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  1. I would like to thank all the people that prayed over my granddauter bella over the last year as she went thru heart surgury and the long recovery.she is doing great and I got the blessing of getting to sharring the joy of CHRISTMAS with her nowing that she was a gift from GOD and and that gift was wrapped by many prayers from friends like you what more can a man ask for thanks ED
  2. knee mail on the way sorry for your loss
  3. ed soule


    My prayers for Mary and the family during this time of loss ED
  4. Had a great time seen old friends made new friends learned how to make a cross(thanks george rt and stan) listend to a lot of hot air being blown, ate some great food thanks to the best looking cooks in the country .overall had a great time this was my second year comming and next year will bring the wife and a few friends.
  5. stan with a good pilot you need about 3000 feet to land a c-130 a lot better on your nervs if you have 6000 feet
  6. stan i will do my best to be there sat do u need me to bring any thing?
  7. Alan sorry to hear about your loss. I will be praying for you I to trust in the lord and he will provide for you you just have to trust him GODhas been good to me and i will share my blessings with you let me know what you need and i will do my best to help you as many smiths on i forg will if you will just beleave and trust the lord and lett us know what you need ED SOULE
  8. Hi everybody little update little bella is doing great meds are working well she will have to have surgery some time in the future to fix leaky valves but they hope to put it of as long as possable. I thank the LORD for bringging her thru all this and i thank each and every one of you all for praying for us. I know that is what has gave us all strength to get thru these last few months.once again I am humbled and blessed by GODS GRACE ED SOULE
  9. bella is home and doing ok go back to dr. friday see what he says about the future thanks for the prayers
  10. bella is responding to the drugs DR says she mighe get to come home monday. they want to hold off on the surgery as long as they can if they go in now they will hasve to replace valves not a good thing at her age. thanks again for all of the prayers.
  11. update bella doing better DR says meds are working if all goes well will be going home monday
  12. sorry for not getting back soonner bella back in st. louis for the last 9 days valves leaking real bad trying to get drugs to help so they dont have to go in again, they said that would be real bad right now. so just keep praying and i will update as soon as i get back to a computer.
  13. tim i will be praying for you and your mom. be stong for her she will need you now more than ever,
  14. GOD is great I just wanted to let all of you guys know that bella is home and doing great. She is like a all new baby smiling and laughing and jabbering. I thank all of your prayers she is proof that they work. Bella still has a few issues her valves are leaking but they are treating them with meds for now, hopefully no more surgery. thak you all again GOD BLESS ED SOULE
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