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What tool to purchase or build next?

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I would like to build a hydraulic press. I like mr. Gearhrart's model and I like the vertical single ram system made by black bear forge. They both seem straightforward and the folks that have them seem to be satisfied. It just takes money and time and more times than not one of the two is in short supply.

I saw a hyd press at the NESM facility several years back. It was a big dollar investment but frankly the welding and fit on the components was less than desirable. It worked ok and it had a fancy paint job but it wasn't worth the price.


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I never believed I would say this out loud (or even consider the heretical thought) but I really don't need any more tools.  I could build a bigger propane forge - or a side blast solid fuel forge - or any host of other things that would essentially be duplicates or variations of something I already have.


I am going to build a spray rig for the farm within the next month - need to be able to put out herbicide when the timing is right rather than rely on my neighbor.

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Shop extension, lol.
Spanky, acetylene has goten way expensive, its now 5 times as expensive as o2 (bottles are 1/2 the size of o2). I'm using the plasma cutter a lot more and looking at a propain regulator.


I am using a cheap acetylene reg for my propane needs.



Use L Miller and Son on Governers drive. They are way cheaper than (for example) Tractor supply for acetylene exchange. There are lots of O/A sets on craigslist.

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I need to build my 'Forge 2.0' I suppose, I have a collected some of the materials but I lack some of the tools. I'll work around and get it done though, I just need a full day or so I can give over to it, because working around takes longer.


Buying stuff however I need to buy a drill press. I have little money that doesn't go to rent and bills, so actual machines are difficult to acquire.

A drill press is so basic though I really need to just get one. Afraid of buying a poor quality one for not having the cash to buy what I should...


I was going to buy a couple of 3 phase motors real cheap I saw in an advert and then convert them with capacitors. They I was going to build a belt sander from some plans online. Missed the opportunity though, someone jumped on it.

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I've got quite the list of things I need/want.


Should I be truly blessed, I would really like a big fly press.  While I power hammer would be nice, I feel like a fly press would do just as well for 80% of what I want and not make anywhere near the racket.  Maybe a hydraulic press, but I'd prefer an old-school screw jobbie.


Or, a kit to turn my O/A rig into an oxy/propane rig.  That would streamline things around the shop.


What can I afford?  Ugh, suffice it to say that a fly press is a long ways off!

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