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  1. ADHD, that is gorgeous, hook and tripod both. That's a project in my future.
  2. tjdaggett


    Gorgeous! Which street is this on? I'd love to see it in person some day.
  3. This afternoon I encountered the largest anvil of my young life. We showed up to Carson Park in Eau Claire, WI for the Independence Day celebration. My mom told me there was a forge I should see. Grandpa mentioned the lights in the coal forge to make it seem hot and I lowered my expectations. This is what I found. I was focused on family, so I did not get a brand/maker's mark etc. There was an 800 on the foot (bottom right) which I believe indicated weight in pounds. My 5'4" bride for scale. The hardy is over an inch wide; the pritchel is about 1/2". We found the sign humorous.
  4. Hello friends. A brother of mine has an idea. He'd like to have his sterling silver purity ring melted down and made into an engagement ring for his lady. It would have a stone set in it. Is this possible? What are the problems?
  5. Folks, As a few of you know, I am not going to have my own forge for a good long while. My wife and I are likely still a few years out from a house of our own. However, I'm collecting the core of my forge gear now in preparation for the day when I'll actually get to light the fire. My most recent acquisitions are a pair of F150 brake drums that I'll use for my coal forge and, even better, a heavy iron post vise that was a gift from some folks at my church. I would love to post pictures, but that will have to wait. Since I'm not going to be able to mount the post vise for a few years, I need to store it. It looks like it's pre-WWII, but it's in stellar condition. Next to no rust, perfect action, still got the paint/varnish on the majority of it. I live in Minnesota, where the humidity and temperature varies violently, sometimes within the space of a week. I have the option of storing the post vise in a relative's unheated, poorly insulated garage or their basement. They live on a hill, so there's next to no danger of flooding. Therefore, two questions: 1. Should I store the post vise in the garage or the basement. Does it matter? 2. Should I wrap, clean, or treat the post vise in any particular way prior to or throughout storage? Thanks as always for your input! I will try to post pictures on this thread soon. --SDG, Timothy
  6. Hey folks! This is not quite a blacksmithing event, but there IS molten iron involved. Tomorrow at the Franconia Sculpture Garden in Skandia, MN there is a free iron pour going on! As I understand it, artists will be using/creating molds and then filling them with the good stuff. The event is from 12-5. Franconia Sculpture Park 29836 St. Croix Trail Franconia, MN 55074 For a point of reference, this is about forty-five minutes northeast of the Twin Cities. I don't know if there's anybody but Stephen Olivo and me up here, but you are all welcome. For more details, just google Franconia Iron Pour. See you there!
  7. Beautiful! This is in South Africa? Would you mind popping over and giving my friend in Cote d'Ivoire a hug for me? Seriously though, nice work. It looks like a great spot.
  8. My wife is still in the conceptual phase, if you get my drift. :P Keep 'em coming, folks! This is great! I forgot: I also have the BFH. My striker, however....
  9. Thank you David! Some of those things are currently out of my reach/unnecessary, but a lot of it I had forgotten. I will of course look into this on my own, but what are top and bottom tools?
  10. Well folks, I have been yacking Stephen Olivo's ear off with my little tiny bits of progress towards shop-building, so I figured I would let him share the load...with you! I am in the process of cobbling together my first shop, and here is what I have so far: Stump: ash, 80-100 lbs. Scrap: spring steel, plus the caps of the shocks which MIGHT be big enough for a small forge. That's really about it. Things I still need: Forge Anvil Tongs Hammers Fuel Enough for now. Let me know if I missed anything!
  11. I am so glad someone has already done this! Cookware is one of the things I will be shooting for first once I get a forge-space. Truly well done.
  12. Gorgeous. Scrap never looked better.