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  1. My condolences to Glenns Wife and Family. He was a very patient man much more than some folks deserved in certain cases.
  2. Hey guys its been a long time since I posted last and I am looking for someone in the Pittsburgh Pa area that has experience repairing and working with saya's for Japanese blades. I dont have a shop set up at this time, since I am planning on going back to Oregon shortly. But I am willing to pay of course.
  3. Afternoon gentlemen, I am looking for some help near the Butler County area, Maybe Also Erie I I goto school near there ) or the Pittsburgh area. I am hoping to find someone with a gas forge and a power hammer because I need some time to pound out a bar of cable damascus for a school project and the school does not have adequate facilities for me to do so. If you can help or know someone please contact me Paul
  4. WmHorus


    I know that, You know that, most people into it know that, but trying to explain it to people who know nothing about it.....
  5. WmHorus


    Interesting, the copper to silver ratio is almost like Sibuichi which would make it even more interesting when you pantina it black.....
  6. WmHorus


    Lou : Chances are she said it because it is a Art Class and she feels doing your own thing instead of traditional Designs.....that sort of thing....and the assignment was sweat soldering....thats what I didnt understand just a piece that was sweat soldered together, to me doing a traditional habaki design more than fit the bill..but its her show so..... Sfeile : It is Copper and it is a grinding technique. And to get it smooth after LOTS AND LOTS of hand sanding....I still have more to do tonight with the 1200 grit paper before turn in, and patience.... Thomas : depends on what you mean by reticulated....do you have an example? And yes I would love to do a silver one if I had the money for the silver stock...
  7. WmHorus


    Well my teacher didnt like the idea of me doing traditional design for a project so I Knapped a Habaki....Pardon the Blurry Pic
  8. I have a sword I need to finish but dont have a shop anymore to do it. I am hoping to find someone in the Pittsburgh Pa area with experience in Yaki-Ire and a large enough trough to quench a Katana that needs finished. Any questions contact me PM it is easier to get a hold of me there. Thanks in advance.
  9. I saw something similar at the train museum in downtown coos bay last year sitting out in the weather.
  10. Well it didnt follow me home but washed up on the tideflats in front of the apartment...my new anvil stand
  11. I thought about doing this at one point myself, then i realized the cost involved in the steel and well....
  12. Eventually after many folds it will become a homogenized bar, I did 2 such cut and folds or was it 3 and ended up with a wood grain type pattern in the cable. But yea the cable should be real clean to do it.
  13. You can Consolidate the bar more and make it more like a billet that will take more heats and alot more hammering to draw the bar out. Unless you are using part of that barstock as a handle in that form and consolidate part of it as the blade.
  14. @littleblacksmith It is a grinding technique that gives the texture.
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