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  1. I got out and worked on a leaf hook I'm forging before loading the tribe up to visit family :D
  2. The grinding process frequently adds/creates magnetism. I think the demag units work by quickly reversing the poles repeatedly
  3. So what is the best height to the top of the bottom die? I haven't used a power hammer so I don't really have anything to go on. I'm almost thinking 36" (waist height) would be good.
  4. With the 1-1/2" plate and the 6" anvil it is going to end up pretty close to 1000lbs I'm thinking. I hope I don't have to move it often :p
  5. I am collecting all the steel to build a rusty PH. The baseplate I am thinking of 2'x3' but I'm not sure if I should use 1.5" plate or if 1" is good enough. (I'm shooting for 80+lbs on the ram) The floor in the metalworking side of my shop is dirt. Will the hammer be ok just on some 6x6 in the dirt? Now for the anvil, how high should it be? The sketches I've seen have them at about 32".
  6. Happy thanksgiving to you all. I spent yesterday in the shop making tools and hopefully Saturday I will be picking up some I beams to use for a rusty style power hammer.
  7. Going from the wood fired forge to gas was the biggest saving so far. Now I just need to get some strength in my arms so I can keep up.
  8. I just finished my first gas forge (a vertical freon tank forge) and I think my next tool might be a second one with some modifications. I would also like to build a power hammer so I'm keeping an eye out for the steel I'll need
  9. Haha, that's the laziest mutt I've ever set eyes on. I am kind of jealous of him :p
  10. I haven't had time to do anything else yet other than get it straight. It takes a little more to move that than it does the low carbon stuff I have been pounding on
  11. I got slapped by my 2x72 the other day. It ain't so bad :p
  12. I have made stock removal knives off and on for some time under the guise of MCK. Since I was a child I have wanted to smith and now that the bride, tribe, and I have bought a house I now have a place to do it. I have a RR track stood up in a 5 gallon pail on concrete as my anvil and a rim I found in my woods as a forge. The blower is a hair dryer and it is wood fired. I also got a anvil on loan from a family member that also does a little smithing and knife making but I haven't got a stump for it yet. I have made various hooks and a RR spike knife in the forge but tonight I h
  13. Rockler has a descent supply usually if you are looking local.
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