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Perusing eBay and I saw these

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Looks to me like air hose and ball valves look like they arent for gas either. Lol they use the wrong type of plumbing tee, and the bell reducers look like they expand massively too quickly.  They even use teflon tape!! As said above, stay away!  Make your own properly to get one that works and wont kill you! 

Best of luck


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I sure wouldn't trust air line disconnects with any flammable gas. Hope they have some good liability insurance selling something like that. Feel bad for any unknowledgeable person that buys that. 

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Glen is right, this is an interactive peer revered document. The people here range from rank beginners to expert hobbits and smiths running schools. If something is wrong you can count one it being exposed.

so minus the dangerous construction (compressed air fittings instead of flamingoes gas fittings) the wrong “T’s” are used. The proper ones are larger in the cross branch than the single, the flare, unnesisary in a forge with proper back pressure would be a simple strait cupler or a thread protector used to ship long pipe. The use of Teflon tape is a no no in gas as the filaments can break of and clog gas jets. We can’t see in side to see if the jet is set anywhere close to correct. Last the tank fitting for external thread may cause issues as the newer tanks they fit have flow regulating valves to prevent out gasping Incase of a major leak and at high flow rates can shut off on you. Much less problems with the internal thread fitting.

so the only thing I see is the proper regulator. Pleas do not buy these, if you are the manufacture maskerading here hoping to draw customers, redesign your product! If you ask nice and offer to support IFI with a % I bet the inventer of the “T” burner will even help, as would some of the other experts (real experts). 

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Ditto the above, these are dangerous besides low on the performance scale. Maybe the jet fitting is okay but no telling.

Steer clear of these, though it'd be a good idea to remember who's selling them and steer clear of anything they make.

Anybody going to contact Ebay and say something?  I almost never go on Ebay and would have to stretch and bend my dented brain searching out who to report this to. You can quote me or even link them to me for details but I think the flaws in these things has been well stated already. Heck, link them to this thread.

Frosty The Lucky.

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There is a link on the ebay listing to report it, however you need to pick a reason.

The closest category I can see is hazardous substances/other dangerous item... Once you flag it, it just submits a note to them to review the listing. No chance to add a comment etc. 

I'll dig further tomorrow when on my pc and see if there's a better way too bring it to their attention. 

If nothing else, the ridiculous price tag of $175 will hopefully make people think twice and research further. 

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   Just visited eBay, CGR customs, 403 items sold. In one of there listings they have a banner in the background...with a phone number, yes I called it. Left a voicemail, and invited them to IFI. Also mentioned SAFETY, probably more than once. 

   They also sell many gas forges. (disclaimer...I am a coal burner) if anyone else has seen the forges they offer...can you tell from a picture if there ceramic blankets are sealed? Looking kinda fuzzy. 

  Thank all of input, SAFETY is king. 

      N.N.F.                 Beautiful, Manchester, Michigan. USA 

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Wow really?! Talk about jumping on a bandwagon. You all sound like a bunch of women gossiping about things you don’t know enough about just to start a bunch of crap. You guys can destroy a guy’s livelihood and not even think twice about it. Before you go bashing someone you need to do your research first. I researched this Chip guy for less than 30 minutes and found out more than enough info about him to know that he knows exactly what he’s doing. Like for instance did you know that he has custom made over 5000 forges and has had absolutely no complaints or returns to date? When you looked at his Ebay page to see the “403” forges he’s sold did you also look at his seller rating? He has maintained a perfect 100% customer satisfaction rating and everyone knows that is almost unheard of especially in this day and age. That alone should be enough proof that he knows what the xxxx he’s doing. His forges obviously work very well or people would be complaining.  I am in my 60’s and I’ve been doing this for over 40 years and I see absolutely nothing wrong with this setup and apparently neither do any of his customers. If someone you know has used this setup and it “caught fire in less than a weeks use” then they were doing something wrong or their parts were defective. It wasn’t because of the fittings. This isn’t the first time this setup has been used effectively... obviously...you all should stop and think before you go bashing on a successful business. All the proof is right there staring you in the face if you’d just open your eyes instead of blindly jumping on a bandwagon. You want proof? Ask the people who are currently using these forges. They all are perfectly satisfied and their safety hasn’t been threatened. 

Come on guys just stop and think about what you’re saying here...try doing instead of talking and see where it gets you. Just because it’s a different approach doesn’t mean it’s unsafe or wrong. He’s obviously figured out something that you haven’t since he’s got over 5000 happy customers that have no complaints... 


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Since you know so much about them could you tell us what the tubing is made from?  What the quick connect brand and specifics?

I see folks selling I beam anvils all the time on Craigslist and so sales and number of sales does not impress me; *details* is what I want to know before making up my mind!

Between possibly saving folks from injury and destroying a livelihood we generally side on safety.  5000 people?  How many are on these forums---one of the largest set of  blacksmithing forums on the net!  Should be a bunch that can tell us of their experiences with them---where are they at?

Finally are you the builder or seller? You must be to know how many happy customers he has. Or are you just depending on what is posted by the builder/seller...

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Well he has only sold under 306 items on e-bay with positive or neutral feedback, so I'm not sure how you validated any claims of 5,000 happy forge customers.

His forges clearly don't have their refractory blanket sealed or coated, so that means for safety you shouldn't just use them out of the box... The perforated stainless steel liner will not last long inside his coffee can forges unless they never get up to a good high yellow forging temperature either.

Gas rated disconnects do exist, but the ones used in the OP don't look like the correct rated disconnect to me.  Could be wrong, but he doesn't provide any info on the make or model that is searchable, so I can't tell for sure.

Flexible gas rated piping does exist also, but the stuff used in the OP looks questionable to me also (and the hose he uses in his other sales are the more conventional type with propane rated rubber hose, not the reinforced poly (I think, but again no real info in his listing other than hyperbole).  Personally I'll stick with corrugated metal if I need a flexible connection.  You, of course, are free to do as you wish.

By the way, here is a review from his Facebook page:

 February 1, 2018

Sadly the forge I bought my husband malfunctioned after four uses. 
I reached out after he told my husband to just buy another part. I received a rude reply that "that's just part of forging". If you want to buy something that breaks in less than a month--this is the place.
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Are you the master fabricator of these burners?

I only ask because i seen you just joined the forum after the builder of these burners was invited to IFI.

another thing to throw out there to anyone doubting what everyone is saying. If its NOT rated for propane DO NOT use it for propane!!!

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I'm no gas forge guru but for sure any airline fitting I sure wouldn't trust with a flammable gas for the rate they leak. 

So someone will come here and boast an unsafe product? Hah  sorry  as stated before, this Forum is subject to safety and reality reviews from Experienced people ready to call out bull crap. Not going to happen . I know a little about gas forges but know that air line disconnect fittings are a Dumb and Dangerous choice for flammable gas. Of course that's only after 19 years of body shop experience using air line fittings. Is that setup OSHA approved? Guaranteed it isn't.and dangerous to boot.

Do not come here calling experienced blacksmiths idiots. It just won't work. They/we are too experienced for your lies and care too much about the well being of those that want to get into the craft.  Anyone out to make a quick buck without regard to safety or concern for the well being of others in this craft is xxxxxxxxx  that's the nicest word I have for it  


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MFP, Jerry Frost the inventor of the style of burner shown  is a member, Another member literally wrote the book on on forge and glass furnace naturally aspirated burners, one of our members is a MD who has treated patients with lung damage from uncoated ceramic blanket. We have welders, welding instructors, professional  smiths, blacksmithing school owners, professional knife makes and sword smiths. Recognized experts and authors in their fields as members. 

Unless those are gas rated quick connects, valves and hoses the manufacture and seller are both risking their livelihoods to law suits. Possibly even criminal charges for gross or criminal negligence. 

Some here may infact be “old women” but they are “old women” who have earned the respect of their peers. 

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And i necessary if the forge has enough back pressure

The manufacture could have sourced rated quick connects and hose from a welding supply house. Their isn’t an excuse.

I can see Mikey and Frosty being hauled into court as witnesses... 

this is not going to end well, and when it does some bone head politicians are going to make it very hard on the rest of us.

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If the gas forge and fixtures are that inappropriate, hazardous, and flimsy, then it is reasonable to think that a fire or other mishap is probable.

This is according to the "reasonable man" (person), standard that is required in negligence law, (a.k.a. product liability law).

The manufacturer and the vendor (seller) would be held liable, if that standard is not met.

There is a good chance that other parties to the sale(s) could also be found negligent.

Perhaps even E-Bay. But especially, if E-Bay is made aware of the product's short comings and they persist in aiding further such sales.

Their attorneys would most probably be extremely interested, and perhaps very concerned about facts of the situation.

There is another area of law that could figure in possible litigation. That is breach of the contract of purchase and sale. Such cases are the jurisdiction of state law.The Unified Commercial Code article 2., is subscribes by the states, in order to maintain order and efficacious commerce throughout the United States. One of the grounds, of those acts, is failure of the implied warranty of fitness. (in other words, the product does not do what it is supposed to do).

The area of state and federal consumer protection legislation would also figure in the above situation.

For example Underwriter's laboratory (U. L.), or similar body's prior approval might be required before the product could be offered for sale.

These  points of law are not exhausted, there are other possible grounds for litigation. 

Time does not permit an extensive treatise here and it would lose most of the I.F.I. readership's interest stat.

Good night to many of the group.


Senor Charles, the defendants would lose more than their livelihoods. They could also lose most of their assets to satisfy a judgment award and also legal fees.

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