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  1. Pnut, you and I are of one mind here. I also keep in mind how P.O'd my wife would be if I gave my self cancer when I could have avoided it.
  2. I have a "TuffShed" building that has steel floor joist 12 inches on center with a plywood floor so I know I can do a power hammer but I wonder if I can do a Da Vinci cam hammer or a treadle hammer? Anyone have any idea how these work on a plywood floor?
  3. Agree, and if nothing else we learned from the Rob Zombie remake of Nightmare on Elm Street that there is only one Fred Kruger.
  4. A brand new account called "Mayor of MeltTown" makes me think this might be a troll. I could be someone that wants to cosplay Freddy Kruger all day everyday, if so he is on the right track.
  5. Mr. Thomas, That is sort of like in the early days of AOL and such when it was popular to tell someone to use the secret key combo Alt F4 to get something. They would use it and close AOL.
  6. You ask a very valid question that I can only answer with a slack jawed look. I got no idea but I do know (look at me thinking I know something, I should say I kinda think) that any addition or subtraction of something from another thing will change the properties of the combined whole. Sort of like what I learned from from the periodic videos channel on Youtube. If you try and mold plutonium in a press the plutonium flakes off. But if you alloy plutonium with 2% (or so) of gallium you don't have that problem. 2%, that is almost nothing except if you think about what 1.8% carbon vs 2.8 ca
  7. My problem is I know Kast-o-lite had an r-value but I had no idea how much. I got what is in reality "Brand X" Cast Master Propane Furnace that has about an inch of bare Kaowool on it. As people have said in other posts talking about this type of Propane Furnace there is very little air space between the crucible and Kaowool. That suggested to me I was not going to be able to add Kast-o-lite or Mizzou (what I have on hand) on top of the wool. That makes me need to know what an inch of Kast-o-lite will get me vs the wool. Given every photo or video showing this thing post first use looks l
  8. Good Morning All, I hope all is safe and healthy for you and yours. Frosty made a comment in a post about Castable Refractory that sent me down this rabbit hole. Here are some notes and links that you folks might like. Mizzou has been in use in propane forges since I don't know when and lives up to it's rep and then some. It just has about the same insulating properties as the same thickness of limestone. One foot thickness = R1. Th The R-Value is an imperial system unit of measurement (ft^2·°F·h/BTU) Mizzou Castable Refractory 7.4 btu-in/hr-F-ft^2 at 2000 at degre
  9. Well Frosty's comment sent me on a hunt that lead me to this site https://www.naturalstoneinstitute.org/stoneprofessionals/technical-bulletins/rvalue/ for the R-value of Limestone. I am going to make a post in resources with more information but here is something I found out. Please note that this is comparing Apples to IPhones in a way because the numbers I have for Mizzou are at 2000 degrees and I don't have that level of info on Limestone. The R-Value is an imperial system unit of measurement (ft^2·°F·h/BTU) Mizzou Castable Refractory 7.4 btu-in/hr-F-ft^2 at 2000 at degrees L
  10. Frosty, it all makes sense when you remember that computer hate us (people) that is the only answer.
  11. I work as a DoD Contractor in cybersecurity everyone + dog is always trying to show just how smart and indispensable they are. I love when someone can simply say "something to make it blue" without feeling the need to go in to detail.
  12. D, I have not been able to find Borax at Walmart of Kroger in Huntsville Al. I don't figure there is a big pandemic panic buying or Borax so I wonder if they pulled it from the store.
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