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  1. How to find a ball bearing.

    Once it is spun it should pop out Lock it in the vice and cut the outer race 180° from each other give it a love tap with a hammer 52100 steel is very hard and should break. This white grease is food grade grease so it came from a food processing plant. Back to fighting for service again. It has taken almost an hour to get this last batch of images to upload.
  2. It all starts at the scrap yard. You can see the bearing in the lower left corner of this picture. Lock it in the vise so the 2 openings are facing you. You will see what i mean in the next couple pictures. Place a bar in the hole the bar must be slightly smaller than the hole if its too small you cant get the leverage you need. Pry down until the bearing starts to turn and then put the bar in the backside and pry up. And the bearing should spin almost 90° Im fighting for service with 75,000 hippies at a festival about 5 miles from me. I have more pictures to upload but im going to post this for now before i lose half if it again.
  3. Anvil identity

    80% is a good rebound! Im still going to start a topic about finding ball bearings in a junk yard.
  4. could use some anvil advice

    Im going to have to give it a try.
  5. could use some anvil advice

    My solid fuel forge doesn'thave a very deep fire pot so i dont think wood will work very good. I try to use my solid fuel forge during the summer because i can drag it out on the apron of the shop and use it outside instead of a 2400°forge heating up the already hot shop. I decided to buy some charcoal so i didnt have to make any.
  6. could use some anvil advice

    I plan on doing some more testing. I just need to make some more charcoal or just suck it up and buy propane. Its just too hot to make charcoal and its too hot to run a propane forge. Maybe i will just buy charcoal but its too expensive. I wish there was a local source of coal but the only place was tractor supply and they quit carrying it.
  7. Anvil identity

    I got a bearing just like the one in the picture today from the junk yard and i will take it apart and take pictures of how to get the balls out tomorrow.
  8. could use some anvil advice

    Im hoping it is medium carbon. Something like 4140 would be great. I found a piece of stock in the pile with a company name which is Johnson's technology which is a well known manufacturer of turbine engine parts so im really hoping it is medium carbon steel. On the plus side i know quite a few people that work for them and maybe i can get some info out of them about what the hex stock is used for and maybe an alloy.
  9. could use some anvil advice

    Well to get back to the subject of anvil advice i also grabbed one of the solid bars that is 3 inches by 40 inches that im going to use for my small power hammer build. But i might use it as a post anvil for a bit first.
  10. could use some anvil advice

    So i found 3 of the hex bars. They weren't as long as i thought but i grabbed one thats about 38 inches long and it has a 2 inch cross section. Here is 5160 spark. Hex bar spark.
  11. Opinion of my possible first anvil

    My vulcan has really sharp edges and horn. I have the horn facing the wall so i dont run into it. I keep the vulcan with sharp edges for when i need them but that is abput the only time she sees a hammer. It was given to me by a really good friend and it is literally like brand new and i plan to keep it that way. I have other anvils with rounded edges that see most of the work.
  12. could use some anvil advice

    I might grab the big lengths any way. I was looking up hex bar and found a lot of it is 1018, 4140 and some is another alloy 12L14 that has lead as an alloy to make easier machining. If its 1018 it would make great tong material. It just sucks having to work the steel down to tong usable dimensions. If its 4140 it would be excellent for hammers.
  13. could use some anvil advice

    There was a couple hex bars in that pile. I am going back tomorrow for more after i get the gas line back in my truck. I think the one in the picture was about 12 feet long. There is another one above the one you see. It is laying on that tire under the leaf spring. I also grabbed the small bar poking out in the bottom of the picture and the other one laying on the ground at the top of the picture for making tongs.
  14. Anvil identity

    I pulled all of mine out of large flange bearings. I was at the scrap yard the other day and found all kinds of bearings. Look for something like this the bigger the better. If you find one like this or similar the bearing will spin out of the housing and you then cut the outer race to get to the "ball bearings". If you find one post a picture and we will walk you through getting the balls. I have thought of making a video showing different common bearings and how to get the balls out.
  15. Here is a link to the hammer i built and i used 2 pieces of C-channel welded together filled with sand and capped with a section of rail. I have hardly used it because you can almost move steel as fast with hammers. I have now acquired 2sets of forklift tines a piece if steel 2x6x72 and a 7.25x7.25x30 block that weighs in at 469lbs that will be replacing the current anvil. https://www.bladesmithsforum.com/index.php?/topic/35630-60lb-power-hammer-build/&page=3