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  1. Forging a Handgonne

    I know a guy in the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) that made a few of them and had a grand ole time with his group "trying at home" what the mythbusters would have said not to try at home.
  2. coating soft fire brick outside with fire clay slip

    My Mother's Father was a farmer and could not count past 9 1/2 on both hands.
  3. BTUs, coal vs coke vs charcoal vs wood

    A bit off topic but..... My late Father used coke in their tile stove in Germany growing up (pre-World War II) and always thought that coke was mined out of the ground like coal. I told him how coke was produced and the look of astonishment was something like a kid finding out the light in the fridge turns on and off when you open or close the door. My family in Germany were book publishers and knew many things from the casting of soft metals to using carbon arc lamps for photo engraving. Every day matters like getting coke for the house were handled by my Großmutter (Grandmother). I am willing to bet that without her taking care of them my Father and Großvater (Grandfather) would have would have frozen to death in dirty clothes trying to figure out how to open a can of beans.
  4. coating soft fire brick outside with fire clay slip

    I plan to make a sheet metal shell for the forge to try and extend the life of the bricks. I was wondering if coating them in with a clay slip would hold them together longer but it sounds like it would not. I will stick with the classic steel box with 2 bricks for now. Thanks everyone for the input.
  5. i wonder if this will work?

    It is worth saying that when buying make sure you get the right kind of Silicon Bronze. C655 for example has some zinc in the mix. It would REALLY stink if you went to all the trouble to get what you think has no zinc and still get a case of the flu. C655 - Silicon Bronze Cu 81.0 - 85.0% Sn 6.3 - 7.5% Pb 6.0 - 8.0% Zn 2.0 - 4.0% C873 - Silicon Bronze Cu 94.0 Min. Sn 0% Pb 0.09% Zn 0.25% Fe 0.20% Al 0% Si 3.5 to 4.5% Mn .8 to 1.5%
  6. i wonder if this will work?

    Mike, I don't really have an occasion to meet either type of tradesmen but I understand what you are talking about. I am going to see if the local pre-cut stock yard (scrap yard) will see the copper they buy from other people with the appropriate markup. Ernest
  7. i wonder if this will work?

    Frosty, I do trust you and I will follow your advice. Is there any difference in the risk level between melting and silicon bronze or melting copper and adding tin if I can find enough scrap copper? I think this video cover what you are talking about with the dangers of steam
  8. i wonder if this will work?

    Frosty, you can't argue with the words "prophylactic barrier". I don't know that I MUST melt the brass but my Nephew has been asking me to help him with either a brass or bronze melt and I did not know where I might find copper that would not cost an arm + leg. I would assume that as long as I observed the safety information posted here and other places such as being outside, up wind and maintain situational awareness of where the fumes were going I would make it out w/o doing any damage to my lungs. And I have talked with Glenn about the events leading to the passing of Paw-Paw Wilson so I have zinc and the fumes in the same category with carbon monoxide and other things you don't want to breath. Please let me know if I am incorrect about the residual risk of melting the brass out side, up wind and in my back yard (80 feet by 103 feet) then I will abandon this idea. I had thought it could be done without getting someone sick or dead. Respectfully yours Ernest. If I do go ahead with the melt I plan to cook the brass in a steel pot around the melting point of aluminum with Borax as a flux to make sure there is no live propellant in the spent primers. If anyone knows if that will or will not work please let me know. I would rather things cook off when the brass is not in the liquid state.
  9. i wonder if this will work?

    Dwarf, I have read up on the fever but thank you for the reminder. Nothing like a world class case of the flu you can not do anything about until the zinc oxide clears your system. I plan to do the melt outside with 2 fans for ventilation. Any thoughts on clearing any unused propellant in the brass? I wonder if the tarnish on the brass will revert to copper or become dross. Ernest
  10. i wonder if this will work?

    Good Morning Folks, I have melted range brass using a O/A rosebud once (and only once) and the distressing part, other than the depressing amount of gas I used (from doing it wrong), was the left over charge in the spent brass cooking off in front of me. I was thinking I might put the brass in a steel pot and heat it up to aluminum melt temp to let anything that will cook off cook off and then charge the crucible. I figure this will make the brass oxidize but I can live with that. Do you think this will work to make the brass safer to work with? Should I cut the end off of center-fire shells that if I don't have the de-priming die for my reloading press? From Matt's post I am going to assume that I don't want to rely that a shot primer is a safe primer. Thanks
  11. This is the guy that has a hut with a terracotta roof using only a stone ax, clay pots he made on site and his digging stick. If this guy is not on your Zombie Apocalypse dream team you are missing out. This guy makes iron from orange goo to show it can be done.
  12. coating soft fire brick outside with fire clay slip

    Bluesman7, thanks for the info.
  13. Good Morning Folks, I was able to pick up a 12 pack of 2600 degree soft fire bricks from Harbison Walker on my way through Salem Va this week and I was thinking about a new 2 or 4 brick forge. I wanted to know if anyone has used fire clay to (for lack of a better term) plaster the outside of the brick so you would have steel box, plaster and then soft fire brick. I was wondering if that might help with the cracking that you get with soft fire brick forges. I think this may not add any value but I have a bag of clay right now so I thought I would ask. I know this will not add to the R value but I wondered about the cracking. thanks
  14. Good Morning, I am going to be in the Williamsburg area next week and I wanted to know if there any "must visit" blacksmith related stores, second hand or surplus places while we are in town. I have the 7 day "historic triangle" ticket so I am looking forward to lots of demos and such. Anyone have a shop or place outside of Colonial Williamsburg sites, Historic Jamestowne, Jamestown Settlement, American Revolution Museum at Yorktown, and Yorktown Battlefield? Thank you much in advance Ernest
  15. Good Morning All, If you want to see some different takes on how build things like a belt grinder, drill press or shop press go to YouTube and look up "Made in Poland". I did not want to post the direct link since there may be advertising (YouTube after all) and I know IFI would rather you not post a direct link to an ad. I want to say that PLEASE use PPE when welding. This person seems to arc weld w/o gloves and I hope his hands don't get skin cancer one day but he seems to be a grown man and that is his own choice. I like this type of video from other countries because I have seen people in SW Virginia and in Alabama do what this guy is doing, making something out of what may very well be junk. Have a good Weekend and please be safe. Ernest