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  1. I haven't found any pipe bigger than 1 1/2" I'll definitely be looking into the exhaust pipe. Already going through ideas how it bring it all together. Thanks mate.
  2. Okay so I'm going to start assembling parts to build my starter forge. Just something simple to get me going. The basic design is similar to this one http://www.stormthecastle.com/blacksmithing/how-to-make-an-easy-cheap-blacksmith-forge.htm but with a few modifications. For starters the frame is going to be hotrolled steel struts, like so http://www.lowes.com/pd_69795-37672-11705_4294684420__?productId=3059249&Ntt=metal&pl=1&currentURL=%3FNtt%3Dmetal&facetInfo= 4 angled struts for the corners, and 7 flat struts for the supports. Welded in a shape similar to this... Front View Side View Front View Open Top View Lawn mower deck Lawn Mower Deck Lawn Mower Deck Lawn Mower Deck l I I l V V V V l l _ _ _ _ _ _ l l l l _ _ _ _ _ _ l l l l _ _ _ _ _ _l l _ _ _ _ _ _ l l / l l <Steel Struts > l l l l l l [ ] l l l l l l / l l_ l l blower l l Fire pot -^ l l l fire pot l___ l l / l l_O l l O l l l l_ _ _ _ l O l__ l l l / l l l l = = = = = = l l blower tube>l _ _ _ _ O l l l l < blower tube l l / l l l l l l l l l l l l l l / l l l l l l Ash Trap>[ ] l_ _ _ _ _ _ l With the "X" support struts on 3 sides, the forth will be a horizontal piece to support the blower tube. The blower tube will stick out a little bit and then right angle. In theory this will keep the blower close enough that I can pump air into the fire without having to step away from the forge, allowing me to always keep an eye on the coals. The ash trap will probably be just a screw on cap, if I can't find something spring loaded. The measurements make the top of the forge at around knuckle high with my arms held loose at my sides making a loose fist (as if holding a hammer). The length and width of the forge though is still up in the air. I'm looking at a small push mower deck, so something about 24" diameter The blower will not be a hairdryer but instead a hand cranked blower. As for the fire pot, I'm thinking of keeping the brake drum idea. Now my biggest concern is the piping used to connect the blower to the fire pot. My first thought was 2" stainless steel piping, or 2" black gas piping, but after checking around I'm not seeing anything that would work diameter wise. This will also be my first time welding so that will be a fun learning experience. Practice on scrap metal until I get the hang of it, then move onto welding the forge together. I will be getting the pieces for the forge a little at a time so, don't expect completed pictures quite yet. I just want to know if this a solid plan before making any purchases. So... this is basically my plan to get started. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Yeah this site definitely seems like a great resource to keep on hand. I've already learned a little today that surprised me lol. Skyrim is actually the only ESO game I've played as of yet. Not much of an online gamer to be honest. Do play BF3 from time to time though.
  4. It's a state of mind really. I guess it's one of those things that I couldn't explain in a way that makes sense to anybody but myself. So the dirk might not be the best first stepping stone? Fair enough, I'll scratch that idea for now and rethink it when I get closer to that point. An experienced smith to train under would be great, but not practical for someone in my situation. I've stated before that I have severe social anxiety issues. Even in a one on one I have panic attacks which could make for a really dangerous work environment. Maybe sometime down the road I'll overcome that issue, but for now I'd just prefer to see how far I can go on my own.
  5. haha thank you jim. I know my ideals are a little far fetched, but I do believe they're mostly achievable. Maybe when I hit a road block that I can't get past without someone's help I'll be well enough to make a shop visit and start taking on lessons. Until then though, just like with everything, I plan to start small and work my way up gradually and at my own pace with an overall end goal. Besides if I ever reach that point it wouldn't hurt to have as much self acquired knowledge as possible.
  6. It's going to be a few years, before I make anything to sell, but good tip on the copyright laws. The last thing I want is to have a lawsuit. When I say first project, I mean the first thing I make as the stepping stone to where I want to be. Everything before that is going to be training for myself. Working with scrap metals and low end steels on stuff that I just intend to throw away after I can't use it any more since they're just for training and practice purposes. I'll honestly make the same knife a thousand times with junk metals before I use high end steel. Thanks for pointing out the online classes here. I'll definitely be checking those out when I have more time too. When I say weapons grade, I mean using high end steels to forge them. I know there's no way a lot of the stuff from games (and even movies) can actually be used in real life, but I've some pretty wicked metal working come from forges, so I don't see it as impossible to make the high end steel replicas of these items, even if it takes years or even decades. I'm really just doing this for my own amusement than anything else so time limits to build the right skills are not a priority.
  7. Then leave me to my doomed plan then :D
  8. I have severe social anxiety issues so it's probably not safe to work with others due to panic attacks. That's one of the reasons why I left my profile mostly blank. Instead I plan to learn through research. Watching videos, and recording myself while I work with scrap metal on basic projects to compare and correct my technique. Dedicating 100+ hours to projects on basic forging techniques, and of course reading, reading, reading, all before I take the next step to where I want to be. I won't progress quickly by going in alone, but I do think it's the best coarse for myself.
  9. Hello everyone. I'm new to the craft of blacksmithing and Just wanted to introduce myself. My over all goal is to make working replica's of both video game and movie knives/swords/armor, but right now I'm just in the planning stages of planning and getting set up, so it will be a few months before working on any actual projects. I'm mostly hear to search for useful information about the craft and will be popping in from time to time to ask questions and share what I've learned.
  10. I have no forging experience what so ever, but I'm not fooled by my ambitions. The dirk is going be my first blade for its simplicity. Before I even begin on to form my first blade though my goal is realistic. Study proper techniques. I have severe social anxiety issues and so I'd really prefer to go in this alone and not look for actual shop time with anyone. The last thing anyone needs is a guy having a panic attack while surrounded by glowing hot metal. Before I start any actual projects I plan to work with scrap metal and focus on different techniques I'll need. This will be compared to extensive research. Watching videos of others while they work and mimicking them the best I can. Even recording myself and comparing my techniques to those of the more experienced.
  11. Hello everyone. I'm knew to the world of bladesmithing, and just felt that I needed to introduce myself. As of right now I'm in the planning stages of everything. Researching books, techniques, sketching plans my starter forge. All that fun stuff. I decided to come here first because bladesmithing is really my ultimate goal with working the forge. The end result is weapons grade replicas of video game and movie swords/knives/armor. Along with my own custom knives. I honestly prefer knives to swords. More practical in modern times. Anyway I'll pop in from time to time with questions, and try to share what ever I learn on the way. As it sets right now, I have nothing but blueprints and a dream. So since I'm on a budget I won't be posting any of my work for at least a few months while I get myself set up. My first project however will be a Scottish Dirk. I'm thinking 1095CV steel with a plain ebony handle and scabbard. Like pictured (although I think that's a leather handle and scabbard) Anyway It was good meeting you all.