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  1. Beautiful Design... Nice work!
  2. Absolutely Beautiful... Nice work!
  3. That is a Really Cool Look, Nice Job!!
  4. Beautiful work,Very nice!
  5. Wow that is beautiful work of funtional art!!!!
  6. Looks like a good setup ...Just enjoy and keep learning.
  7. That is really nice...and it will make a sweet bottle opener is too!
  8. Very, cool What a Great job!!
  9. They are nice! What are they for. Show a finished pic.
  10. Really nice looking...clean lines... Great Work !!!
  11. Very Nice blade ...Would love to give it a try and put it through a days work!!!!
  12. The threaded rod when forged will leave a more desireable parttern for leaves, A course file when forged leaves a fantastic snake or fish scale like pattern. Both look great just different.
  13. Some great work.... realy sparks the imagination !!!
  14. Iron work is nice, put a pic of the fossil in place.
  15. Not to be funny..But what ever one I can make time to enjoy right now!!!