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  1. congrates on your overcoming your demons! we all have them! mine started on 7/1/11 and so far so good.
  2. Medical retired. but. drilled, pushed tools, consulted, and, many odd jobs when the patch was down.
  3. I'm south of you in eldorado welcome aboard.
  4. I had a life altering ailment in 2010. And to this day I'm still recovering, but heat up some iron time to time. So don't throw in the towel so soon! Sure you have to slow down,and learn how to accomplish thing that were easy to do before, but as long as you give it an honest go, any thing can be done. God's speed on your recovery. Be Blessed, jimmy.
  5. You will need to redesign your plumbing, you need a tee instead of the sweep ell and an ash dump.
  6. I like Quincy compressors but if you want volume look at a screw. But IR,CH,Devilbiss, will do the job.
  7. Like my Grandma used to say "Even a blind sow finds an acorn once in a while" Good on ya!!!
  8. Also the collars are for wear in a crooked hole, I don't know the comp. but here they are scratched and will rust in it, maybe it's just a wear coating on them.
  9. Kind of off topic, but, get some mats, mud flaps to stand on, helps to relieve stress in my back.
  10. Wear plate/blade for a bucket,grader,etc, my guess it is a hard face steel
  11. I don't know about solid rod except for acme, but, some tubulers are buttress thread that looks about the same profile.
  12. That feller wants a short wood splitting career, or a hospital volume rate reduction...
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