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  1. Nice score. I suggest getting some anchor seal or aluminum roofing paint on the ends to keep the checking in check.
  2. Insulating Fire Brick Health/Safety

    Is firebrick that much less friable? I'd be interested to see studies on this. Yes, I always wear a mask when cutting or machining it. I have pieces of 2600 degree rated firebrick that have broken apart quite easily and have abraded on the steel angle iron entrance of my forge. I was informed by a friend last night that he saw dust emanating from outside my forge. It was a certain light condition where the outdoor shop was mostly dark, but the single light was partly silhouetted by a large black object (his coal forge chimney) where we were able to see particles in the air.
  3. I understand many people use firebrick for doors of their forge. What makes it more safe than rigidized ceramic fiber blanket though? I ask this because I see the warning for rigidized ceramic fiber blanket regularly but haven't seen much warning for the firebrick. Firebrick abrades when it is moved, becomes suspended in the air, and is made at least in part of Crystalline Silica.
  4. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    There are crowds all around here so no one necessarily has the best vantage point all the time, but everyone at some point does.
  5. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    I am watching Mark make some sweet tools at the Combo Demo.
  6. Thanks, Thomas. It was the very rough eye that had me second guessing. I actually like that rough pitted look!
  7. The eye is not smooth like a drift has went through, in fact it is rough with a noticeable protrubance, almost in the shape of a whale. The surface has very rough texture caused by pitting or forging/scale. I would like to avoid taking a grinder to this using the spart test. Could this be wrought with a tool steel edge? This is a shipbuilders adze with no identifiable makers mark. Thanks Handle appears to be much newer but fits perfectly.
  8. I can’t even imagine how they did that. Wish I could see the whole process somehow to better understand.
  9. It followed me home many years ago. I believe this is a top tool used used for making quarry drills or bits.
  10. Burners 101

    Seems to be hard to find that ".026-.028" capillary tubing with .065" wall. Am I not looking in the right place or is it right in front of me?
  11. Is it worth it?

    Wow, those are a lot smaller than I imagined. I bet in the wrong hands they would ruthlessly smash said hands in a hurry. Thanks for sharing these.. .
  12. Is it worth it?

    ASO would actually be denigrating this piece of metal. I was on the outside of the dumpster and in truth it was a hydraulic breaker chisel, around 300# lifting capacity magnet that was "floating" on top of the recycling debris. All I had to do was skate it out. Not! Das, how about a picture of those heavy magnets although I feel like I could just look in the mirror to see one.
  13. Is it worth it?

    When dumpster diving for a piece of premium tool steel ASO the other day, I leaned over resting on my lower chest bones on the steel recycling dumpster. Can anyone guess what happened? It was a little too heavy--even with help--and I wanted it immediately. I ended up fracturing a lower rib bone. This happened a few weeks ago and I posit this question to you now fellow smiths; is going after a piece of heavy steel worth your health? When you get caught up in the moment, pause and make sure you go forward in a safe manner.
  14. Burners 101

    That's right, I forgot about the nominal sizes for contact tips, thanks for reminding me! Okay, got it, I will get .028" and possibly also try .026" shortened version as well. Ede in Austin --where we're warned we may get a 1/10" of ice within the next 17 hours.
  15. Burners 101

    Hi Michael, So would .020 ID be the ideal size to order for 1/2" burners or should I also .023 in 1/16" wall for nominal OD? I'm wanting to order some capillary tubing to play around with.