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  1. propane torch burn issue

    Just out of curiosity, in the king of random's video, it almost looks like a single envelope flame, and sustaining a flame up to 55psi seems impressive to my limited knowledge, Mike, can you explain it's problems?
  2. Sourcing Burner Components in Canada

    Marks supply, or any dedicated plumbing store should do it also
  3. Construction of gas forge

    Tested it, still failed miserably, so i bought a regulator, still failed, but less miserably. Was using a coupler for the flare, tried a 3/4" reducer and rested a 1 1/2 pipe nipple on it and got it to finally hold a flame. It still wants to either burn in the tube or blow itself out. Is this critical? Or can i just use it in the forge and see how it goes? Im planning on trying a 1" gas pipe for a flare next, maybe forge it to make it more flarey
  4. got mine online for about 2$ a pound, a 100 ish pounder. it has chips the size of highliters out of the sides, almost no usable face left. i plan to weld and repair it with some medium carbon steel rods
  5. Shop Class?

    I volunteer blacksmith at a historical villiage, and a kid walked into the shop, and said "there should be a crafting table" What has this world come to?
  6. Made a door knocker today

    nice job! looks quite good! may i suggest a twist or two on your next one? did you beeswax it?
  7. Construction of gas forge

    Got the part, testing it in a few hours.
  8. suitability of refractories

    Thanks this explains alot. I dont mind the extra, i can make crucibles and share it with my local smiths. As for puns and jokes, my best one is: What do you get when you cross a rhetorical question with a joke? Think about it....
  9. suitability of refractories

    Thanks irondragon, i just had a look and i think i learned most of those things the hard way by asking stupid questions. I hope i have gotten better.
  10. suitability of refractories

    Lol i did read some of the labels, however home forge applications are typically quite unique require experiential knowledge of which i have none (and all y'all do). I didnt want to go hunting around for obscure info-the place where i got this stuff doesnt even have a website. didnt think much about the MSDS, but the MSDS for kaowool doesnt say anything about it's fibres being distributed in air when fired in a forge. I learned that from you guys, and im thankful for that so i didnt kill myself. In this thread, https://www.iforgeiron.com/topic/6614-high-alumina-refractorycement/ you discuss putting sawdust (others reccomend styrofoam) in clay to make a makeshift refractory. I had heard of doing that in other places too. Thats where i got that idea. Can u explain a tad more whats wrong with it in this application? With the rigidizer, i knew what the label said, just asking for personal experience/any tidbits of advice The guy i talked (through my dad, i did not go personally) to is a professional refractory worker, he builds crucibles, furnaces etc, not just an over the counter guy (he made the crucibles for the gold supplier of the Canadian mint). Thats what shocked me, it went against everything i learned here. And making a flat floor is a great idea, didnt even think about that one. That is perfect. I was thinking all kinds of wierd ideas. I DO have a method to my madness, i DO appeciate all your help, even if it is a bit curmugeomly . And yeah i admit i was a bit lazy with the first question, but again, heat applications are unique
  11. Shop Class?

    My high school has several metalwork classes, from welding to milling and turning on the lathe. Love it
  12. Tips for 5160 knives and machetes

    thanks for the info guys. i've been learning tons lol i must be weird. I actually like strapping on the respirator and firing up the grinder
  13. Hey gang, I got a hold of all these refractories for my single burner (3/4" T-burner) propane tank forge that I plan to build. I plan to put the 2600*f kaowool in the inner layer, and the 2300*f stuff on the outer layer. why both types? 2300*f was almost half price. 2sqft of 2600*F kaowool, 2sqft of 2300*F kaowool, one 500ml jar of ready mixed colloidal silica rigidizer, one 55# bag of MIZZOU CASTABLE PLUS, One gallon of premixed zirconium infrared coating (only $20, specifically called "ZK-W WASH") all this totalled to 145$ somehow! (5$ more than i was going to spend on one pint of itc100) I have a few questions. 1.) the zirconium wash's composition is as follows 97.5% ZrSiO4, 0.4% SiO2, 0.1% Al2O3. Is this normal/is any of this toxic cold or when heated/special precautions? 2.) I was told to pour (not trowel) the Mizzou in as thick a layer as possible ("it works better thicker"), up to 4 inches, and that a layer as thin as 1/2" would never work. is this correct? 3.) Should I mix this type of mizzou with Styrofoam to make it more insulating? 4.) is the 500ml jar of rigidizer enough for the propane tank forge? 5.) is there a good way to reduce the forge's internal diameter to the required 350 cu/in? I did the maths and I need to take off 1/2" from the radius. That's alot of questions, I know Thanks in advance