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  1. Thanks Arftist, we start the tornado season here in North Alabama right around (looking at date) NOW.
  2. CMS and Biggun, thanks for the advice and I will take it to the local shop and ask them about it. There is an autoshop on the Army Post where I work (as a contractor) that might have TIG equipment and someone to help with the weld.
  3. CMS3900, Thank you for the advice but sadly I don't have access to a TIG welder. I should have said the rivets I was thinking about were pop-rivets. If you were on the spot what would be the least worst for flux core or stick. The steel is VERY thin around 25 gauge. The pop rivets would be near the top of the pot so the did leak it would be around 1/4 to 3/8 inch from the water line when used to boil water thanks
  4. Good Morning, I want to make some Individual survival Kits that are about the size of the Individual First Aid Kits (IFAK) that are in use currently by the DoD. The size would be around 7 to 10 inches long by 3+ inches tall by 4+ inches wide. I am looking to take small steam tray pans (7x4x4.5) and cut them down to take off the lip that hangs on the steam table and some type of latch. The goal of the container is to have a storage box that can be worn on a belt that can double as a pot to cook or (more importantly) boil water if needed. My current kit uses a stainless steel water bottle but the size of the mouth and neck on the bottle limits what you can put in the kit. These kits try to provide a way to bring the 3 items I see as mandatory for any short term situation where to are one your own away from help. I use the rule or 3 as my guide. You can survive for 3 Minutes without air (oxygen) or in icy water. You can survive for 3 Hours without shelter in a harsh environment (unless in icy water) You can survive for 3 Days without water (if sheltered from a harsh environment) You can survive for 3 Weeks without food (if you have water and shelter). So back to the question, I have a 110 and a 220 buzz box and a flux core welder to work with as well as a small O/A kit. Would I be better off using stainless steel rivets or welding to modify these containers?
  5. Renaissance Man, If you ever get to Athens Alabama you need to talk to Travis Fleming at Artistic Anvil blacksmith shop. He uses the foot powered treadle hammer to do Chasing and Repousse work that is amazing
  6. FF, I love this tool right down to the color! I am going to guess that your post anvil is about 30 - 36 inches, am I in the right ballpark?
  7. saw

    Ben, Thanks for the information. I need to go looking in the store so I can put hands on tool.
  8. saw

    All, I am looking at some chop saws on Amazon and I wanted to see what people thought about the best saw to get. As a hobbyist I will never "use up" one of these saws but some I have found are better than others. One is a Rage cold cut saw and I worry that I will mess up a $85+ blade on hard or thick steel. Any how, please let me know if going on band name alone because model number will be too much information let me know you thoughts. Thanks in advance. Hitachi $159 DeWalt $165 Makita $168 Bosch $185 Evolution RAGE2 $188 Milwaukee $212 Metabo $219
  9. This may be a silly question but can a drag tip be added to a cheap plasma cutter?
  10. JHCC, I scan all my paperwork and save the email HF sends me when I buy something.
  11. I have the HF portable band saw and one Frosty told me what I was doing wrong in my blade suggestion I have had not problem cutting hard steel such as forklift forks. That having been said the HF cheapo saw with a good blade NOT from HF can cut BUT and this is a big but: They took off the trigger locking button so you need to keep your finger on the trigger at all times. In the past people have mounted them to a bench to use as a small mounted saw. The took off the plate covering the band so you and your clothing is always a few inches away from reliving one of the "shop safety and You" videos.A good tool has more copper such as thicker wires and winding on the motor, better bearings and will last longer. Any time you get a HF or other cheap tool you need to know this $100 (something) is not the same as the $500 (something). That being said as a hobbyist I have not managed to use that many HF tools to the point the magic blue smoke escapes and the tool stops working. If you get a HF tool that has moving parts I would get the 2 year warranty because with the exception of the change they made to the generator warranties they mean the tool WILL last two years or you will get a new one. My 2/100 of $1.00.
  12. Lou, Let us know how your scouting trip goes. Ernest
  13. Yup, I do see what you mean, someone has had a hard life.