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  1. Hey Hum, Sure looks like my favorite.S.I.S.Co. Swedish cast steel. This is an older picture of mine. Sorry for the image quality, never zoomed in that much on that picture before. Sisco is a little thicker at the waist than Soderfors, same quality. Nice find. A little time with a wire brush, you may see a lot more. N.N.F. Beautiful, Manchester, Michigan. USA
  2. A collection of improvised anvils

    Here is the sledgehammer head standing upright in a stump. I can't take a credit for this idea. Yes, it came from IFI, made this last year for my 5 year old, I use it more than he does. In the quest for better tools. I randomly will buy an anvil, after a test drive, comes the hard part. Finding a good home for the anvil, that will go away. The tools I have I use, would love to have a stack of anvils. Budget and space, say no. For every one I sell, I get a handful of the, just starting looking for a deal on a London pattern." I need to have one before I can start". Every one gets the same answer, its not the tools that make the craftsman, its the craftsman that makes the tools. Then describe the sledgehammer head anvil.
  3. Good call with cast steel. Swedish think thats it. Just had to look at some Soderfors to try to confirm, the Soderfors I have seen only say Sweden. The anvils are stamped, made in Sweden, all caps and run together. Rebound is king. $200.00.... the wonderful gentleman may never answer you calls again. N.N.F. Beautiful, Manchester, Michigan. USA
  4. How I control air to forge

    Cheap, or thrifty, thats my wheelhouse. I like air controls I can see. This is a "paddle style" repurposed cookie sheet. It pivots and locks into place. N.N.F. Beautiful, Manchester, Michigan. USA
  5. 130lb Kohlswa find

    That is a Golly-G man, good looking anvil. That is minimal chipping for cast steel, my favorite anvil is a Swedish 99#ER with great rebound, but chippy. Swedish anvils should come with warnings, earplugs are a must, and don't stick your nose over your work to get a close look and swing that hammer. Of course the obvious, they are very addictive. If these are risks you are not something you are ready for, just give me a call Bart. I will give it a good home. N.N.F. Beautiful, Manchester, Michigan. USA
  6. Good find?

    Hey, Joe Nice save, I enjoy bring old forges back to life. Just a lot of hours. Many similar one around. I found an old ad for (looks close) Phoenix, first guess is it was made by a major manufacturer, with a hardware store name. Hope this helps, enjoy. N.N.F. Beautiful, Manchester, Michigan. USA
  7. How LOUD is too loud?

    Glenn, just gave up the flip phone. Sad to say my #4 stopped working on the dial pad. The only numbers I could dial, with a 4 were from my contacts. Gave into the smartiephone, since I have been looking at different apps, hard choice, with the endless options. As an administrator can you share the name of a dB app, you like? Its a Swedish anvil thing N.N.F. Beautiful, Manchester, Michigan. USA
  8. Nice score, your serial number dates this anvil as a 1900, first year A&H. Information from Mr Postmans A.I.A. When I first saw your post, I (jokingly) though, great idea for a portable anvil. Enjoy N.N.F. Beautiful, Manchester, Michigan. USA
  9. 58er, Thank you for stopping by, it was nice to meet you. Good news, the Village of Manchester is celebrating its 150th anniversary, on August 5th, and the blacksmith shop will be open again. Bad news, the gentleman who has been organising the blacksmith shop events, is retiring. He let me know the shop will not open again after the August date. Kinda through me for a loop. We talked for a long time, and yes I did volunteer to take the reigns. Gadzooks, any advice out there? Just a few more pictures. I will have another post with more details about the August date. Pat. Beautiful, Manchester, Michigan. USA
  10. Fire and metal are hot. We are at 324 East Main Street. Sorry no Kohlswa, Trenton. 58er, please say hello. N.N.F. Beautiful, Manchester, Michigan. USA
  11. My wife had some pictures, also found some from the Manchester Area Historical Society. Today is the day. I will post photos as the day goes on. N.N.F. Beautiful, Manchester, Michigan. USA
  12. Bart, The main course, taste like chicken. A big draw is the "Famous" coleslaw, or is that coalslaw? Frosty, Unfortunately, it is the one day a year. Many original tools, all retired. Demonstrators bring their own tools I will post some more pictures. N.N.F. Beautiful, Manchester, Michigan. USA
  13. Manchester Area Historical Society, owns one of the oldest intact Main Street Blacksmith Shops in Michigan. They open their doors to the public, in conjunction with the annual chicken broil. This year it will be Thursday July 20th 2017, from 4:00 to 8:00 pm. The shop is located at 324 Main Street, Manchester, Michigan. 48158 There will be smoke, fire, and noise. Great group of people demonstrating, and answering the horse shoe question, and more. Oh yea, Chicken Broil. It is 64th annual, they serve over 10k dinners. Live music, car show. This is a big event for our little village, and all ways a good time. Please come hungry. Just to date myself, this will be my sons 10th year demonstrating. Say hey to the Bean. N.N.F. Beautiful, Manchester, Michigan. USA
  14. I have to say, thumbs up, on the skinny fingers. Reminds me of a sculpture my grandparents had. If you are going to replace that with another, I would be interested. Oh yea, if you could keep it under 5 digits. Thomas, was talking 6 digits, probably a better option. N.N.F. Beautiful, Manchester, Michigan. USA
  15. Nice work, you seem to have a grip on the hand thing. N.N.F. Beautiful, Manchester, Michigan. USA