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    history reinactor ,all things blacksmithing ,mopars, model airplanes, guns,OLD TOOLS!


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    blacksmithing for 25+ years
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  1. ya well i have had a person (someone who should know better) tell me "old time swords were made from a steel like mild (lo carbon) steel! and tried to get to agree wile talking to a customer! had to sat no that steel for swords was better than that...this same person is currently forging out swords to sell out of mild steel...people have no shame !!!!
  2. might check out this page www.polarbearforge.com/grinder_kit.html I built one and really like it.
  3. I have a anvil with a 5th foot that is probably the oldest thing i use... next oldest is my finnigan and mgowan power hammer it was built between 1903 and 1907...
  4. i would look for a used anvil. should be able to find somthing in the 75-125 lb range for 2-300 dollars ...its time to network! ask all your friends all your relatives ,coworkers ect... someone has a anvil at a price you can afford...a farriers anvil will work to start in fact a good piece of steel will work..keep looking ! if you end up with more than one pick the best and sell the other... might check with your local blacksmith group for meetings there are usually stuff for sale . good luck!
  5. 1 do not use the inswool save it for a propane forge.i have built several forges i like a inverted four sided pyramid for my firepot . it can be as thin as 14 ga for a portable forge (went to 1/4 plate for a permanent one) the size depends on what your working on . i usually use plate for the rest of the top with at least a 1 in lip. pipe for legs.anyway hope this helps.
  6. first problem... hf anvil shaped scrap metal...probably what was going on is that the 2 lb ball pien hammer was bounceing of the steel your were forging and not transfering much of the blow thru to rebound off the anvil. the 3 lb hammer being heavyer hits harder so does not bounce off the steel being forged .You are getting more work done with the heavyer hammer but ...you need a better anvil .. one with a hard face ...even a unhardened chunk of 4140 would work better...
  7. i had a special order for one once did not take a pic of it tho...
  8. sawyers anvil used to tune circular saw blades ... knife makers like them...
  9. new belt sander (on the way) possably hydraulic press...
  10. my last hammer i used tapicon concrete screws ... it was a 50 lb little giant and i believe they were 5/8 x 6 .they were easy to use just drill the concrete with the right size hole and use a inpact wrench to tighten them down. seems to be working well so far....
  11. it was tonto as in lone rangers sidekick who was a Indian so it was made in India!!! ...
  12. first ...DO NOT PANIC! you may be a beginner but to 99% of the public YOU ARE THE EXPERT!it really does not matter to them if you are just learning the hardest thing you will likely run into is explaining that you can not reforge the broken piece of cast iron or pot metal.It will be fun just bring entheusiam and injoy! good luck make money!
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