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  1. Mark,

    I'm new to this forum and ran across your post on the charcoal retort. The photos won't come up on the forum. Is there any way to get a copy of them? 

    R Hayden



  2. As a cast iron cook it would be a shame in my eyes to waste a cast iron pan when there are so many other ways to build a cheap forge. Also Cast iron cookware is not Teflon coated. It is seasoned with any number of cooking food grade oils which gives it it's non stick coating when seasoned correctly. I use a brake drum forge and a 55 forge. Both easy to make and both cheap. A side blast in an old bbq grill also works for getting started.
  3. TCook, It may be an issue if it allows air to backdraft into the 15 gal drum. This will let O2 in and the wood may actually burn leaving you with ashes. Give it a go and see. Trial and error. I do a lot of error but thats how we perfect things. Mark <><
  4. I miss Fiddle heads. When we lived in Kodiak there was a never ending supply in the spring and summer. I would eat them raw as I hiked along and loved them fried in butter with garlic and some salt and pepper. I might pass on the shrooms though. I'm about 2 1/2 hrs east of Intrex. Too many shrooms to pick from here.
  5. Just a month in and you are well on your way. A few suggestions that may make things a little easier. And these are only suggestions. I do not wear gloves but if I do, it is a thin leather glove on my tong hand only. I never wear a glove on my hammer hand. I cannot control the hammer with any degree of accuracy if I am wearing a glove. If you haven't yet, make yourself some different tongs. I noticed that the handles were pretty wide while grabbing the thicker stock of the spike. Very wide grip on the tong handles doesn't allow you to get as good of a grip. Plus you can make tongs that fit different thickness and shape stock. Having a piece of hot iron fly out of your tongs towards your face is a rude awakening. Trust me, this is experience talking (typing). I have cut the handles of most of my hammers short. I see where you are holding yours and that is good for control. If I need a harder strike I use a heavier hammer or get a striker. Just a few things for you to think about. It all boils down to your choice. I like your forge. What was it in it's former life? And your blower is a good idea. PS, your wife might want the fan put back in the bathroom ceiling when you're done. :)
  6. Sorry to hear about the fire. Time to rebuild.
  7. Chestnut, if you hear the gasses burning then you should get some charcoal. Good luck. Hope you were pleasantly surprised when you opened it.
  8. Very nice. I like the trowel, nice lines. Mark <><
  9. Very nice crosses. I have been wanting to make some belt buckles. Yours look great! How do you texture your crosses? I have an old hammer that I cut groves in the face to make the woodgrain look. Well done! Thanks for posting. Mark <><
  10. I have banked my fire before and gone under the house to fix a water leak. An hour later came back turned the crank and it came back t life. I always bank the fire if I will be leaving for a meal or other semi short distraction. Mark <><
  11. That is so cool! I really like that! I would go crazy trying to get everything symmetrical and tight. Well done! Mark <><
  12. Marksnagel

    Mousehole Anvil Repair

    Now that looks like fun. I'll be following your progress.
  13. Gijotoole, Really nice looking anvil. I like the long tall body. It gives a lighter weight anvil some mass beneath it. Good find! Mark <><
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