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  1. I loved Junkyard Wars and the Brit version ScrapHeap
  2. Frazer, pack a lunch and enjoy. I do agree that Ray doing all the mentoring is really cool.
  3. Please keep that thought to your self!
  4. Good Morning All, Anyone that has watched BattleBots will know weapons like the 60+ pound S7 tool steel blade of tombstone, shown here, makes a single 250 pound robot in to many small parts without too much trouble. The 2019 and 2020 seasons have soon the wide adoption of AR400 and AR500 steel for armor and weapons. This AR400 and AR500 armor has caused S7 tool steel spinning weapons to crack and shatter. Now people are making spinning weapons like the type shown in the photo out of AR400 and AR500. Anyone that wants to watch some physics in action should look at the BB 2020 fights on Youtube or Discovery+. The results of these impacts are leaving half inch deep cuts in the 2 inch thick ballistic glass around the battle box. I thought this would be a good conversation topic for a Friday. I hope all is well and everyone is safe. Ernest
  5. Yup, that is what I thought as well but is shows (at least I think is shows) what just a few points of carbon will do.
  6. Good Afternoon all, I was watching this YouTube video on hardfacing a run of the mill (there is a pun in there somewhere) chipping hammer. You can find the video by putting 0QVCs4T7uCg in the search box. I liked this bit since it really showed a good side by side of what the person making the video thinks is 1045 or so vs some square tube stock. I still think someone needs to make Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow style movie with a secondary character named Bursty Sparks. I am thinking a Jimmy Olson (pre 1980s) archetype.
  7. And Deimos and his face for the win! There is a term the people that investigate bird strikes on air craft use to describe what is left of the bird after hitting an air craft, that term is Snarge. Lord looks after fools, small children and in this case Deimos!
  8. I have seen the Mythbuster ep where they knock the valve off a cylinder and it went though a hollow concrete block wall like butter. Yep, no argument here. I did not see some chunk of steel looking like a prop from a Clive Barker movie embedded in a wall, could have been MUCH worse. I would think that micro fractures could have made that tank in small very fast fragments I have to wonder about all the people on Youtube using old and in some cases rusty propane tanks for air tanks. I told my wife last year when she wanted to buy a cabinet from the Re-Store and have me put a book shelf on it that I don't think they built this thing with 500lbs of books on it. I don't think that propane tanks were built to handle compressed air that is always bringing water with it. I also think that if a propane tank is end of life that is not a great time to use it for compressed air.
  9. This does not happen very often but when it does it is very bad. This is also why I am not keen on getting a used compressor from Craigslist.
  10. Pnut, you and I are of one mind here. I also keep in mind how P.O'd my wife would be if I gave my self cancer when I could have avoided it.
  11. I have a "TuffShed" building that has steel floor joist 12 inches on center with a plywood floor so I know I can do a power hammer but I wonder if I can do a Da Vinci cam hammer or a treadle hammer? Anyone have any idea how these work on a plywood floor?
  12. Agree, and if nothing else we learned from the Rob Zombie remake of Nightmare on Elm Street that there is only one Fred Kruger.
  13. A brand new account called "Mayor of MeltTown" makes me think this might be a troll. I could be someone that wants to cosplay Freddy Kruger all day everyday, if so he is on the right track.
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