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  1. NEAT. I had a RR anvil but never used it standing up like this.
  2. So these torches are shown on 1 pound bottles. I love using the adapter for a 20 pound tank with these small torches. I tend to agree with Mikey98118, they automate as much as they can with these ads. I think there is a max BTU/hour you are going to safely get out of a 1 pound bottle and I am guessing it tops out under 10,000 BTU/hour
  3. So according to the Amazon page for this "Double Flame Jet Turbo Torch Head High Output 17060 BTU+propane MAPP MAP Pro Handheld Torch", Amazon number B0BQLMKFR3 either is someone just using ChatGPT to make a random description OR this is from Krypton. DOUBLE FLAMES: Powerful Double Turbo Flame, heat up to 2372°F (1300°C).High output of 17,060 BTU/hr, consumption rate is 367.6 g/hr (5.0 KW), powerful enough to weld large diameter copper pipes. 17K BTU assumes that it is about 8.5K BTU per pipe. That is more than a Bernzomatic TS8000 from a one pound propane can. I have to wonder if you can safely get that much gas out of a one pound can using hand held torch. 1 Litre of propane = 7.08 kWh (kilowatt hours) or 24000 BTU/h. 1kg of propane = 14.019 kWh (kilowatt hours) or 47300 BTU/h. 1 Gallon of Propane = 27 kWh (Kilowatt Hours) or 91,452 BTU/h
  4. I think that is a good idea having a smaller anvil that you can talk on the road. From what I remember from what I have read a number of anvil brands were cast iron with a steel face. Here is another review https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DtnXz5Jzirg
  5. So the beat the thing like it owed them money and missed a payment. It looked and sounded like an improvement over the cast iron ASO. Like this one that included some type of gap filler found when cut in half.
  6. They might have a good starter anvil (or anvil like object) for people that cannot find anything else. Thanks for the info.
  7. Good Morning All, I remember some time ago there were posts about HF cast steel anvils (Russian made I think) but by that time I only saw the cast iron ASOs at HF. I wonder if anyone has seen one in the store. I will be going by HF this weekend to see if they have one in stock. Not so much that I want one just want to see what it looks like. The DOYLE™ 65 lb. Cast Steel Anvil is constructed from premium cast steel for high hardness, strength, and durability while providing up to 80% rebound. The 50 sq. in. face provides ample surface area for shaping heated metal. 3/4 in. hardy hole 3/4 in. pritchel hole 7.1 in. x 3.7 in. horn 80% rebound Made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs.
  8. I still need to work up to coating a forge. I have ended enough soft fire brick in my time, really need to get on the stick
  9. Yup, that sounds about right for what the manufacture would say. That about as helpful as the old joke. Doctor, it hurts every time I raise my arm over my head, what do I do. Doctor: Stop raising your arm over your head.
  10. This is why I think twice about used compressors
  11. Daswulf, you are 100% correct. Like the anvil stones used in past times that would only last until the stone has had enough of this getting hit with a hammer foolishness.
  12. I had worried that the counter weights would be cast iron. Is that cast iron or steel?
  13. I have seen several people say you can forge steel on an oak other hardwood stump if the steel is hot enough. I have a striker plate made from a road scraper blade that I think is ar500.
  14. And I am always amazed at how steel can be recycled over and over again. In many cases in to soup cans, the pot to heat the soup, the burner eye and stove to cook the soup and the spoon to eat the soup.
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