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  1. wood fire grate

    Sounds like you're talking about a folding, or collapsible sort of "Brazier". Rather than the inverted "A" design, ... I would think a basic "X" shape, would have benefits of functional simplicity. By making it slightly asymmetrical, and joining the "long" ends of each half together, ... the the ends of the opposing rows of flat bar will allow enough "bypass" for the assembly to fold completely flat. Pipe spacers of 1" to 2" in length, inserted on the center pivot bar, ... between each piece of flat bar, ... will give you whatever spacing you desire, ... and guarantee the flat stock will have plenty of clearance to fold into itself. Rather than "Gate Hooks", ... a length ( or 2 ) of chain, welded on one end, and hooked over a peg at the other, ... would serve as a means of adjusting the spread of the "legs". .
  2. Proper hammering

    This is discussed frequently, and it always causes me to think about my own habits. And I can honestly say, ... that I have no preference. My "3-point stump" type anvil stand, is easily rotated for the best position for every job. I do roughly equal amounts of work in the Hardie hole, ... and at the Horn, ... and not-so-much forming "over the edge". .
  3. 6 year olds blacksmithing project

    In my opinion, ... having a bit of "downsized" gear is a good thing, ... but far from essential. Hands-on lessons about perseverance and overcoming adversity have a lot of value as well. The thing that immediately registered with me, was the psychological benefit of successfully accomplishing a new and difficult task. That self-confidence is an invaluable "tool", ... that will always "fit" his hand. And one that is sorely lacking in the majority of his, video game obsessed, nanny-state coddled peers. ----------------------------------------------------- While past generations were often forced by necessity to "grow up" too fast, ... it seems some of the current ones never do ..... .
  4. pandol clips

    I'm sure that's true. But I'm equally certain, that points of Law become meaningless, in a politically driven agenda. If the "powers-that-be" want you, ... they will get you, ... and trivial, archaic concepts, ... like "Equal Justice Under the Law" will not deter them. Better to keep your own council, ... and maintain a low-profile. .
  5. Unweldable steels?

    In a solid fuel forge, Lead or Copper contamination is an often-overlooked problem.
  6. A badge for my daughter

    The first badges used by the Texas Rangers, were cut from a silver Mexican Peso. I've made several silver initials, ... to inlay into walking sticks, handgun grips and fishing rod handles, ... by simply drilling and filing with Jewelers Files. ( A "scrap" grade, 90% silver, half-dollar, is only about $4.00 or $5.00 at a coin shop. ) Suitable discs of copper, aluminum or brass could be easily made by removing the pilot drill from a hole saw. Old "Club" brand cookware would be a suitable "donor" for some 1/8" aluminum. Or discs of any material could be "parted off" on a lathe, ... or even sawn off a bar of suitable diameter. Or, what about UHMW or Delrin, or Phenolic ?
  7. Traditional blackmsithing.

    AMEN. .
  8. Traditional blackmsithing.

    This quote makes my point. Choosing to misunderstand, ... can only happen, if the word has first successfully communicated to you, it's intended meaning. Concur.
  9. Traditional blackmsithing.

    No, ... I don't buy that. In political discussions, I often refer to members of our Congress as "honorable gentlemen". As we all know, the majority of that group are neither honorable, nor are they gentlemen. I use that traditional term, because I find it ironic. And that irony accurately conveys my meaning. Thus, ... words mean whatever the user wants them to mean. .
  10. Traditional blackmsithing.

    Well, you know, ... they're just words ..... And as such, ... they mean whatever the user intends them to mean. I know this doesn't help define the term "Traditional", ... but then, who's to say I'm here to help ? .
  11. Mystery Expense!

    Just "for what it's worth", ... it seems to me, that $30 would buy you "several" struck tools, of any sort you prefer. Sure, I "get" that you want to make it yourself, ... but why make it out of "pricey" mystery steel ? And how did the seller justify the price, without knowing what he was selling ? .
  12. I have no tools

    Well hello, ... I'm impressed that you understand State-of-the-Art tools are not needed, in order to begin "hammering". And further, I believe a willingness to improvise, is a fundamental aspect of Blacksmithing. We see quite a lot of inquiries from beginners, who are essentially asking "where can I BUY all the things I need" ? Which, in my estimation, misses the whole point of becoming a Blacksmith. The question I think they should be asking, is "how do I go about making the things I need" ? Purchasing Agents "buy" things, ... Blacksmiths "make" things. Good Luck in making yourself into a competent craftsman. .
  13. Ventilation and health

    Exactly. The good old interweb provides us with endless "data", ... but precious little perspective ..... .
  14. Question about Powder Metallurgy

    Ah yes, ... the "egocentric" world view, rears it's vain and arrogant head. That's OK, ... most kids outgrow such imprudence , ... once they've been weaned. .
  15. smithing, or just really big hammers?

    When Odysseus ( Ulysses ) finally returned home, ... bone-weary of seafaring ... after his 10 year absence, fighting in the Trojan War. It is said, he vowed to shoulder his Oar, and walk away from the Sea, until someone asked him what that thing was, that he was carrying. And that's how all that nautical gear ends up so far inland. .