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  1. I must agree with the others that that anvil you have is in very useable shape, probably better than most. Use it and if you then see a reason to do any specific repair later. My guess would be you will not. With the possible exception of a better stand. Rob
  2. Very nice use of old fork, I will have to do that seeing as how I have a similar fork that needs a use. Thanks for posting. Rob
  3. Is there a general size of a charcoal firepot compared to a "standard" size that most coal forges seem to be? I mean is it the same dimention across but twice as deep? Three times? Thanks in advance Rob
  4. Very nice tray, especially the color :D
  5. I think the point of his original post was where to get or how to make a "real" cruicible. People who know more about casting should know the answer to that. Rob
  6. OOOPS, Sorry the granite-aluminum relationship I was trying to remember was weight. I don't know why I typed in expansion, I was reading Grants post on concrete... Granite and aluminum weigh basically the same per cubic foot. 165-168 lbs. Must be the same as concrete. Rob
  7. What are you talking about?? I saw no evidence of molten steel dripping on electrical cords. Rob
  8. Thanks for adding the video, it makes more sense now. You have built a nice machine there, congratulations. Rob
  9. Used to work at a place making polishing and lapping machinery. Granite tables had aluminum subtables due to the same rate of thermal expansion. Trivia for those inquiring minds Rob
  10. If the keg is exposed to fire it will rust. Did it. If you use stainless and want it to stay stainless then it needs to be lined for protection. Rob
  11. I like to have plant based gates etc have as much 3 dimension depth as possible, usually 3-4" with a 1" frame. The seaweed is different than plants that grow in the air, it actually looks pretty flat if you go back to the picture in post #15. Rob
  12. Everything that leaves my shop is always completely de-burred, even if the de-burred edges/holes will be hidden after installation. Not worth the extra seconds to de-burr and risk a cut. If someone else is cut probably no repeat work. always de-burr everything. Rob
  13. Those look great, the only critique I have is that both elements are too much the same, almost as if they came out of the same mold. Same amount of leaves pointing the same way on very similar stalks. Maybe make another or rework one with a different amount of "leaves" on it to make it look more natural? At least turn one over so they would be mirror images of each other. My opinion. Rob
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