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  1. Unexpected coating dividends As often as I recommend Morgan K26 refractory bricks over ceramic fiber insulation, I also strongly recommend a heat reflective coating to seal it. Why? Because thermal losses through the brick and degradation of the brick have one factor in common; Surface area. 'these bricks are riddled with holes, greatly increasing the surface area to flame and chemical attack. So a heat reflective coating pays outsized dividends, when compared to solid surfaces. This also holds true of coatings like Plistex on ceramic fiber surfaces.
  2. Turbulent Flame Both the gentle flame of a Bunsen burner in the lab and the restless flames of a camp fire are laminar. The differences is that that lab burner's fuel and air are premixed. All turbulent flames are all premixed. Adiabatic laminar flame temperature of any given fuel and oxidizer is predictable; this doesn't hold true with turbulent flame. The same propane that is rated at 2600degrees in an air-propane torch is rated at 3600 degrees in a jet engine; the difference? Simply the amount of mechanical manipulation. What is being manipulated? Flame speed. The surest way
  3. Rotary drill presses: Drilling on pipes and tubes can be done—with care—on benches, tables, or in bench vises. Of course, the drilling and threading will be done more accurately in a drill press, which brings us to an important question: Since a totally adequate bench top five-speed drill press can be purchased from Harbor Freight Tools for about $50, why would anyone settle for a rotary tool drill press? The main reason is portability. As part of your tool kit, or when moving day comes, you will learn to care about weight—over and over. You would also need a micro-chuck to mount into the one
  4. they must have seriously gone down hill during the war years, becuase my 46 Ford coup was the worst piece of xxxx I ever touched! One time my younger brother was working on it, and he started screaming with fury; he was a guy who was very proud of his self control and his skills as a mechanic; it was the only time that car ever made brought a mile to my mug
  5. There are several different coatings and homemade formulas used by members here, but the cheapest, easiest, and surest coating is Plistex. You can buy Plistex in small amounts right here on IFI.
  6. You do understand that only us other other old guys have a clue abut what your saying, right?
  7. The 4000 is a typical dual-fuel torch (uses both propane and propylene),\. Nearly all of these torches have a stainless steel flame tube, which is very thin, and so they oxydise away rather rapidly, when mounted in heating equipment. And nearly all of these flame tubes have a narrowed end, which is needed for them to create their designed flame. You can run a thicker stainless steel tube over the end of the flame tube, and and mount an even larger tube over that, leaving an area of overhang a little larger than the diameter of the original flame tube, and your torch should work well agai
  8. That price is based on paying top dollar for small amount of S.S. pipe in a seller's market. And includes the needle valves and hose barbs.
  9. As near as I can tell, making two 1/4" stainless steel burners using these valves should cost under $50.
  10. You can also buy four M10x1 male to 6mm (0.236”) hose barb connectors for $9.72 and $2.50 shipping (compatible with; 5/16” fuel hose) through Anazon,com
  11. The first thing I notice in your video is that the burner seems to be pointed directly at the crucible; it is supposed to be pointed at the space between the crucible and the refractory wall.
  12. Mounting a MIG tip in the Mensi needle valve. Mensi needle valves are meant for use in some propane camping stoves; they have metric threads, which is no big deal. More importantly, they have the right internal diameter and thread type to be re threaded to mount a MIG contact tip into, and an external thread diameter on their outlet side to be screwed into the mixing tube of a 1/4" burner. The addition of a spacer ring will allow them to feed a 3/8" burner. Pairs of Mensi valves only cost $9 through Amazon.com; that is one-third the price of the average needle valve. Equally import
  13. Note that, while there is gas rated Teflon tape, It's not recommended; too easy to end up with shreds of tape clogging your gas orifice.
  14. There are gas rated Teflon tape; it isn't the same is the regular tape used for water.
  15. Hoke torch tip adapters, and separate tips can be purchased, along with complete adapter kits, Hoke torches, and regular Hoke tips from Shore International.
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