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  1. Mikey98118

    Buying my son a forge

    Go back to the web area that you picked out that ad from and look for the stainless steel version; it also has a better burner.
  2. Mikey98118

    My propane forge ... finally built

    I would like to see you feature the new forge in the Forges 101 thread with photos and a write up about it, including the changes. I like the design and size; it deserves to stick around when this month is over with, and I think its addition there would be a service to people searching for good forge design ideas.
  3. Mikey98118

    First gas forge build

    I like Frosty's choice of copper tubing over gas hose; it is the safer bet. But, I don't like copper's ability to heat up the propane, compared to hose. I like incoming propane to be cold, as a further safety margin against flashback; especially in small burners, which are deeply buried in forge insulation. When we add in its physical toughness, stainless steel tube seems well worthwhile--safety first!
  4. Mikey98118

    Chili Forge

    They didn't stop innovating with their choice of burner; they have also kept up to the minute in forge designs. Are there better forge designs out there? Yes there are, but not in a full size forge; only in miniature forges. If Chile made a miniature forge, I would expect them to blow away the competition there too.
  5. Mikey98118

    Confused about Rigidize

    As to safety, it would not be my first choice. A seal coat provides better safety. What the rigidizer is BEST at is helping to under-gird the physical structure of the seal coat; it also helps prolong the life of the insulation itself. As to protecting your lungs from fiber dust it is better than nothing, but nowhere near is good as a good seal coating.
  6. Mikey98118

    First gas forge build

    As one of those experts who recommend rigidizing, I have no intention of arguing the point one more time, or any other point so utterly well established in favor of safety and common sense. What I do feel like discussing is his choice of gas tubing; BRAVO! Anything he cares to add about how he went about mounting it, including recommendations--I'm all ears.
  7. Mikey98118

    Buying my son a forge

    Spend a little time reading the Forges 101 thread, and make a better purchase for about the same money.
  8. Mikey98118

    Chili Forge

    Better quality? that depends on what you mean by the term; most well known commercial forges are well enough built; that doesn't mean they are equally up to date in design. Hotter burner designs make hotter forges. Chile forge has a better burner design. It's my design; in stead of patenting it, I wrote a book about it. Anyone who asked to use it in a commercial product I encouraged to do so without any need for license. Chile forge chose to take advantage of the offer. I don't feel sorry for those who didn't bother.
  9. Mikey98118

    Mikey style 3/4 inch burner built

    I am wrong; next question is what does make bubbles? OK, liquid detergent for bubbles?
  10. Mikey98118

    Looking for advice on my very first gas forge

    Than the cart and forge will need a good slip cover added; life ain't perfect; so we deal
  11. Mikey98118

    Looking for advice on my very first gas forge

    The next thing for you to look into is building or jury rigging a forge cart; put it on weels and your carry problem goes away.
  12. Mikey98118

    DIY Gas Forge from a pail

    There is every chance of doing so; they are a nice strong container.
  13. Mikey98118

    Mikey style 3/4 inch burner built

    Anything with laural hydrate (spelling) in; shampoo, dish soap, etc.
  14. Mikey98118

    Mikey style 3/4 inch burner built

    I think it's time for a soap bubble test to sees if there is a tiny gas leak or not.
  15. Mikey98118

    Mikey style 3/4 inch burner built

    I done already did that