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  1. Yep, my bad, sorry 'bout that, Thomas. Thanks Glenn. And I'm sorry you felt you had to take time out of your day to respond, both here and in the message. I completely understand not wanting this site to turn into a free advertising space, and I appreciate your efforts to maintain that. So just to be clear, if another offer like this comes up in the future, we're to post something in the tailgate section about "XXXX is advertised in XXXXX craigslist"?
  2. Thanks for the words of encouragement, folks, but they were unnecessary. I'm not that easily offended, merely stating the facts. I'm not sure how you jumped to this assumption, but I'll resist the urge to rant back.
  3. Yes, Glenn, it was. Apparently I got a warning and point was deducted, even though I have no financial interest and was merely trying to help folks out....so much for trying to be helpful. This is one of the reasons why I limit my participation on this forum.
  4. Just saw this posted on another forum. Someone in need of an anvil should pick this up. Tampa Craigslist [Commercial link removed]
  5. Not that I remember, but it's possible....I guess Stay safe
  6. No blood, no foul, Frosty. I was wondering if I missed something as I've been known to word things poorly.
  7. Of course that makes sense, Frosty. Isn't that what I recommended when I said
  8. Hello all. This is a public service announcement. My housemate just got an e-mail saying the hoses on her recently purchased press has inadequately rated hoses and they are sending replacements and a how-to replace them. If you've purchased a Coal Ironworks Press recently, you might want to hold off using it and check to see if your press is affected.
  9. Looks like it's a solid forge weld, anyway.
  10. Just another form of oxidation. I'm not sure boiling water is hot enough to actually get to 'bluing' like your talking about. Do a search for rust-bluing or browning steel, it sounds like you were closer to doing this.
  11. I may be misunderstanding your point BK, but this is true only if you live alone and never interact with others. As George pointed out: If only it were that easy. If everybody had their own small farm where they could provide their own food, this might be possible. Unfortunately that isn't the world we live in.
  12. This is a big part of the effectiveness of surgical masks. Which is why you can't wash them and have them still be effective. While I agree, the problem is that they can transmit the virus to others for days before they become symptomatic. Ignoring the medical experts on this is just like playing Russian roulette, most folks will probably be OK and possibly never even know they have the virus. Unfortunately it's not just yourself that you're pointing the gun at, but everyone else you interact with.
  13. San-mai can be more difficult to make a decent looking blade than a standard damascus billet with more layers. In order for it to look good (IMO), you have to keep the core centered in the billet while forging. So make sure you flip the billet regularly to forge from both sides evenly, or you can make sure you change sides of the billet each heat, and don't lose track... Good luck and be sure to post pics.
  14. There's no Don't worry (I'm sure you're not), there's nothing you can do to offend me.
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