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  1. Hello Thomas, I resemble that remark. Last time I was at Quad-State, 2006, I went with a buddy, and yes we had a little truck, FULL of what he called ugly tongs. I remember standing with these monsters in the back of the truck, asking people that wandered over what they were looking funny looks from a lot of folks. A big percentage would say, looks like you have tongs. Ice was broken, selling shoes on. Well your a smith, theses can become anything you want. Most were presented as drink holders, some as stock. Two pair were going to be hung on a shop wall as...”tong” racks, didn’t sell one shoehorn, but we tried. Great memories of my late buddy Dave. Our goal was to empty the truck as fast as we could, and get to the demonstrations. It worked, and they were cheap. N.N.F. Beautiful, Manchester, Michigan. USA
  2. Hello John, May want to look at a Southern Crescent logo. Not much left of it.... N.N.F. Beautiful, Manchester, Michigan. USA
  3. Anvil pictured is a Skoda. If that’s one down, we have 29 to go. Thank you for the pictures. N.N.F. Beautiful, Manchester, Michigan. USA
  4. After a closer look, bigger screen. I would say the 65KG anvil is a Soderfors. In the third picture down, what I thought was a K for Kohlswa, looks more like a K for kilograms. With possible date, stamped 1911, under the weight. Swedish anvils historically stamp both sides, possibly more markings. As Frosty said, most importantly a very good user. N.N.F. Beautiful, Manchester, Michigan. USA
  5. Nice start. First anvil 65KG is Swedish cast steel, most likely a Kohlswa. Very classic Swedish pattern, similar to a south German pattern, typically more narrow. The second anvil 45KG, is a north German pattern, makers mark usually on the other side, round horn facing right. N.N.F. Beautiful, Manchester, Michigan. USA
  6. Zrognak, love that anvil. Bofors...hmmm. There’s an old Swedish anvil manufacturing company named, Söderfors. Attached is a photo of a modern version, 1926. Would love to see more pictures. N.N.F. Beautiful, Manchester, Michigan. USA
  7. You anvil is a Jymm Hoffman, great pattern. N.N.F. Beautiful, Manchester, Michigan. USA
  8. The Manchester Area Historical Society, owns one of the oldest intact Main Street Blacksmith Shops in Michigan. They open their doors to the public, in conjunction with the annual chicken broil. This year it will be Thursday July 19th 2018, from 4:00 to 8:00 pm. The shop is located at 324 Main Street, Manchester, Michigan. 48158 There will be smoke, fire, and a great group of people demonstrating, and more.   Oh yea, Chicken Broil. It is 65th annual, they serve over 10k dinners. Live music, car show. This is a big event for our little village, and all ways a good time. Please come hungry, and enjoy a dinner. N.N.F. Beautiful, Manchester, Michigan. USA
  9. Hey Bart, Nice find, hope this helps. N.N.F. Beautiful, Manchester, Michigan. USA
  10. Your anvil is an S&S N.N.F. Beautiful, Manchester, Michigan. USA
  11. Hey Tim, They sure look like nice finds. Kinda skinny in the waist for HB. Look a lot more like late Arm & Hammers. N.N.F. Beautiful, Manchester, Michigan. USA
  12. Wow, a post vise for 5 trillion, the one I have is bigger and nicer...if that one is 5 I could probably get 8 trillion. Thank you Thomas, great example. It is worth what someone is willing to pay. N.N.F. Beautiful, Manchester, Michigan. USA
  13. this case G is Glenn N.N.F. Beautiful, Manchester, Michigan. USA
  14. Nice find. The numbers on the tail, were stamped on the tool steel tops versions. You can see it was welded at the waist. Other Hay Buddens had a tool steel face, with a wrought body....disclaimer....Have heard of solid tool steel H-B’s, stamped with SS in the serial number. N.N.F. Beautiful, Manchester, Michigan.USA
  15. Nice find. Thanks for the pictures. Trenton manufactured the anvil. Lakeside was the brand name anvil sold by Montgomery Ward. Trenton also made anvils for Sears with the name Acme. Seem like Trenton would have anvils made, and when an order came in would just stamp the sellers over there diamond. Double stamped Trentons are common. Numbers one the front foot are the weight on the left, and serial number on the right. I have owned two Hay Buddens, one stamped just Lakeside, and the other only stamped Acme. Hay Budden stamped the weight under the logo, and the serial number on the left side of the front foot. Hope this helps N.N.F. Beautiful, Manchester, Michigan. USA