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Loss of my son


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Larry,i'm simply inexpressibly grieved to hear all that.For your son,and for you,and at this point,more for you.I have a great misfortune to live in a place where something exactly like this happens several times every year,all within a tiny community.It just seems to get worse each time,hearing about it,and watching the suffering of others left behind.
I don't pray,and i don't believe in anybody "being there" to prevent something like this from happening.It's a very hopeless and lonely feeling,being that way,but here we have it.I'd gladly do anything though,if it could possibly have made a difference,including giving up my own life if it could bring back your son,or any one of these other wonderful young people.
I am so dreadfully sorry.

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I read this several hours ago, and have been struggling ever since to find something to post here .. If nothing else, it makes me realize that the countless hours I spend with my 14 yr old son, trying to instill a work ethic and trying to make a fun time of working in the shop with me, buying old dirt bikes, and then dedicating 3 day weekends to go run them, spending weekends cutting firewood working till we both get dizzy in the heat, etc, etc, are all golden minutes. We all know what golden minutes are, we all need to make the time to make more of them. I can't feel your loss, tried, but can't imagine it. My heart goes out to you Larry.
mike hricziscse

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When tragedy reveals it ugly face as it has, it would be easier to just pass by this thread and pretend not to see it.
But even though we are not blood family, we become bonded in friendships that are held together by common threads of interest in Blacksmithing that makes us a family of blacksmiths.
So this becomes a family matter and we cannot turn our backs on family!

When mature people are made aware of this sorrowful event, the “the milk of human kindness” that has been en-powered to us by the creator enters into our hearts and it is only natural to want to help you and your family lesson your pain.
But after all of these years, still no words come to my mind that would help!

So with a heavy heart I have struggled to find words to say. There must have been a thousand thoughts enter and exit my mind.
But nothing showed up in content that could be said here that would even slightly reduce the emotional pain you and yours must be experiencing.

Do to the nature of my profession I have seen this type of tragedy many times.
Even now I am aware of several families experiencing similar devastation at this time.
And still I have no words that are meaningful enough to lessen the burden of morning.

If I was near you, I would come and stand by you, no words need be said.
The only thing that I know is that there are many wonderful un-seen faces of all types out here in I Forge Iron that sincerely care enough to stand by your side emotionally, they say very little, but their silence speaks volumes just because they have showed up!

My the God of my understanding Bless You and your family
Ted Throckmorton

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My Friends, the planet is really getting smaller all the time. I have met several fellas from this and Jocks website over the years. Some I plan to meet in the future. We indeed do become a family of sorts. Wives, parents and family members pass. We share the sorrow. We also share the joy of meeting new folks. Ian Lowe was here on his tour. He got to meet my family.

To say that I feel sorrow is not really covering the case but please accept prayers from the O'Grady family. Perhaps we will meet someday.

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No one can know how you really feel, the shock, the grief, the pain. I can not fathom having to lay one of my children to rest, I wish I had a way to help.

This is the second time this year a person I care about has had their child take his own life. As an older person it is hard to remember how when we were young, many things were so serious we could not see any light at the end of our tunnels, so they come up with a long term solution to the short term problem.

We can not save them all, but we wish we at least had the opportunity to try.. wish they would have talked to us, wish we could tell them we love them one more time....

Prayers and tears sent Brother.

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Larry I know we have never met, but I feel like I know you. When we read about what is going on in each others lives everyday we have a connection. It is hard to type this with tears in my eyes. The death of young people is always so sad. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and this whole group. We have lost far too many of our loved ones lately. Remember God and many of his children are at your disposal lean on us in these hard times.

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larry im heartbroken for you and your family for what must feel utterly unbearable - i hope you know deep down that this kind of thing is not really preventable, and that your son surely knew how much you all loved him. His pain will not have been due to lack of love. like someone said before - i will never meet you but i send you my love along with everyone elses in the hope that it is a tiny piece of comfort.

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Larry I'm so sorry for your loss May God give peace to you, your family, and most of all your departed son.I know it may not seem like a lot but you said that he passed away in your shop. I would say that in his last moments that he wanted to be in a place that had good memories and know matter the pain that he was going through in his last days i beleave he took time to reflect on some good times that he had shared with you.
my prayers are with you and your family

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