weeks, and I'd like to request your feedback accordingly. I've started forging knives in my backyard since about a year now. I've been able to make about a dozen knives. I had to throw away a few, as they were mainly for practice in order to improve my skills. I Own a small propane forge (big enough for knives, too small for hammers), have a small anvil (15kg), and thoroughly enjoy the whack whack bit and the wood work finish for the handle. I do not own a proper belt grinder. I use files, a disc grinder and a small 300 rpm 910x100 mm belt grinder for the wood work. It's the finishing that I struggle with. Obviously I am not looking for a perfect shine, or a rediculously detailed finish (since I do not own a fancy belt grinder), though I'd like to be able to at least deliver a knife of which I can be happy with and cut things properly with. Until know, only one of my knives " sorta" fits here. While creating my most recent knife (see attachment) I was able to create proper bevels, and with it made my first hidden tang knife. Though achieving those bevels with lots of effort, sweat, and profanity, its achievement only feels minor compared to my thrive to improve. The biggest struggle is the sharpening. none of my knives cut properly (which is kinda their purpose), no matter what I do. I've been trying a converted bench grinder (MDF sharpening disc setup I found on youtube somewhere), sharpening stones, a kitchen knife sharpening rod, a buffing wheel, bench grinder stones, and in a whiff of dispair even one of those grindy things people use to sharpen their scizzors with. My hours of research browsing through forums have led to unsatisfying results. I am kind of lost here. Finishing my knives towards a final product loses its charm quite quickly, especially now I ruined my most recent knife (see att) desperately trying to sharpen the thing. the corresponding failures keep me from buying a proper belt grinder or expensive sharpening equipment, since I am honestly afraid to lose interest once the failures keep outweighing the achievements. Additionally, forging and finishing equipment is hard to come by in my country, whereas the investment is considerable when I'm going to up my game, and I'm not even sure if buying better equipment will do the trick in the first place. Am I being too ambitious, impatient, unskilled? I don't know. I can only find videos online of either very basic "how to use a hammer and coal" kinda videos or horribly complicating projects of people with years of experience which I one day hope to even come close to. I cannot seem to find anything that can help me proceed. This is where I'd like to ask for your expertise. Did you reach a point where I am now? How did you deal with it? any tips and tricks? let me know. thanks in advance!
  15. Thanks for letting me join this community! I am french Canadian and professional car mech. Began bladesmithing/knife making in August. Having two kids and a full time job gives me much less time than I'd like to spend on this very rewarding hobby. I managed to pull out two knives and a third on the way. First one is 1084 stock removal drop point hunter with bloodwood scales and brass pins. Second was a Xmas present for my dad. B&T'ish forged 80CrV2 through tang with bloodwood and brass. Third is W1 santoku hand forged from a 7/8" drill rod. (Xxxx, that was lot of hammering) The only power tool I'm using is my drill press. I enjoy the completely hand made part. I find it relaxing .
  16. Hello all, I was fortunate enough to come into possession of a few 10" pieces of S-7 steel. I would like to make a drift, but would need to upset the round stock in the middle. From what I've read, you should air cool S-7 and avoid working the hammering end. I have a gas forge and can't fully isolate the middle section from getting heated. Can I still cool the ends with water before I upset? Would that make the end product too brittle? Thanks for any/all advice.
  17. Greetings! I used to lurk as a unregistered member just gleaning over posts to gather as much basic info/intel as I possibly could before attempting to build a gas forge of my own. This has been by far the most reliable and most informative of any forum/website I've come across. I've finally decided this time I'm going to build myself a decent forge. No more procrastinating and no more putting off what I see as a rewarding hobby. Only this time I plan on building my forge using the best possible instructions as possible and not rely too heavily on the myriad of designs etc, found all over Youtube. Just when I believed I'd come across a decent looking forge assembly, a quick read through the comments of the uploaded video proved otherwise and some comments proved the build was downright dangerous and/or a complete waste of time and resources. Being in Canada has been challenging at best in acquiring half decent materials to start a build from scratch. Even worse when living on an island! My first order of business was tracking down half decent Kaowool (or equivalent) that wouldn't break the bank! I finally decided it would be cheaper (although still much more than expected) to buy a full roll/box from an American company and have it shipped directly to my house rather than buying bits and pieces here and there as a hodge-podge of unknown density fire wool. I now have a full unopened box of 8#, 25 foot roll, (50sq/ft) by 2 feet wide by 1" thick of Inswool Fire Wool. I'm now waiting on some ITC-100 (or equivalent) which I forgot to order at the same time as the fire wool. I plan on building a gas forge and a separate casting furnace. Now time to research and build a few burners in addition to my forge and furnace! At any rate, I'm a retired from the Canadian Armed Forces and have way too much time on my hands not to be doing something I've wanted to do for ages! Thank you folks and I look forward to being a productive and hopefully a contributing member of this great community!
  18. Hello Everyone. I am very pleased I found this site, I live in Anchorage and have been wanting for a long time to get in the craft of black smithing. I want to finally start this instead of putting it off for another year. Is there any classes near Anchorage for beginners, any one doing any training? Other then reading books and watching videos I don't have any hands on experince. I would like to attend the next meeting for the community, not sure when and where that would be. I am interesting in learning skills and have really no idea other then here where to start other then posting this. Thank you for your time.
  19. I’d appreciate any help you all can give me. I’m wondering how to clean up my anvil. I’m also wondering if any one can weigh in on what you think it is worth. I know I got a deal at $50. I’m just curious. Thanks
  20. Hello all, I'm just getting started out and am currently working out of my garage. As a result, I have to drag my forge outside when ever I'm working. I have an old round, fairly shallow forge with a buffalo hand crank blower. The forge is about 2 feet across and about 3 inches deep. Being outside, I am constantly dancing around the smoke. So I'm thinking of building a hood. So here are my questions. 1. Would a hood even work outside? 2. Would a side draft or full hood work better? 3. How low above the forge should I place the hood? Thanks for any help you can give.
  21. Hi all. I'm new around here, and just starting to get into smithing as a hobby. I've got an old length of railroad metal I've been using but recently found this listing on EBay and was wondering if it's worth going for. I plan to be mostly working small things (simple jewelry, small knives) if that helps.
  22. I notice the attempt to rapair on the square side, it shows somebody welded a square piece of steel probably to replace a broken end and a missing hardy hole.
  23. Hi All! Wanting to buy an anvil, and found on on our local dutch craigslist alternative. Anvil weight: 130 kilogram (286 pounds) Anvil weight including mount 250 kilogram (551 lbs) Height of anvil 33cm (13 inch) Length of anvil 76cm ( 29 inch ) Width of face 14cm (5.5 inch) Link removed What do you guys think this is worth? what would you pay for it?
  24. Hey smiths, I just found this site and I find myself reading everything, to be honest, I stop when it goes over my head, so it’s safe to say I have a lot to learn. I'm a certified gold and silver smith, with experience in making everything jewelry. The Blacksmith journey started with the need to build the tools I wanted, but un-willing to pay the price to buy, when the price in sweat brought more satisfaction. I'm comfortable working in the fine metals and I know my way around all my torches and welder and have built everything with the tools on hand or built to build with. I’m not sure yet which part I like best, building something or building the tools to build with. Currently learning to turn bowls and building the tools/chisels needed to do that. Now to the steel, I started with knives, moved to chisels and now my first real larger work was to build a taffy hook for an avid candy-maker (no, I did not know what a "taffy hook" was when I was asked to build it). I want to learn to play with big-boy hammers and real fire (fire, I can feel not just see). One of the photos show the array of metal smith hammers I've built. some of the chisels I've created and some work currently in process. I've Learned the hard way to polish first then Harden. After annealing – polishing and re-hardening, the hammers have worked great for years now. The chisels are better than the ones I purchased, which is why I’m now building ever turning chisel I want / need, and I turn handles to fit my hands or the needs I have for the tool. All work to date is done with torch and small anvils (some of which I also built to address my needs) So where do I go from here? Do I build a forge, gather some tongs and other tools and start pounding metal? Or is there a place where people gather to teach new kids (new-old kid) how to move metal and build great stuff? Is there a learning lab, where a person can use a forge and develop the skills to be good at this trade? I don’t necessary want to shoe horses, but a decorative gate, a railing, a knife or two or custom fireplace tools seems like a reasonable place to start….
  25. Hey There! Thanks for letting me be a part of this wonderful group. This Sunday just passed I had my first blacksmithing lesson with London Blacksmith Kevin Boys and managed to come out with this basic Viking ladies knife (I think? ), pictured below, in a little over 2 hours! I have been simply obsessed with blacksmithing for about 2 years now, but haven't been able to pursue anything... Partly to do with living in central London ( You know how hard it is to find a forge in London?!) and also with me finishing my University studies. This is the first time I have been able to put things id learnt on paper into actual physical use and nothing has ever felt better! Its so primal and elemental! I thought I would join the group so I can learn more and more every day, and that I can also keep some folks up to date with my progression in my weekly 2 hour class and my quest for a reasonably priced workshop! Thanks all and hello!
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