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  1. I'm doubtful that there ARE any "authentic" examples. Barbecue grills are very much a "mid-century" American affectation, whose popularity was directly influenced by the surplus of commercially made charcoal briquettes.. A "Brazier" is a much older, more widely distributed system. .
  2. They're probably worth more to someone wishing to use them as forks, ... than as unidentified scrap. This whole notion of destroying useful things, ... just because you can, ... strikes me as short sighted. .
  3. Nope. Much like the highly touted Unicorn, ... there is no such thing as a "standardized" color code. Every mill and broker has their own codes, ... which may, ... or may NOT, ... be comparable with other brands. "Globalization" has most certainly NOT helped untangle this issue. .
  4. Those "sparks" are the carbon burning out of the steel. When the carbon is gone, ... it's no longer steel. Since we don't know the specific alloy, we have no way of knowing what it IS, ... only what it's not. .
  5. It was most likely trimmed off a new section of rail being inserted into the existing track, ... or off an existing section, that needed to be "shortened" in order to "set the gauge" of a curve in the track. .
  6. Been using a little piece of 5" channel as a cutting "saddle" for a couple of decades now. No complaints so far. .
  7. Well, here's the thing ..... You first have to recover lost or stolen property, before you can begin to prove ownership. Guns and cars are thoroughly stamped with identifying numbers, ... but are still routinely stolen, ... and never recovered. If I thought I needed to worry about the theft of "loaner" tools, ... they would never leave my shop. Now, that surely is a sad state-of-affairs, ... but there's no virtue in being a victim. If the organizers don't want to take responsibility for borrowed property, ... then I'd be reluctant to get involved with their event. .
  8. In my experience, the folks around the "Steel ( Steal ? ) City" aren't always xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, ... but it's doubtful that anyone is interested in accepting the liability that would attach to such a project. .
  9. DO with it ! ? The ONLY thing you can ever DO with a chunk of scrap iron, ... is make a big ole honkin' BLADE ! That nobody will actually use, ... for anything ... ever. .
  10. A foot ( dead man ) switch on your electric blower, will prevent over heating your work.
  11. You might try playing some very loud and annoying music, ... to cover up the sound of your hammer. Here in America we'd say, "give em' something to cry about". I think the British axiom might be "hanged for a sheep as for a lamb". .
  12. The EPA is only as tough as the Administration that supports it's regulations. The current Administration has been rolling back "regulations" at a never-before-seen rate. ------------------------------------------------------------- Now here's the thing that's much harder to quantify. "Prices" expressed as numbers, are totally irrelevant. Whether something costs a dime, ... or a dollar, ... is meaningless, until you weigh-it-off against how much of your precious TIME and LABOR you must expend to acquire any particular item. If you're flipping burgers at minimum wage, a dollar-a-pound for new steel, is expensive. But, ... if bringing the high paying manufacturing jobs back to your town gets you a much better paying job, that same pound of steel actually cost's you less of your time and energy. .
  13. I used "Denim" Shop Aprons for many years, ... but was always setting them on fire. Then my Wife got me a remnant of glove-soft "Upholstery Leather", ... from a Fabric Shop. It's comfortable, ... and protects you like a Suit-of-Armor. ----------------------------------- An "Old School" fix for cotton aprons and gloves used for welding and grinding, was to coat the front with any "old" paint, that would yield a a more spark resistant surface. .