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  1. Looks great Jennifer ! Been a little bit since I looked in on this forum but I just realized your just north of us about 20-25 miles. I will be watching for when the classes start.
  2. Really impressive work John, My wife and I have done a bit of slumping and fusing over the years and found it very rewarding. Still have all our equipment but haven't done any in a few years now. Dick
  3. I've been following this thread since the beginning and it is amazing how many different approaches and ideas have been shared ! You all deserve applause for your willingness to enlighten others on your designs and techniques ! I have a box full of openers I've made in spare time, close to retirement but not yet . I've made wizards, railroad spike, bird head ,and just twisted but none look as awesome as those presented here. More practice I guess but that's fine I enjoy the challenge.
  4. Really nice ! The forged finish really makes it.The handles are another craft by themselves and very well done. What did you use for material if you don't mind me asking?
  5. Great idea on the spatulas ! Nice clean lines,very nice.
  6. Welcome Chris, My wife and I rode through Newport News on a vacation ride this spring on our Indian motorcycle. Nice area !
  7. Sven, The Steel Yard in Providence holds some classes from time to time. Last fall there was a class making Damascus billets at the Worcester Center for Crafts that I took and really enjoyed. As Judson pointed out NEB would be well worth the ride if you can make the meet.
  8. Charles, you your dad and family are in my thoughts and prayers. Tough times and tougher with the holidays. Hoping you can relax and be with family during the holidays. Dick
  9. Hoping for a full and speedy recovery! Dick
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