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  1. Hello Millhand, Pipe free, outdoors. I am a fair weather smith, outside only. No hood here. Beware of the cold anvil, easy to knock a heel or a horn off. Tried to forge outside in the cold, anvil is a huge heat sink. Glad I asked an old time smith buddy about trying to preheat anvil before I did. I remember how big his eyes got, and knew the answer before I finished asking the question. Thought it would be easy to heat a scrap metal plate in the forge, and rest it on the anvil. He warned resting hot metal on the anvil would suck the temper out. Beware of the frozen anvil. Oh yea, cool forge. N.N.F. Beautiful, Manchester, Michigan, USA.
  2. Hey DL, Any hints with cutting the vents on the disk. N.N.F. Beautiful. Manchester. Michigan. USA
  3. According to the serial number, it is a 1910. N.N.F. Beautiful, Manchester, Michigan, USA.
  4. I associate "jiberish" with Mouse Hole. In the first picture, the weight in stones, Mouse Hole. No way its an Acme. Acme was a Sears brand. Euro Sears, cant be. Oh no, there's more than one picture. Those aren't Mouse Hole feet. Oh no, serial numbers. Acme? Who made that? The plus side, ring and rebound. Hammer on. N.N.F. Beautiful, Manchester, Michigan. USA
  5. I have been doing some research, on hammer dressing dimensions. I found an older thread from 2008, here on IFI. What I found was Face 24" radius Edge 1/2 radius Pein 12" radius I took the tin snips to an old cookie sheet to make a gauge. Are measurements close. Want to make sure before I start break out the file. Thank you as always N.N.F. Beautiful, Manchester, Michigan. USA
  6. Just took another look at your project. I am building a similar forge. You have the T, and its in the right place. Mount the blower where you can reach it. Just pop the cap off the T, and thats where the swinging air gate goes. N.N.F. Beautiful , Manchester, Michigan. USA
  7. Just thinking, one more pvc T. If you put the T between the motor and your supply tube, you could use a swing air gate on the open end to control air flow. Pat. N.N.F. Beautiful, Manchester, Michigan. USA
  8. Oh yeah, my has a stamp on the front foot. It is an upside-down C around an upside-down F. I think the same stamp is on some other Swedish anvils. N.N.F. Beautiful, Manchester, Michigan. USA
  9. There is a copy of a ad published in A.I.A. for Sisco solid steel anvils. The original ad is dated 1914. I have a 99#ER, not a lot of information out there. Thats until the next Anvils in America. N.N.F. Beautiful, Manchester, Michigan. USA
  10. I love my little When A.I.A. was published, it was considered "rare", but seems like a lot have surfaced lately. As hundreds of posts on this site say, rare doesn't mean quality. You have both. Edges are brittle, just a heads up. Enjoy. N.N.F. Beautiful, Manchester, Michigan. USA
  11. Just picked up a little Arm&Hammer. Took pictures of logo and the serial number for the data base. Notice it was stamped with a "W". I also have a Trenton stamp with a "W". Remembering the story of the Trenton "W", as being one of the Wright boys makers mark. Curiosity got the best of me. Looked at one and the other. They looked very, very similar. It was time for the lineup, and a picture. The Trenton is on the left, and the stamp is deeper. A&H on the right. What I see is the same "W". Same size. Same angles on the verticals. Most curious part are the serifs they are not horizontal, each serif looks to have its own angle. Is this the same "W"? Can anyone do any photo shop forensics? Did two anvil makers buy the same touch mark, at the same hardware store? Did someone moonlight? Do I need new glasses? N.N.F. Beautiful, Manchester, Michigan. USA 4
  12. Its shaped like an anvil. If someone didn't tell you this is an anvil, you may not recognize it. Could it be a starfish? N.N.F. Beautiful, Manchester, Michigan. USA
  13. I think the definition of of some words, vs the understanding of some words, has changed with time. I have never said I'm gay. N.N.F. Beautiful Manchester Michigan USA
  14. I would think that "DAME" would be just as offensive. I like the frosty mugs. Presenceofallcolorsmith, one word ? N.N.F.
  15. As always, thank you all. N.N.F. Beautiful Manchester Michigan USA