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  1. That chart is a bit deceiving. What size is "over 1/8" ? 12" is over 1/8 . To try to weld 3/4" to 1/4" plate with 145 amps is possible, if the weld is just to stick them together with not much structural requirement. otherwise you would go with 250 / 300 AMP full blast and 5/32 rod.
  2. Ha ha, reminds me of John Cleese (Basil, Fawlty Towers) who after 4 failed marriages is quoted to say that now ... " I try to bypass the middleman. I date women I dislike and buy them a house"
  3. .. how long can the new coronavirus linger on surfaces, anyway? The short answer is, we don't know. A new analysis found that the virus can remain viable in the air for up to 3 hours, on copper for up to 4 hours, on cardboard up to 24 hours and on plastic and stainless steel up to 72 hours. This study was originally published in the preprint database medRxiv on March 11, and now a revised version was published March 17 in The New England Journal of Medicine
  4. Not for what I could see today. The panic buying was triggered by Chinese nationals shipping to their China relatives, and the locals faced with empty shelves thinking it was the end of the world. We were told that we have supplies galore and that shelves are stocked back every night. At this point in time I don't believe anyone stories anymore. I switched from supermarket to local stores because their prices are less competitive and the preppers avoid them. One medium size local store, had most stuff, but no cleaning products, and the meat had tripled it's price. The cheap cuts I buy for the dog were not on offer. Tried another supermarket and their meat fridges were empty and most of the "rare" cleaning items had a sticker on the shelves, "temporarily out of stock" . Printed signs that had been there for days. The small butcher next to the super, had easy 50 people queuing up. We shut down all pubs and clubs, coffee shops and restaurants, gyms and every other place that is not bare essentials.
  5. i was referring to a reseller who has a website mentioning old technical data from before the take over. Since that name has been edited out from Jenny's comprehensive response, I will not name it. Must be anathema or something. The fact remains that Ridgid negative reviews are easy to find, not so for Refflinghaus. Reffy is a family business that has been into making anvils for over 100 years. I exchanged emails with one of the family members in charge of sales, since we don't have a representative in Australia. They seem very accommodating and friendly. Having said that, i am of the impression that the negative reviews for Peddinghaus come most likely from poor quality control and that the anvils are fine anvils ...if you don't have the bad luck to get one less than perfect. A problem with large companies.
  6. Don't mean to discourage you, but depending on what you intend to make in your blacksmith shop it is highly likely that you will not need that buffer at all. Get yourself a bandsaw instead.
  7. Hard to say. Refflinghaus is still the same it always was. Peddinghaus was taken over by Ridgid. If that makes a difference or not is anyone's guess. Having said that, it is easy to find bad reviews on line for Peddinghaus and hard to find one bad for Refflinghaus. Plus, it seems the the seller of Peddy in the US has old data from before Ridgid took over. It that has any real meaning ... again ... who knows? My guess ... (wild guess) is that Peddinghaus produces a dud anvil from time to time, so it is really potluck.
  8. Peppie ... the reason the twist in your machine is slightly bent, is because the bar does not seem to be properly supported and is allowed to wander sideways in a larger guide. You need to clamp top and bottom firmly in a bush that can only turn with no slack. The handle should have a similar bush turning inside a tight guide that allows turning only and sliding along the axis to compensate for material shortening.
  9. Yes, they started the same in Sydney with great fanfare, but forgot to stock the shelves, so seniors queued up for an hour from 6 to 7 only to find empty shelves. If we ever have a real emergency, something like a war, not this boyscout stuff ... we are truly doomed.
  10. Thank you for the link Ramsberg, most informative and free of the usual fluff and ads. The story about the naming of the Coronavirus is pathetic and reflects the incompetence and irrelevance of the so called leaders who only lead their own careers and income source. Let's hope we reach the top of the Gaussian bell soon and start the descent towards reduced numbers of infections. Stay safe, stay home, wash your hands, don't touch your face, clean everything that has been touched by others including parcels, delivery, letters. If you can't find sanitizer, use windex, or make your own sanitizer with ethanol and aloe gel or similar moisturizer. Don't get obsessed with the alarmism of media. They get paid to get more viewers to the screen who in turn will consume more advertising, that is their job, not information or education. Selling is their job. You don't need to buy.
  11. Supermarkets in Sydney have imposed a quote on popular items like TP one pack per customer, two hand sanitisers etc. But the best idea is that from Thursday, they will open one hour earlier, during restocking time and let only the oldies in. I find that great. I'll get in, buy TP and cleaning stuff, wait for an hour and resell them at triple the price at the door when they run out ... THe revenge of the oldies
  12. There is nothing "stupid" about the response from people to overexposure and bombardment from media on this issue. In fact it is a predictable and well known behaviour. The only thing that would be interesting to know is ... if this massive exposure that created the wave of panic is intentional, or just the natural unintended result of how media and governments work. We will probably never know. Meantime today I will see if I can find some more toilet paper to add to my stockpile of 2,543 rolls so far ... Actually 2,542 ... PS Our Home Affairs minister Peter Dutton just returned from meetings with his counterparts in the US and brought home the virus with him. No one is exempt, but travel and gatherings are the way to spread it, regardless of status.
  13. But but ... don't you need sharp edges and flat face and needle sharp horn?
  14. Results back today and they are negative. i wasn't too worried as I survived gangrene, tuberculosis, and lead poisoning of the accelerated metallic kind ... but my wife was a bit down. She is happy back in her surgery.
  15. Buy blue chips that pay fully franked dividends. I don't care for the value of the stock but to purchase more units that will pay more dividends. Trading stock is a total bore and guaranteed to stress me out. Use to trade in the future market but my results where too close to flipping a coin. Still no results. i get the impression that everyone is overworked, and fumbling in the dark, making it up as they go.