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  1. Do a search for san-mai. It sounds like this is what you folks are talking about. I'll warn you that san mai construction is a lot harder than it looks. It takes quite a bit of skill to keep the core (edge) centered in the blade during forging.
  2. Based on this, I'd like to change my answer to: you got lucky and probably ripped them off. Unless you did some testing and made sure the steel hardened adequately. But I guess if the buyer remains happy...then you might not have screwed them.
  3. Sweet looking package, John. With the box, hinges and castings, no wonder....
  4. If both parties are happy, then I'd say so.
  5. How deep does that go? If this is going to go into the scrap bin anyway, I'd cut the billet in half, polish the cut ends, and etch to see how deep the un-welded portion is. If you didn't grind the sides completely flush before welding the billet together, you will get that on the edges, but it might not be deep enough to worry about. only if the weld was bad enough for scale to have formed between the layers.
  6. Depending on the price, it might be worth looking into. Especially for folks who don't like the maintenance of plain carbon steel damascus. Is there any (or plans to look into) food safe information for kitchen cutlery? There are already other relatively cheap coatings that work plenty well for damascus. GunKote by KG industries comes to mind, and hard to beat $25 for a jar that will last hundreds of blades.....
  7. Looks good. But I'd still make the guy a knife in trade (or thanks) for the cable....
  8. billyO

    Fish mouth

    I'd suggest trying this. A lot of folks do what's in the first picture, but that almost always causes a fish-mouth. By starting the taper as in the second picture, you are going to push metal into the 'fish mouth' and will be able to finish the point without having to cut off any material. Basically you are setting up the point before finishing it, or as some smiths would say, doing the pre-form first.
  9. Hi Alan. Sorry I didn't see this earlier (I don't peruse this site much anymore). I'm not exactly sure what you are asking (feel free to redirect me), but I've got a couple thoughts: First - it took quite a bit of fiddling with the needle valves to get the propane flow set properly for it to work well. And I've had to continue to fiddle with the idle valve occasionally. Secondly - I often close down the air baffle on the blower because I've been doing almost exclusively damascus since I did this modification, which might be why I have had to continue to fiddle with the needle valve more than I should. And (thirdly) now that I think about it, it's been about 3-4 months since I've switched it to auto, because I've been trying to minimize scale formation while forging.... Hopefully that gives you some useful information, but I'm afraid it doesn't.
  10. Yep, my bad, sorry 'bout that, Thomas. Thanks Glenn. And I'm sorry you felt you had to take time out of your day to respond, both here and in the message. I completely understand not wanting this site to turn into a free advertising space, and I appreciate your efforts to maintain that. So just to be clear, if another offer like this comes up in the future, we're to post something in the tailgate section about "XXXX is advertised in XXXXX craigslist"?
  11. Thanks for the words of encouragement, folks, but they were unnecessary. I'm not that easily offended, merely stating the facts. I'm not sure how you jumped to this assumption, but I'll resist the urge to rant back.
  12. Yes, Glenn, it was. Apparently I got a warning and point was deducted, even though I have no financial interest and was merely trying to help folks out....so much for trying to be helpful. This is one of the reasons why I limit my participation on this forum.
  13. Just saw this posted on another forum. Someone in need of an anvil should pick this up. Tampa Craigslist [Commercial link removed]
  14. Not that I remember, but it's possible....I guess Stay safe
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