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  1. Shop apron

    I used "Denim" Shop Aprons for many years, ... but was always setting them on fire. Then my Wife got me a remnant of glove-soft "Upholstery Leather", ... from a Fabric Shop. It's comfortable, ... and protects you like a Suit-of-Armor. ----------------------------------- An "Old School" fix for cotton aprons and gloves used for welding and grinding, was to coat the front with any "old" paint, that would yield a a more spark resistant surface. .
  2. Horizontal/Vert or Porta Bandsaw

    I use a 16" DoAll vertical band saw EVERY DAY. Don't know how I got along all those years without it. Next most useful is the horizontal cut-off saw. Portable band saws have their uses, but are a distant 3rd in my estimation. .
  3. Farrier rasp teeth

    Yeah, I believe you are. A Bladesmith doesn't use a Rasp because he can't get "new" material. He obviously wants the finished blade to show it's "hand forged" origins.
  4. Can you tell

    The physical "ability" to perform any task is only a small part of the equation. You can discern someone's underlying "attitude" in a matter of minutes. .
  5. Where to get square/round stock

    To those Americans born into the era of manufacturing, it's second-nature to reason, that you should be able to buy ANY commodity, from a business devoted to supplying that material. ( ie: A Tire Store, A Lumber Yard, An Electrical or Plumbing Supplier ) But things change. Here, ... in Southern Pennsylvania, ... many of the wide variety of Industrial Suppliers that existed 20 years ago, have gone the way of the Dinosaur. While the OP's question might initially strike you as lazy or thoughtless, ... I'd point out that my local telephone company no longer bothers to publish or distribute a "Phone Book". Things change. .
  6. Ground Rods

    We often forget that the steel we use today, is quite different from the wrought iron that was in general use, back when much of the "conventional wisdom" was formulated. Apples and Oranges. .
  7. Cleaning up old work

    Bead blast it. .
  8. Liability question

    Sounds like an application for Luke's trusty "light sabre". .
  9. a question on alloys.

    AMEN. .
  10. Meat Hook...Now what??

    It seems unlikely that vegetarian concerns are relevant to a STEAK flipper. .
  11. a question on alloys.

    For many years I designed processes for "Welder/Fabricators", that also incorporated a variety of simple bending and forming operations, ... as-well-as heat treating. So, I have to agree, ... that the line between "Forging" and what I'll call "Advanced Fabrication", ... is a bit blurred. When Oxy/Acetylene and Arc Welding equipment became available, I'm certain that Blacksmiths were among the first to embrace the new processes. So, ... you might make the argument that modern day Welders ARE a natural evolution of the Blacksmith's craft. .
  12. Electromagnet for straightening?

    I've often used a magnetic chuck to flatten shim stock, ... but never anything heavier. .
  13. wood fire grate

    Sounds like you're talking about a folding, or collapsible sort of "Brazier". Rather than the inverted "A" design, ... I would think a basic "X" shape, would have benefits of functional simplicity. By making it slightly asymmetrical, and joining the "long" ends of each half together, ... the the ends of the opposing rows of flat bar will allow enough "bypass" for the assembly to fold completely flat. Pipe spacers of 1" to 2" in length, inserted on the center pivot bar, ... between each piece of flat bar, ... will give you whatever spacing you desire, ... and guarantee the flat stock will have plenty of clearance to fold into itself. Rather than "Gate Hooks", ... a length ( or 2 ) of chain, welded on one end, and hooked over a peg at the other, ... would serve as a means of adjusting the spread of the "legs". .
  14. Proper hammering

    This is discussed frequently, and it always causes me to think about my own habits. And I can honestly say, ... that I have no preference. My "3-point stump" type anvil stand, is easily rotated for the best position for every job. I do roughly equal amounts of work in the Hardie hole, ... and at the Horn, ... and not-so-much forming "over the edge". .
  15. 6 year olds blacksmithing project

    In my opinion, ... having a bit of "downsized" gear is a good thing, ... but far from essential. Hands-on lessons about perseverance and overcoming adversity have a lot of value as well. The thing that immediately registered with me, was the psychological benefit of successfully accomplishing a new and difficult task. That self-confidence is an invaluable "tool", ... that will always "fit" his hand. And one that is sorely lacking in the majority of his, video game obsessed, nanny-state coddled peers. ----------------------------------------------------- While past generations were often forced by necessity to "grow up" too fast, ... it seems some of the current ones never do ..... .