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  1. Any very tall smiths?

    For a long while the Big and Tall store was more of a Big and some what taller than normal store but they seem to have turned back around. There are a few places that have good stuff. I used to really like the Lee jeans but they stopped making anything longer than a 36" inseam. I just ordered a large sheet of oil tanned leather from at $3.50 a square foot and my wife, daughter and I are going to make me a new leather apron out of it.
  2. Any very tall smiths?

    Slag, not shelers but Sheplers. Google it if nothing else. I got an error also but I took off the HTTPS and the site and cert seemed to get along with my browser.
  3. Any very tall smiths?

    My brother you are in the same boat that I am in. I get my jeans from amazon but as a 46x38 the logistics between you and I are going to differ. I get my dress shoes(14 to 15 3E or wider) and sneakers from amazon or zappos and I got my work boots Hobart glove Ultimate-Fit Welding Gloves (large #770710) are a tight fit and I am going to try the x-large next, they sell them a amazon but Northern Tool has the x-large (770695) for a lower price than amazon. I am 6' 8" and I want to stop growing, I have grown from a 38 waist to a 40, then 42, 44 and now 46 waist! What Daswulf said! Go to this site and/or email [email protected] tell them what you want. I have asked Springfield Leather in the past about an apron and Kevin told me the following "For a welding apron, I’d be using oil tan leather. it’s more expensive, but it just flat works…" That will allow you to make one you need not what the "one size fits most" store will sell you. I hope that helps.
  4. The problem is that credible news sources like the BBC don't take the time to fact check stories because the need to be the first. I have seen spelling errors and auto correct errors on websites like the BBC that shows people are trying to get content out a fast as they can w/o doing the kind of editorial review that made them credible news sources to start with. People just don't or can't take the time required to provide the work to insure their craft produces the best product. Ernest
  5. DIY leg vise on YouTube

    I try not to underestimate any tool and not over estimate my skill or ability. I can break darn near anything! Ernest
  6. DIY leg vise on YouTube

    Funny story about water cutting. I went to L Miller and Sons here in Huntsville to ask about how much it costs to water jet or plasma cut something. They told me "we can't tell you a price without a design to work from" bottom line they could not tell me anything about pricing w/o a CAD file to put in the system. I figured I would go for something just across the border in to crazy land so I gave them a CAD file for a swage block. When I checked back with them they wanted to know what I was smoking. They asked "do you know how much it will cost to cut that!" I told them I did not know since they can't give me a price w/o a CAD file. The guy went on to tell me that it costs a given dollar figure per minute or work and the water jet needs some number of minutes per inch of thickness for a given number of linear inches. I thanked the guy and told him that is what I needed to know. I told him I was sorry for submitting such a large item but that was all I had on hand and I really had no idea how much it cost. I guess when you are elbows deep in CNC water and plasma cutting day in and day out you forget what the uninitiated may or may not know. Ether way I agree that getting a water cut hole in this case would be the best idea. Ernest
  7. DIY leg vise on YouTube

    Good Morning Folks, I have been mulling a leg vise for a while and I saw this video on YouTube where the smith made the vise out of forklift tine! I got to wonder how long it took to cut the hole for the screw with the a hole saw. No spring on the vise but it seems like a good concept. This is a tool that looks like it will last for a very long time. I don't know if he is on IFI but I would not mind seeing more of his stuff.
  8. Sorry about that I posted in too much of a hurry and left out the link to the Wiki on the fire near Atlanta.
  9. I don't know why someone set this fire but a storehouse full of HDPE pipes later and one I-85 southbound bridge is gone DoD Workforce Certification (DWC)
  10. Burners 101

    The main reason for trying it with ethanol was I thought there was less of a chance that I would blow my self up.
  11. Your rolling anvil is MUCH nicer than my rolling anvil but my rolling anvil was just so we could get it to the Nephew's house.
  12. Burners 101

    Mikey, thanks for the information. I have 2 vintage blow lamps as they were called and wondered if they could be used to heat a forge. I made new leather seal for one and tested it with 90% alcohol but never worked up the nerve to test with gas. The jet would make an alcohol flame but only with a pilot light as the torch was meant for gas.
  13. Homemade Forge Build

    I can tell you that you ain't kidding. I spent all day with my nephew building the anvil stand and here is what Thomas A Powers (his own bad self) said about the height. If you had researched here you probably would not have thought it...Some of the "old" blacksmithing books suggest it; but then they were doing a very different craft in some ways---got a striker or 3? That is a "zero sugar" comment I thought I had done my research so I took the comment as the constructive criticism is was meant to be.
  14. Homemade Forge Build

    Any chance you can go back and add something really anything such as adding text to your completed videos saying "I really should have had gloves on while welding this"? As an Alabama boy I would have been slapped me bald for saying something like this to someone who is my elder, a master craftsmen or a master craftsman who is my elder. I understand you are not having the kind of interaction you were looking for when you posted links to your YouTube videos on IFI but there is no reason to be rude. I am not sure what you are looking for here but I don't think you will get it telling people what amounts to shut up.
  15. New stump anvil

    (In bad Yoda voice) When 329 years old, as good look, you will not. Looks like a supersize version of some tinsmith or sheet metal anvils. I got to agree with Daswuif, that is one good looking find.