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  1. Mini Camping Cleaver

    I would imagine any chef paying for a hand forged knife, especially the ones referred to earlier (with the rasp finish) would be unlikely to source ingredients from factory like places. The change in food production is however a valid point I had not considered. In the UK the majority (if not all these days) of eggs carry the lion stamp, inducting the hens are salmonella vaccinated, and are even considered safe with a runny yolk for pregnant women. Different rules and regs for food production by the sound of it.
  2. Mini Camping Cleaver

    I highly doubt the human race would have lasted this long if we had to rely on blemish free, highly polished kitchen implements as the key to our survival. I certainly don't leave things sitting about for a suitable viral incubation period before cleaning. Bit of common sense and good food hygiene practice. Health inspectors much in the same way as safety inspectors can easily go overboard these days purely so they can't held liable in the 0.0001% chance something actually happens.
  3. Share your home made gas forge.

    Thin sheet rolled into a tube, channel welded back and front for the bricks, 2" wool, ridgidiser, refractory. Decorations like the doors welded on after.
  4. Repurposing a greenhouse shell

    In that case, I'd leave it alone, plant some tomatoes and hope for an actual summer this year. Or dismantle it, stick it up on gumtree and have more space for a proper shed
  5. Repurposing a greenhouse shell

    Before we go much further, can you share some pics of what you have? What I'm picturing when you say greenhouse frame isn't a pretty picture. I wouldn't trust one to hang an IKEA photo frame on, never mind adapting it for wood panels. One sneeze and it'll collapse. Unless it's a heady duty victorian style botanical garden type frame.
  6. What Would Your Anvil Say?

    If mine could talk, a verbatim transcript would likely get me banned from here. What the [seven further paragraphs redacted] was that??? Who the [deleted explicit] taught you to swing a [beeeeppppp] hammer
  7. Neighbors with noise conpliant

    Like I always tell the wife, when I said I'll do it, I'll do it. You don't need to remind me every six months.
  8. Wood Floored Smithy?

    Would the traditional floor not have been end grain rather than with the grain like ply? I am purely assuming the end grain is harder wearing and less combustible than a ply, please correct me if I am wrong, my knowledge of wood is almost non existent
  9. Wood Floored Smithy?

    You can dissolve borax in water and spray it onto the wood for additional protection. Hammering hot metal directly ontop of wood is pretty common practice and it just chars. Wood floor is fine, just practice some common sense. After shutting down the forge, go back out to check on things half an hour later and look/smell for any signs of smouldering.
  10. Suggestions for a cheap smithy building

    Sounds about right! I'm sure the opposite would apply to a fair few situations too.
  11. Suggestions for a cheap smithy building

    I've a small metal pipe bolted into the concrete for the foot, and the vice is bolted on the underside of the bench. It was a temporary position for the vice last December until I got a better mount made, but I'm fresh out of round tuits
  12. Suggestions for a cheap smithy building

    Double doors open, both windows open, CO alarm mounted beside it. Usually get a decent cross breeze, but have set off the alarm on the odd occasion when there has been no wind and had it running a couple of hours. Good to know it works.
  13. Suggestions for a cheap smithy building

    Funnily enough it is an offcut from an armoured land rover windshield cover... Unfortunately that's all I have of it. Had been used as part of a bbq for a few years, but it's rusted away, so will be reusing it for the same purpose. It's toughened glass, and the angle of the doors when I'm working keeps the glass out the firing line... To be fair I've already etched the windows from grinding sparks, so replacing a panel wouldn't be the end of the world or break the bank.
  14. Suggestions for a cheap smithy building

    Frosty, it's my forge shed. Decided I didn't want a big brown wooden box, and if I decided blacksmithing wasn't for me, I could always use it for the bike or a small bar or something. Here's a quick 'walk around'. Small and basic, but it does the job!
  15. Suggestions for a cheap smithy building

    What's the budget? Are you wanting to throw something together as quickly and cheaply as possible, or do you want something a bit more aesthetically pleasing and conventional for the usual UK garden? Nothing wrong with a wooden shed rather than a metal one, and plenty of options. B&Q, Argos, Tesco Direct all stock a fairly standard range, and there's also the likes of Waltons with a bigger range of specs and sizes all for not too much money. The other option is to find a local company and get one custom built... that way you can specify no floor, and they'll take care of the measurements + install for you. More expensive, but can be a lot less hassle... the whole time vs money aspect of it. This is my own 'forge' shed (9x9):