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  1. Tiger the cattle dog

    Good for you Cathy, well done and love them both ... especially Zeppi the Schnautzer
  2. long handrail join

    i agree that the joint at the post is the way to go. You can either bolt the rail with a vertical bolt or horizontal into the post. I wouldn't let the head of the bolt show if it is vertical, but rather weld it below after cutting the head off and slide the shaft of the bolt into a blind hole and weld around. I would use an acorn or cup nut. A horizontal bolt into the post, depending on the post make may be easier. You need to weld a support to the rail at 90 degree. A joint that wants to be invisible by welding on site will invariably be a weak section for corrosion and hardly invisible anyway. For corrosion protection, as described by Arftist. HDG (or Hot Spray Zinc) + two parts epoxy primer + enamel top coat. That is how public works like bridges over salt water are protected. If you are going to do the finish, make sure that the galvanising shop does not quench the work. The quench bath is convenient for them so they don't have hot stuff waiting to cool down, but will contaminate the surface and the epoxy primer will not take well. Ask if they do "no quench" before, because some places may refuse. Also epoxy is a generic term, make sure you use a two pack product formulated to paint over galvanising like this one this type of primer only needs top coat for cosmetic reasons and is tough as nails.
  3. Need to change my name

    J.B. Hand Made Knifes. J.B. highland daggers, blades and spears. J.B. Messerklinge
  4. Pain, Pain, and did I mention Pain

    I make sure I pass on your message to my brother in law
  5. Nice vice and good job in that repair. I am afraid that forged blacksmith vice were forged and heat treated according to original ads by Peter Wright. You had however little choice and I hope that vice will serve you well for many years to come.
  6. Pain, Pain, and did I mention Pain

    You don't want an orthopaedic surgeon, you want a hand specialist ... if the problem is in the hand or arm that is. My brother in law is an OS ... he is good at a lot of things but hands is not one of them.
  7. Can You Please Evaluate My Tong Design

    Deja vu ... over and over and over
  8. Pain, Pain, and did I mention Pain

    Hephaestus is the name of the greek god of fire. He was so popular that the romans adopted him and renamed him Volcanus. Despite modern day efforts to find a reason for Hephaestus disability and quoting arsenic poisoning from making an early version of Bronze to fashion blades out of copper, if the story is to be trusted, Hephaestus or if you prefer, Vulcanus was born a cripple and was so ugly that his own mother threw him off Mt Olympus and he fell for a full day and landed in the sea next to the island of Lemnos where he eventually established his forge under a volcano. (Another version has him falling 9 days after his father threw him out for siting with his mother ... but who do you believe?) ... and after all he had help at the forge from the Cyclops who did all the striking ... allegedly So it seems that the craft was not the cause of his disability. And ... if someone can fall for one full day and hit the water and survive I doubt a limp would bother him.
  9. Pain, Pain, and did I mention Pain

    Don't you love Dr Google? Dillion, if you really are 17 and do not play computer games and use a computer, not a laptop or tablet or phone ... I am confused.
  10. Pain, Pain, and did I mention Pain

    Dillion, I suggest to first get a proper diagnosis. At 17 pain that stops you from a few hammer blows is not normal. There are many things that can be done if in fact it is carpal tunnel syndrome something we don't know. The first suggestions are usually losing weight and stop the activity that causes the pain or change the way you do them. Best course of action see a doctor that is interested past suggestions of a wrist band. Just as an illustration, acupuncture was proven effective in some research.
  11. I have a Kohlswa even smaller than that one and find a lot of use for it. Great for cutting small stuff, you can put it on top of the bench and sit next to it Did not pay much for it though ... some $150 from memory. When you say you found it do you mean you bought it already? How much did you pay for it?
  12. Anvil I.D. For a rookie

    True ... if you use a texturing hammer you do both faces in one go
  13. Anvil I.D. For a rookie

    That anvil is perfectly good for a lot of different jobs. if you make decorative stuff or architectural stuff with smaller stock, you don't need 80% rebound or 50% rebound, just a hard surface to hammer and bend and cut. i have seen excellent work done on a Chinese cast thing i wouldn't have for boat anchor. Furthermore ... miss a blow on that anvil and the danger is probably minimal. I wonder sometimes what happened to the chips that are missing from my anvils' edges. Did they drive with someone to hospital? I guess I'll never know.
  14. Ouch ... probably a T nailer that cracked the picket and the head had no hold so kept on going. Most common accident is to left hand holding a noggin in place whilst firing the gun through the stud. Nail guns are great and a time saver. I have over 10 different nail guns and staplers but I treat then with the same respect I have for real guns. Still in the accident stakes, the humble grinder has a huge advantage.
  15. A friend of mine lost an eye to a nail that hit a knot and turned into his face. The nail was bent and was only able to do that trick because it was a C nail for furniture with a very small head. ... and because he did not have safety glasses on. Framing nails can do that too and with much more power, but they usually do so because you don't aim them right and don't put pressure on the gun to make the sharp end bite in the timber. Can happen to anyone and is one reason I don't lend any of my nail guns. My son in law came out of an operation last Sunday to repair his forearm cut with a 9" grinder and a cutting disk whilst building a fence. He is a fireman and not a tradesman.