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  1. Burners 101

    Mikey, I have often tried to visualize the swaging process for the capillary tubes. Is it just a top and bottom die that matches the contour of the MIG tip that is lightly tapped around the circumference? Thanks for taking the time to post this resource list and no problem regarding the delay.
  2. This book can be yours for the low price of $246.25 on Amazon!
  3. While I'm not an armourer, I thought like most nova shows it was done well. The little bit of armour forming they did show appeared to be done hot.
  4. Please do tell, what inaccuracies are you referring to? What issue did you have with their experts, inquiring minds want to know.
  5. Burners 101

    I'm looking for a source of capillary tubing, where do you get yours from and are there assortments available?
  6. Discover the world of medieval knights and see how their armor was made. This episode of Nova features Ric Furrer who did the one on the Ulfberht sword as well as a master armorer. Check it out, secrets of the shining knight: http://www.pbs.org/video/secrets-of-the-shining-knight-bt1me1/
  7. After paying $50.00 for each for my last bottles of Rigidizer, I've had enough. I discovered on a thread on alloyavenue that the pottery supply Axner appears to have some of the best prices for Rigidizer I have seen, although I haven't checked out their shipping. Axner also appears to be in Florida, AKA Irma's aftermath.
  8. Forges 101

    Hi RandyScott, i heard through the grapevine that Mikey has been having some computer issues and is unable to respond until he gets his password straightened out, lest you think he is ignoring you.
  9. Forges 101

    Well if she had iron like thighs instead of kaleidoscope thighs, the anvil orientation would not have been so much of a problem. Frosty, I don't remember if I buttered the kaowool before applying the zirconium mixture. I know you recommend doing this and plan to add it to my routine. As far as durability, I've been using a friends coal forge at his place as of late since I don't have a shop currently, so could not tell you about overall long term durability.
  10. Forges 101

    Here's some photos from earlier this summer. For those wondering if the zirconium kiln wash with bentonite works or not as a high emissive coating. In my case I used bentonite at about 5%-- if i recall correctly--with a zircnium powder mixture. I've also used the zircopax with kaolin as well. The only thing I encountered with both is the way it dries appears like a dried up lake bed. Forge is powdered by a 3/4" Mikey burner. second photo was a heat image done with my iPad. Last photo if I recall was on cool down.
  11. Nice haul. I got an original old 10 ton Blackhawk Porto-Power with original case from my neighbor last fall for merely helping them do some lawn work, cleaning up their pecan tree. Along with that I got a bunch of body hammers and dollies. It was from her father who served in the Army and had a body shop, I'm thinking from around the 50's. I don't know what application the Porto-Power would have in the blacksmithing realm, but imagined once I start doing those 20' entrance gates that it might come in useful for cold tweaking. Oh, and yes the hydraulics still work just fine on it.
  12. I saw this White House picture with Black Ironwork, I'm guessing wrought. It compelled me to look at other, older photos of the railing. I wonder how often they need to paint it.
  13. Forges 101

    I saw a Sandia recupertaive forge come up on auction awhile back. I ended up bidding on it, but didn't win. I took plenty of pictures of it. The gas manifold was expertyly tig welded together. Mikey, thanks for the pic of your vortex burner! Ede
  14. I agree Ranchmanben that the second one is more a long term solution, thanks for confirming my thoughts. I'll try to post some pictures when it's done. It would be great if I could get another one. I would make that one much taller for fine detail work. Thanks, Scrambler.
  15. Wish I knew how to do that, JHCC, feel free to post them separately.