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  1. This is the beginning of my stump. My neighbor, my BIL, and I split the sides off. It's green ash (species; it's halfway between green and dry otherwise). Looking to knock just the corners off and leave the sides reasonably flat for tool holders. Couple of other acquisitions for scale.
  2. SharkBait, I love the ingenuity. I'm going to send a picture to my BIL for inspiration.
  3. TP, that's going to be quite the pyre/pour. You might need to start working on the smelter ahead of time the way ancient Pharaohs worked on their tombs.
  4. My wife texted me pictures from a garage sale. There were some older hammers, mostly claw, but I noticed what appears to be a punch or drift that I wanted badly. It's a little mushroomed on top and bottom, but I can clean that up. She also bought a lovely pickaxe for $5; beautiful steel, very little rust. The handle is in great condition too. The sledge is less pretty; when she brought it up to the seller she yelled to her husband, "Someone bought the sledgehammer!" "Really?!" he shouted back. It's rusted, the handle is shivered, and there's a chunk of the head missing. The sign on the handle
  5. I'll see what I can find. Thank you kindly. This is a vague question, but what kind of fire would you suggest? I'm burning mostly maple. Would you put the bucket on at full blaze, or let it go to coals? I'm always happy to hear, "Doesn't matter much", but I'm finding the devil to be in the details on a lot of the blacksmithing things I'm learning.
  6. We're a few batches further in. I've confirmed that my fire circle--and fire ordinances--can support four coffee cans full of wood. If we're out there for a good hour and adding wood to the fire consistently, it pyrolizes through beautifully. I've got maybe five gallons so far. I'm pondering more efficient methods that stay within my city's fire ordinances.
  7. This was educational to read through, and I loved seeing the feedback put into action.
  8. Latticino, code is all the way out of my wheelhouse and across state lines, but if I'm going to be doing this for the next forty years I need to gain some understanding. Where does one usually find information on building codes? I'm sure it varies by state, I'm just looking for a place to begin.
  9. Thank you all! I found some roof sealant for about $4 that's rated between -40 and 180 degrees. My chimney starts about three feet below the roof, so I doubt the outside of the pipe will hit 180. Time will tell. Now to go cut a hole in my roof...
  10. Specific question: how do people seal the area between the hole and the chimney pipe? My roof is shingled. I will be forging mainly during the winter in Minnesota. I'd like to avoid a leak if possible. The gent at Home Depot said that he doesn't know of a sealant that would hold up to the temperature changes and the small movements you're going to see in even a well-secured chimney.
  11. CHRIS! Congratulations! I'm excited to hear you've gotten started.
  12. Ya, comedy videos, that'll really help his abdomen heal! At least his tear ducts will get exercise. I'll be praying. Daughters are good medicine.
  13. Grandpa has been cleared. Grandma is home, but weak and on a very restricted diet. The antibiotic she's on is very expensive and, by all accounts, not working very well.
  14. Shabumi, that's a beautiful song. My daughter would be absolutely delighted; chimes are her favorite.
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