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  1. Burners 101

    Seems to be hard to find that ".026-.028" capillary tubing with .065" wall. Am I not looking in the right place or is it right in front of me? http://ztubes.com/Capillary https://www.labemco.com/capillary-tubing.html https://microgroup.com/store/fractional-stainless-tubing.html
  2. Is it worth it?

    Wow, those are a lot smaller than I imagined. I bet in the wrong hands they would ruthlessly smash said hands in a hurry. Thanks for sharing these.. .
  3. Is it worth it?

    ASO would actually be denigrating this piece of metal. I was on the outside of the dumpster and in truth it was a hydraulic breaker chisel, around 300# lifting capacity magnet that was "floating" on top of the recycling debris. All I had to do was skate it out. Not! Das, how about a picture of those heavy magnets although I feel like I could just look in the mirror to see one.
  4. Is it worth it?

    When dumpster diving for a piece of premium tool steel ASO the other day, I leaned over resting on my lower chest bones on the steel recycling dumpster. Can anyone guess what happened? It was a little too heavy--even with help--and I wanted it immediately. I ended up fracturing a lower rib bone. This happened a few weeks ago and I posit this question to you now fellow smiths; is going after a piece of heavy steel worth your health? When you get caught up in the moment, pause and make sure you go forward in a safe manner.
  5. Burners 101

    That's right, I forgot about the nominal sizes for contact tips, thanks for reminding me! Okay, got it, I will get .028" and possibly also try .026" shortened version as well. Ede in Austin --where we're warned we may get a 1/10" of ice within the next 17 hours.
  6. Burners 101

    Hi Michael, So would .020 ID be the ideal size to order for 1/2" burners or should I also .023 in 1/16" wall for nominal OD? I'm wanting to order some capillary tubing to play around with.
  7. Burners 101

    Hey Mikey, glad to be back thank-you. Been doing well, forging lots of tools lately. As far as the build, this is actually a 3/4” stainless Mikey burner with 7 slots. Using a .023 tip after switching from the .030 has made all the difference in performance. Some forge author suggested switching tip sizes, i was a little cynical but he was right. I’m getting nice long heats on 2” stock and Yes, very stable flame at all pressures. Glad to see your continued posts and helping out fellow smiths.
  8. Haha, Life’s too short to make and own only one burner style. I have more stainless to make more Mikey burners that I look forward to finishing. I still need to finish my stainless shell forge. Yes, a ribbon is on the list. You know how it goes, there’s always more projects then time.
  9. I finally got around to making an idle circuit for my Frosty burner forge. These are 1/2" frosty burners and the forge body is from an old transit case.. I need to make a support bracket but otherwise it works great. If anyone ever has trouble with Mikey or Frosty burners, I suggest you make sure that all your connections are tight with yellowt gas tape and make sure the MIG tip is tightened all the way.
  10. 1’x9’ galvy pipe, should be tall enough to produce a draft on coal forge. Guys were removing this from a manufacturer and I asked if they were pitching it. Score one for free!
  11. Weldit Gassaver

    I have the miller oxy/acetylene and also the miller oxy/propane gas saver. The gas cup orifice looks different on both, other than that I'm not sure of the difference.
  12. Hi Ede,  Yes, the forge in question that started the discussion originally was "Devil's Forge" out of Lithuania.

  13. Burners 101

    Mikey, I have often tried to visualize the swaging process for the capillary tubes. Is it just a top and bottom die that matches the contour of the MIG tip that is lightly tapped around the circumference? Thanks for taking the time to post this resource list and no problem regarding the delay.
  14. This book can be yours for the low price of $246.25 on Amazon!