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  1. cheftjcook

    Well cover

    Beautiful Design... Nice work!
  2. cheftjcook

    Entry Door Decoration

    Absolutely Beautiful... Nice work!
  3. cheftjcook

    Oak and Steel Bench

    Beautiful Work!!!
  4. cheftjcook


    Nice work!!!!
  5. cheftjcook

    Industrial Desk Lamp

    That is a Really Cool Look, Nice Job!!
  6. cheftjcook


    Beautiful work,Very nice!
  7. cheftjcook

    Kitchen Knife 2014

    Wow that is beautiful work of funtional art!!!!
  8. cheftjcook

    Show me your Bottle Openers!

    Those are really nice, Black Frog!!!!
  9. cheftjcook

    Glass Anvils!

    Very cool! I like it!!!!
  10. cheftjcook

    Charcoal too hot!

    Looks like a good setup ...Just enjoy and keep learning.
  11. cheftjcook


    That is really nice...and it will make a sweet bottle opener is too!
  12. cheftjcook

    Metal Fish Sculptures

    Very nice!
  13. cheftjcook

    iron & glass

    Very, cool What a Great job!!
  14. cheftjcook

    This is only a test, to stretch my abilities

    Very Sharp work, love all the detail!!!
  15. cheftjcook

    My best handles so far

    They are nice! What are they for. Show a finished pic.