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  1. Hi Snuffy. Thanks! I used a friend's 30-ton press with a 5" diameter ram and sunk them into rings made from 2" round. It was easy once we figured out how fast we needed to move and how deep to sink them before cracking. The titanium lost heat really fast just walking from the forge to the press and it wasn't until I preheated both the ram and ring to a red heat before dishing did we have success. Fortunately it only took 2 failures to learn that.
  2. Hi all! Sorry, but I forgot to post an's a link ti how they turned out:
  3. Let's continue this conversation by promising NOT to mock one another's beliefs. While I agree that this attitude has not prevailed universally (for then we would call this place 'Paradise'. 'Heaven on Earth', 'The Garden of Eden', 'Nirvana', etc.), there have been, and continue to be, a number of communities who have done their best to live up to these ideals. The point to the story is, if everyone took only what they needed, then there would be no needy to provide for. You do realize, this is a matter of perspective, right? I'd be willing to wager you could find plenty of folks on this planet who would disagree As far as collecting anvils, cars, trinkets, etc., I agree 100% that people should be free to choose how to live and let live. I'm not judging anyone's actions or motivations. That's not my job.
  4. I've seen that before, and it's something that happens with forge welding at times. Properly normalizing the steel usually takes care of it. Another trick I've heard of to avoid this is to coat the pieces with graphite spray before welding together.
  5. Thanks, but not much help. Haven't had a TV (or VCR) for the past 14 years.....No 10 year-olds nearby either. I'll figure it out.
  6. Thanks, Chris. That's the hope anyway. A little intimidated by the TAP controller (having been weaned before computers), but excited to get it programmed for all HT processes.
  7. Didn't really follow me home, but I did go to the freight company to pick this up. Can't wait to get it plugged in and running.
  8. Hello all. Here are the final products. Fun learning experience and I may have to do more in the future. \
  9. the whole of society, not just the availability of anvils. "There was a time when man took no more than he needed. That time is gone... There was at time when he gave something back. That time is gone... There was a time when he worshiped the Creator and honored creation. That time too is gone... And now the waters are polluted, our natural resources are all but gone, and creation is dying. It is time. . . to find our way back to the Earth" -Kevin Thunderhorse Wright (My signature line on the other blacksmithing/bladesmithing forums I frequent)
  10. Gotcha! Good point. To avoid this, what I do is heat my forge with a normal mix (running around 3-4 lbs of pressure) working on other things, then when ready to forge weld, bump the flow up to about 8-9 lbs without adding any more air.
  11. Please don't read this as being argumentative and I apologize if I'm not following where you are going, but isn't this the whole point? Provided that the forge is at welding temps, you want more fuel than there is available oxygen in the forge (to ensure an oxygen free environment) so that the fuel will burn outside the forge, where there is adequate oxygen for a flame.
  12. Do you mean Vercelli? For some reason that sounds familiar and if I remember correctly, that's a beautiful part of the country. When I visited my extended family 20 years ago, we spent a few days at Lago di Como, staying in Bellagio before heading up to Andermatt, Switzerland for a couple of days. I can't remember if we then spent a day in Vercelli on our way back to Rome, or if I'm thinking of a restaurant we used to frequent in Chicago when I was a kid called Vercellio's. Anyway, have a good day!
  13. While this is true, if you've got a few inches of fire (AKA dragon's breath) coming out of the forge, you should have a sufficiently rich environment and no need for the extra coal. I'd guess it was a problem with having only one heat which merely "set" the weld and no forging heats following...
  14. If I had that laying around, I'd use it in damascus for little 3-finger EDC knives, but would use 3-4 layers of the 1095 for every layer of 15N20. My 15N20 stock is in .0680" and .0720" thicknesses. Or you could make some damascus billets 1/2" square, twist, then do some smaller multibar knives.