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  1. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    No worries ausfire, I usually try to start the scroll at a cooler temp so it deliberately moves less, then the further back you scroll, the hotter I'd go. Its mostly a gentle brushing with the hammer rather than any directional force. Just tickling it into position slowly. As with all things blacksmithing, the correct way is whichever works best for you. Got a much cleaner attempt at my previous scroll idea, but not in the right proportions for the previous design, but the wife has already informed me she wants it for "something"
  2. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    Very clean work! I think I was trying to put too many elements together and ended up with a mess. Think I'll go and practice scrolling on the vertical again today and try to keep it a bit tidier.
  3. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    Today I finished off a candle holder prototype... I say prototype because there are several elements I am not at all happy with, but it was past the point of correction and I was just making scale by trying to touch it up and fix things. I was attempting to have a penny end scroll transitioning into a twist, then scrolling the rest on the diagonal, and flaring out the other end of the scroll into a leafy type shape. The base and the holder ended up just being what little pieces of flat I had about, so not entirely happy with the dimensions of those either.... but it's a start. Hopefully I can practice my technique and by version 5 or 6 it'll be in a better shape. A college's wife carves candles, and I thought it would be fun to try and design a holder to compliment them... truth be told, I may have bitten off more than I can chew, but we all have to start somewhere.
  4. How To Forge a Blacksmith Twist Handle (Basket)

    I hadn't realised you had done one, so i'll get to watching it soon. I only subscribed to your channel the other day, so I have a fair bit of catching up to do. Plenty of content to get through. Thanks again
  5. Happy St Patricks

    Very true, there was no Wales back then. He was a Briton and spoke a language which is thought to be an ancestor of the present day Welsh language, and likely came from somewhere which is located in modern day Wales. Better?
  6. How To Forge a Blacksmith Twist Handle (Basket)

    Many thanks for taking the time pass along that info jlpservicesinc. The guy demonstrating to me yesterday trained in England, and is from the school of no flux needed, but your point is very valid. Why make it harder on yourself by not using it. We're fortunate to have commercially manufactured forges and farriers coal, so at least that part remains consistent for practice. The chain links went pretty well considering I hasn't tried before. I now have two sets of three links. Not the prettiest, but it's a starting point. They stuck together so I'll call it a win for now.
  7. Safety share

    Ouch. Hope you were at least wearing eye protection. Doesn't help your neck, but could have been much worse.
  8. New display

    Very nice. If it were me, I would consider cutting the display pieces to the same length to make them more uniform, and possibly stain or oil the wood board to prolong its life. Assuming you want people to pick up the pieces and interact with the display, it won't be long until the raw wood gets dirty without a protective coating, and it make look more finished and deliberate
  9. Happy St Patricks

    He was quite likely Welsh. Kidnapped by Irish raiders, so the assumption is the Welsh coast, although not actually known. Made to work as a shepherd, about 35 miles from where I'm sat right now.
  10. Happy St Patricks

    Sorry, just a pet peeve of Irish folk Though we do usually soften up after a pint or four. My family heritage would be ulster scots; Scots who settled in the provence of ulster during the plantation of Ireland.... Hard headed stubborn drunks. The best/worst of both cultures depending on who you ask
  11. Smaller knives, tantos and rooster spurs

    Out of all of them, the smallest is my favourite (maybe not in pink wrap), but something about the proportions and finish I really like.
  12. Happy St Patricks

    Paddy not paty.
  13. How To Forge a Blacksmith Twist Handle (Basket)

    I didn't get a chance to try this today, instead i was making some chain links, but I will definitely give it a try soon. I was advised today that one of the most overlooked part of fire welding is the actual fire. Most people demonstrating or skilled in welding just do it without thinking to mention the fire itself. Keep it clean, hot, and piled up high. The deeper you stick the work, the closer it is to the blower, and you get more oxidisation, making for a dirtier weld. Keep the fire high, and the piece high, and you'll be more successful. Under the right fire conditions, even high carbon can be done flux free.
  14. Sourcing Burner Components in Canada

    Ebay or similar online shop if there's nothing local? Might cost slightly more with shipping, but save you time and travel costs trying to track something down locally.
  15. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    'hand forged with passion, one of a kind item': all about the marketing