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  1. Show me your anvil

    There is chips missing so it must be hard. All the welded anvils ive seen had rolling on the edges not chips so thats a good sign.
  2. Show me your anvil

    I almost dont wat to say this but it looks like the edges have been weded up. You can see the distinct lines that run the whole length of the anvil. One way for sure would be an acid etch. It would bring out any weld material. If done properly it shouldnt affect it much. I know you asked him and he told you it wasnt welded but i think he lied.
  3. Princess Auto 110lb anvil review

    Still havent hammered on it yet but i put it on the scale and it is right on 110lbs. My daughter felt the need to point out the weight but it worked out for a size reference.
  4. Unknown anvil

    It very welm could be. Wilkinson is one of the big 3 anvil makers and later bought out Peter Wright. Look on the opposite side of the weight markings. Akso look low between the feet. According to anvils in america postman recorded 5 different makers marks. It is fitting the profile of a Wilkinson. It is looking like one of there erlier ones. Really blocky but that is a good thing. Good mass under the face. There is no mention of serial numbers in AIA.
  5. One of the best you can get if there hasn't been any welding done to it.
  6. huffing at high temp?

    Were you usinh a 20lb cylinder? If so was the tank getting really frosty?
  7. Wow i have been searching for one like that also. This anvil i got i think just made me an anvil collector. Im now searching for nice old rare anvils. I have useable anvils (not that this one isn't) but i want rare and interesting now. Here is a picture of me and my daughter at the falls. Didn't get a good picture of the falls but there was a huge ice island just below us in the picture
  8. No i didnt get any bottom tools. I wish i did though. I also wish we would have went to the Canadian side. It looked a lot nicer! I am going to take the whole family rhis summer and we are going to stay on the Canadian side by the casino. I dont think i will ever take a hammer to this thing. I tapped it a couple times with a hammer and did a ball bearing test which came out to 85%.
  9. Arkie even mentioned it in his original post that the drill bit has been sharpened. I didnt just assume it was.
  10. One question i have is have you ever sharpened a drill bit before? I have watched a lot of people try to sharpen a drill bit and they end up with the same problem you are having. There is more to sharpening a drll bit than touching up the edge.
  11. Princess Auto 110lb anvil review

    Will do. I am going see what this thing can handle. And it will have inexperienced smiths working on it including my kids so it will see plenty of abuse. We will see if it can handle it.
  12. This is a 200# cutlers anvil i traveled almost 2000 miles round trip through canadian farm lands and the Adirondack mountains freezing rain, heavy snow and torrential down pours. I got elevation sickness in the mountains. I brought my daughter and my friend brought his son with us. We got to see Niagra falls and all kinds of beautiful countryside. IT WAS WORTH EVERY MINUTE!
  13. Princess Auto 110lb anvil review

    One thing i should say is this anvil is made in china. But it is real steal and not just some ASO. The ring and rebound proves it. You can actually buy them in bulk from alibaba.com