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  1. Slag, Yeah, I keep trying to remember I’ve been lucky this long, why risk it?
  2. Thomas, good point and yes- I use mostly the Sewell vein variety. It makes me really appreciate it and without an analysis of heavy metals, I think I will pass on this extra stinky stuff.
  3. I use bituminous regularly which this definitely is not. I took it out after It smelled so much worse than bituminous. I’m guessing it might be petroleum coke but still think there are too many volatiles for it to be this.
  4. It’s smokey and stinks. I ended up pulling it from the fire right away. It was given to me and I thought it was anthracite. The smaller shinier piece (second photo) is one I pulled from the fire.
  5. Steve, are you still around? I’d like to see pictures you took of this Chambersburg 200 being operated by Clifton, Steve, and Kurt.
  6. Here’s one I forged with a striker. The metal is sucker rod. It was given to another friend who has done lots of gem prospecting and he is happy with it.
  7. I have to measure but I estimate about 12-14" That's a good idea. I have insurance already but they never bothered to look inside. This building was originally a blacksmith shop in the 1830's. Maybe if they are double walled insulated or with the use of coke it is cooler? I did the blacksmith tap on the pipe at about 6' above the shop floor and it was too hot to the touch. I think this may be due to the coal flaming up more with the volatiles so maybe I should try this with coke since I just installed an electric blower.
  8. No, Santa did not get stuck down my chimney. I've taken over a blacksmith shop where there are 5 coal forges. The exhaust system on four of the forges that were installed by the previous smith--may his soul rest in peace--does not appear to be installed correctly. So I'm looking for ideas on what would be the best method to correct the situation as I'm not a fireplace/chimney or HVAC expert. The main forge has a brick chimney and short of some modifications that need to be done to the hearth, I’m not concerned about that one, it draws well. It’s the other four coal forges
  9. The ball bearing can be a minimum of 62 HRC since they are commonly 52100 alloy. I believe they are simply harder than most anvils. I have a refflinghaus, a Peddinghaus, and a recently purchased Vaughn. Tried it on my Vaughn with a 1” ball bearing for 2 bounces and noticed some small depressions. It’s a nice parlor trick and I know lots of people use it to determine rebound, by as for myself, never again.
  10. Thanks for that Glen, will have to try it.
  11. I want to build something to screen the dust from my coal and coke, think of a large perforated rotisserie barrel. I’m currently using a 5 gallon bucket with 1/2” holes in the bottom to screen the dust. However, I was told rather recently that the dust in coal helps it to coke up. Can you share a link to your “Super Sucker” JHCC?
  12. Was watching a video of Torbjörn forging and noticed he was wearing a respirator throughout the entire video. Is he concerned about particulate matter from his coal forge?
  13. ede

    Hofi T-burners

    I guess i should say modified since it looks like he’s using a four way.
  14. A swage with a fireplace shovel depression would be neat. After you sell a ton of these, you can repay me with one gratis.
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