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  1. Hey Rook, If you asked...and its not here. Go fish. Good luck. Pat. AKA. N.N.F. Beautiful, Manchester, Michigan. USA
  2. Looks like 70#s of 100% ASO. Vulcans have a thin face plate, not that big bogus cast top. Expensive and ugly door stop. It would make a better anchor, you wouldn't have to look at it when it was water. Sorry if that is harsh. Heck I'm ugly, and my wife still loves me. N.N.F. Beautiful, Manchester, Michigan. USA
  3. Heck, thats a monster. What did you use for a finish. Looks great. N.N.F. Beautiful, Manchester, Michigan. USA
  4. Ac, I have a formula to figure anvil prices. Anvils are like bananas, and they sell by the pound. Even better news, you have the perfect apples to apples, or in your case, anvils to anvils comparison. Its worth half the price of your Hay-Budden. Okay, chances are a little more. Adjustable with condition, and rebound. All in fun N.N.F. Beautiful, Manchester, Michigan. USA
  5. Hey Kevin, The 166#er more than likely crossed the pond. Thinking it looks very Swedish. Before you bolted it down, and chained it loud was the ring? Any cast lines? N.N.F. Beautiful, Manchester, Michigan. USA
  6. Fud, good eye. Chris, a couple more shots may be helpful, shoot from the shelf too the tail, where the face plate should be. Probably best with the anvil at 45s, say if you are looking North, the horn will pointing SW, then the next shot looking South, horn still SW. With indirect lighting, all ways a help. Oh yea, rebound? Hammer marks, on the face.... smooth, signs of use, or does it look like the surface of the moon? N.N.F. Beautiful, Manchester, Michigan. USA
  7. Nice find. Hard too see that serial number, looks like 11,507 if so it is a 1894, or is it 115,017 that would be a 1906. That is according to AIA. N.N.F. Beautiful, Manchester, Michigan. USA
  8. New, Blacksmithing is a long journey. What I see looking at you picture is, the gas can, first I would move that. The journey should not end with a bang. Looks like the forge could be a little unstable. Free is good. DW, Never heard it called a paddle, all ways though it was an airgate. From now on its a paddle. I am running a large fan, took awhile to dial in. Actually have an damper on an all most open 3" hvac T. In addition to my paddle.
  9. I was also thinking Brooks. Feet look too square for Brooks....PW ish. Gotta see what I under that rust, please. N.N.F. Beautiful, Manchester, Michigan. USA
  10. Bart, Nice find. Hands down the Canedy Otto is the best handcranker I have ever used. Yes, I have used a couple of Champion 400s. Not trying to start a debate. From what I have seen it is just a matter of production numbers. People also sing the praise of Hay-Buddens, and for good reason. On the other hand, they also produced more than 250K anvils than Arm&Hammer. Just my 2 cents N.N.F. Beautiful, Manchester, Michigan. USA
  11. Hey J, Single pritchel, 4 1/2" wide face. Had a 1910 H-B Farriers pattern 180#s two pritchel holes, 3 1/2 wide face. It would be nice to keep them all, try to keep what I have working. N.N.F. Beautiful, Manchester, Michigan. USA
  12. Jackpot. This is a 1910, 189#, Lakeside, made by Hay-Budden. I passed on this anvil last year. It had so much crud on it, it had almost no rebound. Went back to take a better look, the little hammer, ball bearing, and yes a heavy little paint scraper. Scraped and scraped.....rebound! After a couple of hours of the wire wheel. Under the barn dust, a thick layer of greasy grime, and at least five colors of paint. This is what I found. N.N.F. Beautiful, Manchester, Michigan. USA.
  13. Jason, Have no fear of the shady look, its the lowlife element you watch out for. Sometimes, the lowlifers can dress like politicians, or thats what I have heard. Can't tell you how many shadies of soot, and coal dust I am after a good day. Stop and have a talk with your, local law enforcement agency, they will share safety concerns. Also talking with the fire marshall, could not hurt. Could save you from a lease agreement. Oh yea, moving. Big step best of luck N.N.F. Beautiful, Manchester, Michigan. USA
  14. My favorite ebay claim for an anvil listing was "from a smoke free home". This one is up there. N.N.F. Beautiful, Manchester, Michigan. USA
  15. Yes, that is the Matchless man. Dowagiac Michigan. Heard only good thing about him. If you click on the ebay "see sellers other...." he offers may anvils all the time. He has had that kind of inventory since my first e anvil hunt back in 2003.