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  1. JustAnotherViking

    Memorial garden work

    Very nice indeed. Wasn't sure about the painted green at first glance, but it's certainly grown on me.
  2. JustAnotherViking

    Issues with sharing smithy, waiver?

    Insurance combined with good faith
  3. Wow! I think my brain would melt before I got the first piece forged on something like that. The amount of steps and planning that must be involved is staggering. Very impressive
  4. JustAnotherViking

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Finally got some time in the forge today and decided to make a start on a larger project. The idea is to keep going until I have a load of sizeable pieces and then join and install them against the fence as a trellis for growing peas etc against. Fun and boring at the same time. Quite repetitive but fun playing with organic shapes and making the branches grow the more pieces I forge
  5. JustAnotherViking

    Purpose, Profit, or Potential?

    Profit is always first based on basic human instinct and survival. You need shelter and sustenance. To obtain these, you need to be paid. The profit doesn't need to be great, but it does need to come first.
  6. JustAnotherViking

    Show me your Bottle Openers!

    Each time you make one, make a mental note of what you'd like to improve/what didn't work/what worked well... next one, apply your observations. No magical formula, just practice, practice, and more practice. Don't forget about the most important step once you have finished forging for the day: Quality control... be sure to crack open a cold beer or six, just to make sure the opener works
  7. JustAnotherViking

    could use some anvil advice

    They certainly know how to put a bike together. I had a 750 Aero, still have a VLX600 (unfinished project), and my main bike these days (and for the foreseeable future) is a VTX1800S
  8. JustAnotherViking

    could use some anvil advice

    So close yet so far. Very similar rear fender and rear light bracket.
  9. JustAnotherViking

    could use some anvil advice

    Honda Shadow ACE?
  10. JustAnotherViking

    I’m ready for serious casting?

    Soild advice? I thought they were aiming for liquid
  11. JustAnotherViking

    Can I save my new punch?

    If you were given a pint of water instead of the pint of beer you ordered at the bar, you'd certainly be sending it back... and that isn't even close to $60. You didn't receive what you ordered, so regardless of it being defective, I would return it, get a refund, and move on.
  12. JustAnotherViking

    Forge from an air tank

    Fair enough. It's not something I have tried to work with before, it was just a curiosity that crossed my mind. If we can drill steel, bricks, etc, how hard could it actually be?
  13. JustAnotherViking

    Purpose, Profit, or Potential?

    Same again. Profitable allowing the business to be sustainable, purposeful in prestige and accomplishment in it's market area, and finally potential in the future creative research and pursuits, allowed to take place because of the previous two.
  14. JustAnotherViking

    Forge from an air tank

    Would it be feasible to cast a solid block and then just drill and profile, rather than trying to cast around a form for the holes?
  15. JustAnotherViking

    Purpose, Profit, or Potential?

    To me, I would filter purpose under 'Esteem', and potential under 'Self-actualisation', based on the common traits associated with each. So in order of need: profit, purpose, potential