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  1. Message to Mr Dog_guy ... Josh or Fenris: In life there are fights you need to win, fights you need to lose, and fights you don't need to have. In this case it is blatantly obvious that you don't need this fight. Your age, the nature of your business, the location of your business, the time you have been in business all will scream to the magistrate that you have little to nothing to defend but a bit of hurt pride of being caught out. Change the name and be done with it.
  2. Oh my ... On the topic of apostrophe use ... There is no one right answer to show possession on a proper noun ending in s. As long as you are consistent in your writing you can say Jones' car (my prefered way) or Jones's car also correct even when odd. From Rule 1b. Many common nouns end in the letter s (lens, cactus, bus, etc.). So do a lot of proper nouns (Mr. Jones, Texas, Christmas). There are conflicting policies and theories about how to show possession when writing such nouns. There is no right answer; the best advice is to choose a formula and stay consistent.
  3. Steve, when I understand why you are upset, I doubt that sharing this in public helps your cause. All you need is a good solicitor specialising in this matters, if you have a legal claim according to the laws of your country. The rest, and everyone else's opinion on the case may be colorful and sympathetic but not helpful. It is hard to shame people into desisting from a course of action they have already taken, if anything it makes them more determined.
  4. Ha ha, I love how everyone is gone esoteric and metaphysical and the OP has gone walkabout with not one name suggestion. Oh well ... Just in case he is still within earshot. The best advice of the lot is to come up with something that can be sold. I say "Crush Hot Iron" by Brucellaneous and associates ... Also ... "Riveting heat" ... "Smashithot" ... It is true that a person's name can become a trademark and an asset to be sold, but only if you are Calvin Klein or Colonel Sanders
  5. Nice work! You can give the flat bar a bit of texture if you make a "texturing mallet". Buy a cheap hammer at the hardware and grind a lot of holes in the face with a die grinder. Different sizes works best, the more the merrier. The more holes, the less face left and the more aggressive the texturing. (Goggles a must) Then before you start making the brackets, get a couple of flat bar length and work them cold on the anvil both sides and the edges. Use a thick glove on the left to stop the vibrations in the holding hand. Cover all the surfaces with steady blows. The end result will be a flat bar that will look like it has been exposed to the weather for a long time. PS Of course you could smear the flat bar with lard and hang it in the Ohio river for the sharks to maul and chew. Similar result but would take longer and be less reliable
  6. I use molasses on old tools my plumber son in law disinters and brings to me. It is slow but works a treat. Here is one I had in the juice for a couple of weeks. SRANSW = State Rail Authority New South Wales.
  7. Providing we are talking about a solid fuel forge ... you need a centrifugal fan not an axial one. Pressure to push air through the coals is more important than volume. My suggestion, bite the bullet and buy a Dayton blower.
  8. Most likely bull sharks. Don't know of any other species going into fresh water. Oh my ...
  9. Yes, it seems Tiger snakes take to the water more easily. A friend of mine who used to barefoot ski on the upper Hawkesbury and Colo area he used to see tiger snakes all the time. i suppose they only helped to hone his skills and stay steady on his feet as they were whizzing by
  10. Oh my ... yes some old timers used to bring those along whilst diving, using a buck shot 12 gage. I swim in the river daily and have been doing so for decades. I have my kids and grandkids swimming and water skiing. The size bull sharks that swim around here are on our menu, not the other way around. 60 km down river is another matter entirely. Somehow I can not picture myself swimming with a bangstick strapped to my back
  11. Ha ha, Dale, if you look at the comments on your youtube link you have your reply. Apple tree bay is in a creek that comes from the mouth of the Hawkesbury, a stone throw away from open ocean and where big bull shark and white pointers have their fun. Others have replied, no shark attacks on the Hawkesbury. The Facebook link shows a juvenile bull shark. Does not say where it was recorded.
  12. Yes, I come and go. Remembered this forum because I made a latch for my gate that I had been postponing for some time. And also because I am on moderation and being moderated for saying that you guys have 220V and not 240V. All in moderation I suppose Snakes swim ... sure. Caught a diamond python the other day. Lovely creature some 2 meters long yet harmless. Swims like a fish. Bull sharks can survive in freshwater. Yes! but don't tell the bull sharks around here because they apparently don't like it in this river. We have never had an accident with sharks on the Hawkesbury recorded. We do have white pointers and massive bull sharks in Brooklyn and around Dangar island and long island ( named by some NY bridge workers that built the railway bridge and the name stuck), a town at the mouth of the river that is just sea water. None up river. So far so good If you think you are on moderation only because of a 220/240 mix up then you have other problems
  13. Centipedes belong up there and so do saltwater crocodiles. Those would make the landscape around here a tad different. I wonder if we'll ever shake the greenies off and start culling crocs. They have been out of control for decades and reaching as far as Brisbane, driven by hunger and uncontrolled multiplication. Maybe we should start spreading the rumor that crocodile sweat is bad for the environment, better still that it produces catastrophic climate change!