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  1. an old watch repair method of repair/ straitening hair springs or coils was start in the center and work outwards.
  2. I always used a line of tape or a strip of feeler gage taped down for hand stamping.
  3. Just don't kiss their feet because they really stink! My method before asking for help was to TRY every technique I could imagine then take those miserable samples for show and tell. This proved I had tried and it meant a lot for the answers I needed. Remember they are only human beings and they respect honest effort. Always worked for me!
  4. We put an offer on one late in the afternoon only to find out another offer beat ours by 4 hours. Now she wants new --- no more remodeling (and I AM HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!)
  5. We have been remodeling our home to sell. My wife went out to get the mail one afternoon and a woman drove up and asked her if she knew of any homes for sale. "we are getting ours ready but it is a long way off. We have the dining room and living room (18x16 and ceiling to finish)" we are removing the old texture and wallpaper. She wanted to see it never mind the dust. Long story short she offered us cash with no more work on our part. We took the deal. Close march 31. TPAAAT 1. Wife wants to move closer to her son in Phoenix. While I was making arrangements for motel in Mesa Arizona she was telling a man what happened and we needed to find a realtor. He told her his wife's niece was married to one. Wife and niece made a phone connection and we had a realtor. Will be moving later this spring. TPAAAT means JUST ASK.
  6. Please start going to every trade days on weekends within 100 miles( 2 hour drive) and ask every one selling old tools and don't forget the "old ladies" selling old stuff they are a gold mine those old women are probably better recourses!
  7. I retired When the last company went the intensity lower quality route. And thanks for writing these articles I enjoy them and have learned a lot
  8. worked great I was very happy with the forge. If there was one thing I would do different would be is to cut a door in the back to pass longer pieces of stock. So far never found a need to do! ENJOY
  9. Unfortunately I have worked for more than two of those companies. No enjoyment there.
  10. Hey! I I have a forge just like yours. I bought it when I lived in an apartment so I could work anywhere I could set up. Is yours a 12volt DC also? Just pull the coals away from you air source and all is good. Your forge is the only other one like mine I have seen.
  11. Back in the 60's I went to a hammerin and the smith left his hardie in place and started working over the far edge (horn left). Didn't look safe to me. Since I did not have a hardie yet I made a hot cut and a cutting plate. Some day I will make a hardie but I can see my cut line better with a top cut
  12. I tried cow chips for making coffee once. My advice Keep the Meadow Muffins to your self. They are not for me!!
  13. I have no artistic training. However I do enjoy 4x5 photography and reforming iron. Will I ever win a contest in either medium, I doubt it. But they are both outlets of expression for me. My father told me something very valuable. "If you can see it in your mind you can build it." Spanky was right in her assessment of the craft give me a sandwich and tell me when to go to bed. I think you already have a grasp on the subject from all those posts before mine.
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