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  1. Please pray for sleep. Little Bean needs it, but she just cries. She's dealing with the 4-month sleep change and a cold simultaneously. My wife and I are pretty ragged and could use some of that grace reserved for the parents of small children. Though to be honest, I think we've received quite a bit.
  2. Glenn, my wife and I were just watching Alec Steele clean up a piece and wondering if something could be done with all that dust.
  3. Master Tomlinson, I admire your work. That sort of continuous single-piece design is where my mind is right now as well.
  4. Glorious. I just shared that with my boss. I've noticed myself starting to use "Strike while the iron is hot" for its intended meaning. Like, if my lady and I are already having a difficult conversation, why not have another one? I'm already doing the dishes; why not clean the stove?
  5. Y'all are sweet. IDFC, thank you forthe wooden anvil idea. I now have a design in mind. Crazy Goat Lady, you can visit anytime. P.S. My goat was named Cloud. She was half Nubian and half Saanen, complete with Flying Nun ears. I named her kids Nimbus and Lenny (lenticular). I miss them.
  6. Thank you kindly! That takes a load off my mind. The fire marshal have his approval, so I don't want to screw it up.
  7. Do you use a spark arrestor of some kind on your chimney? Does the hat alone seem to do the trick? My chimney will be within ten feet of two trees, neither of which are on my side of the property line. I like my neighbor, so I ask.
  8. That is a beautiful spot, JW. I look forward to further reports.
  9. Several people on this thread have commented that they'd rather be forging than using their time to make charcoal from leaves. That's great! I have no problem with that. For me, I'm finding that part of the joy of this hobby is the logistics puzzle. I'm not just learning how to heat and form iron. I'm learning how to acquire fuel, burn it in a way by which my neighbors remain my friends, organize my friends into a labor force, and still care for my family. I'm having fun and I haven't even started forging.
  10. Frosty requested pictures of our new apprentice smith. My wife gave her stamp of approval, so here they are. I'm not sure yet how I feel about putting my child's name on the internet, so for now we'll call her little bean. FAQ: - She's about two months and three weeks old. - She is our first. - We'd like four more. - She was 7 lb. 15 oz. when born, 20" long, and possessed great big feet and hands. - She held her head up 10 minutes after arrival. I was holding her at the time and I freaked out a bit (safely). - For now, she looks like me. - I plan to have her smithing by age twelve, maybe earlier.
  11. I haven't had time to synthesize all of this what with having a new daughter, but I wanted to say that I love you people.
  12. Has anyone tried making charcoal from leaves? I was thinking about it while working under my gargantuan silver maple on--you guessed it--clearing the gutters and deck. Initially it seemed far-fetched. The more I think about it, the more it seems plausible. You take a steel 55 gallon drum, pack it firmly with leaves, drill a couple holes for the gases to escape, and cook it over a fire. I imagine you'd be left with something similar to fines. I see moisture and low density/return rates being a problem. Likely very inefficient. Thoughts?