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  1. 01tundra

    Wine bottle holders

    I really like the design!
  2. 01tundra

    My 50 Lb. Tire Hammer

    Decided it was time to beef my hammer up a little. I upsized from a 1-HP, 120V motor to a 2-HP, 1,750 HP TEFC motor wired at 240V. Also added about 12ish lbs. of lead to the tupp and increased the couterbalance weight by about 2 lbs. I increased the motor mounting plate from 1/4" thick to 3/4" to avoid any plate deflection due to the heavier motor. So now it's closer to a 65-lb hammer. I'm amazed by how much more responsive the hammer is now and the noticable increase in striking force. I can definitely feel the difference in my 6", 5,000 psi concrete slab for sure. The main thing I was worried about was loss of finesse since I work with a large size range of materials, but I honestly think I have better control now than I did with the 1-HP motor. Also took the time to install an industrial grade switch that's lockable since my grandson (toddler) has all of the sudden taken an interest in the "powahamma" .
  3. 01tundra

    nail hooks

    Very nice work. How did you get enough material on the end to make the leaves? Fold over and forge weld? Upset?
  4. 01tundra

    Couple more done Sunday

    Nice work!
  5. 01tundra

    Can we see some more letter openers?

    Made this one back during my greencoal class days......I sharpened it on a stone until it would shave, turned out more like a fancy prison shank . Very beautiful work right there!
  6. 01tundra

    Show me your first project!

    My very first time at the forge yielded these two -
  7. 01tundra

    Paper Towel Holder

    The vine / leaf is Verdigris (green) base with Gold highlights. Dragonfly is Iris Blue, Patina (light blue) and Silver.
  8. 01tundra

    Paper Towel Holder

    Guilder's paste, applied with heat gun and then baked on, Rust-Oleum Crystal Clear top coat.
  9. 01tundra

    Paper Towel Holder

    Finished up the paper towel holder for our camper, as usual, my better half did her magic on it to pretty up my work
  10. 01tundra

    Toy Box

    Yeah, I had even thought about forging a pocket style handle that would sit down flush on top of the lid. There's definitely room for improvement when I get some more free time. It's a work in progress .
  11. 01tundra

    Toy Box

    Agree with the handle concerns, it was the first thing that crossed my mind. Was going to originally thru-bolt it from the top until my wife added in the "can it also be a bench" request, that's what made me relocate it to the front edge. The top isn't very heavy so I figured I'd let it ride until something happens. I could always forge a front facing handle that's mounting plate wraps over the top and thru-bolts. As long as it's relatively low profile it wouldn't impede the bench functionality. With the hinges, I plan to make backing plates and thru-bolt the hinges if they ever become an issue. I was giving short notice on this project and it had to be completed prior to Thanksgiving, so I took some liberties and have plan "B' in mind just in case.
  12. 01tundra

    Toy Box

    Thanks all. My work has been inspected and approved by the governing authority !
  13. 01tundra

    Toy Box

    Got it all finished up today.
  14. 01tundra

    Oak and Steel Bench

    Beautiful work! I really like the design, very clean and has good balance with the wood slab.
  15. 01tundra

    Dragoon leaf and scroll fire place screen with doors

    Great work! Someday I'd like to try my hand at fireplace doors.