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What did you do in the shop today?

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Gandalfgreen, Everything is figure outtable!

I bought a hobart 125ez 6-7-8? years ago and had never welded with one before in my life, spent half an hour playing then, and now I run that dude all the time! 

sorry to go off topic for a second, I couldn’t resist testing out the new stove pipe even though it’s only 75 outside lol, so I went ahead and made a fire just to see, 

now you can return to your regularly scheduled programming thank you! 2BC8317A-CBA9-489D-BC39-08CDC9F19F8C.thumb.jpeg.fb421e228a5607b6865032d72314704f.jpegFFBE7FEC-552C-44F2-8409-AE40E6240CDE.thumb.jpeg.f8b81ff6a02088ee27ca300d5ae1db9c.jpeg

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 Gandalfgreen, You got JHCC up there to help you learn,  I’m 100% sure your gonna do awesome things! 
heck all I got around here to help me out is a pack of free loadin critters lol,

Ill guarantee you it takes me longer to learn how to do something than it will you! 


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2 hours ago, ThomasPowers said:

West Virginia has the least amount of open water.

It may have escaped your attention as The Cherry River Navy is the most unusual navy in the world and located in West Virginia.  The flagship "sails" on wheels, and the entire navy is composed exclusively of Admirals.  The August, 1937 maneuvers saw 400 Admirals of the Line parade in Richwood, WV.

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43 minutes ago, Gandalfgreen said:

stack bricks until I comfortable welding on my forge

One thing you could do is fabricate angle iron with their own stands at the correct height so you can move them in & out against the forge without welding them to it. That way you can use less bricks that will slide to open when you need to have a pass through for long stock.

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Glenn, thank you for sharing that! I just finished reading through that link,

that’s an awesome display of home town pride! And it’s hilarious at the same time!

 I like that they still carry on today, I wish people were motivated to do something like that around here lol, 

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John, the basis of all satire is that it is founded in reality.  Operation Plowshare is why some people took the article seriously.  Colorado had already seen the effects of Operation Plowshare, see e.g. Projects Rulison and Rio Blanco.  In light of that the idea of a trans-Rockies ship canal did not seem that improbable to some folk.

A "navel" gun may be closely related to the late 19th / early 20th century idea of a "belly gun."

"By hammer and hand all arts do stand."

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Welding is easy. The hard part is pulling the money out of the bank to purchase the welder needed without my wife realizing it is gone. Since I don’t have a welder, I have to drive down to Rush Springs to see my dad or my FIL and use theirs. 

Which is what I am doing later today. I want to add a few elements to my forge table, so I cleaned it up to load. I want to raise the back and sides some, add a tong rack, and add a slide out extension to the front to support longer pieces. 

When cleaning it, I noticed a burnt bearing I had picked up from my FIL years ago when he was repairing one of his tractors. I am thinking it might be a good piece to add to my grate. 

It is at the top in the first pic. I am thinking I can smooth out the inside and slip what I am currently using as a grate down inside it. I am not sure if it will work. It may raise the top of the grate too high, causing it to burn. As it is now, I have had 10-15 fires in the pot and the grate shows no sign of deterioration. 




On the way down, I plan to stop at a farm and ranch store to see if I can find some flexible tubing which will allow me to hook up my crank blower. I bought it 4 or 5 years ago, but never got around to hooking it up. Hair dryers are just too bloody convenient. But I am doing the Brent Bailey three day workshop at our conference in a couple of weeks. I don’t want to show up with a hair dryer. 

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Made two rather large semicircles for a commission I’m working on. 







They still need some tweaking, but I think I can do that cold.

 Also played around a bit with a (horseshoe?) fuller I picked up at Quad-State, to add some detail to a twist:


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6 hours ago, Mr.Thirsty_Work said:

Well, here ya go...

Knife pretty!

20 hours ago, Glenn said:

Cherry River

We call those creeks and washes around here...

DHarris, eager to hear your future thoughts on "hand crank vs. hair dryer"...

JHCC, nice presentation of feed through heating and curve forming - good looking semiskircles...

Robert Taylor

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Thanks, Robert. 

Today’s project was making a stand for the little swage block I picked up at Quad-State. 





I am pleased to report not only that this stand was made entirely of scrap, but also that I remember where each piece of that scrap came from. So much for those who say I’m losing my… my… my…. What was it they said I was losing? What were we talking about again?

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Have any minions you could convince what an honor and privilege it is to hand file and sand a REAL piece of blacksmith equipment? Without even charging them. ;)

We'll be honored to change your Iforge handle to Huckleberry. :ph34r:

Frosty The Lucky. 

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