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  1. Legalese, yes, dang auto correct. I know why it is there, it is to cover all the bases so to say. Just it always seems so many words to say something that does not require that many.
  2. To much legalize for me. Reading laws makes my head spin. Why cant they use simple English? All that to say "if some one is trying to rob you or damage your property dont kill them" Anyway finished these today. My mom calls them clapper boards. She uses it when making quilts. Something about steaming the fabric and laying one on top to flatten it out or something. Started with 9" of 1/2" square for the handles. The boards are a wood from Africa called Wenge. Very hard dense wood. They just have a light coat of Teak oil the wood is naturally that dark. Will definatly tell her to try on a scrap piece of fabric to make sure no color bleeds out. 1 for my mom and 1 for my aunt.
  3. That depends on what the project is. You said you see all kinds of different jaw styles, that is for different things. Bladesmiths will use different style of tongs than an architectural smith would use. Also different sizes of the same tong, cant hold 1" stock very well with a set of tongs for 3/8" stock. So depending on what he wants to work on would dictate which to buy. I would also like to say that when i started i "thought" i wanted to be a bladesmith, did not take long to find out i really did not like making blades very much. So his direction could change. Kens Custom Iron sells a package of i think 5 sets for around $55 or so. I have never used them but i hear great things about them. I would think that that set would be a good beginner set. As far as vices, a good bench vice will serve. 4" - 5" jaws should be a good start. Some of these commercial sites mentioned, Ken's, Holland, etc. should have some kind of gift card or something. Maybe a few gift cards to these place and let your SO pick what he wants? If not listed on their site contact them, explain what you are wanting and i am sure they will do there utmost to help you out. And of course like NoDebt mentioned, direct him here. This place is a wealth of information and has advanced my skills light years compared to were i was before joining this site. The folks here have challenged me to reach out of my comfort zone and do what i at one time thought would never be in my skill set. A few things not mentioned, punches and chisels, fire brick, a pair of gloves, safety glasses, and a set of files. Punches and chisels any good set will do to start. Soft fire bricks to close up the forge, why run 2 burners if you only need 1? Gloves, well one glove for holding the punches and chisels. Safety glasses becuase we may have 2 eyes but only 1 set. Files a friend got me a cheap set off that place named after the S. American river they have preformed way above expectation even using on hot metal. May also want to scrounge some thrift stores for cheap work clothes, NO polyester, i have a huge scare on my leg from a pair of polyester work pants burning. Your SO will set himself on fire at some point, pretty sure we have all done it. Anyway, welcome aboard to both of you, stay safe and keep it fun.
  4. I have the opposite problem with my hands. They are like alligator jaws. When i grab a holt of something i aint letting go, however the least bit of pressure and i cannot open my hands.
  5. Great grandson was born yesterday. No pics yet. Maliki Jacob is his name.
  6. For ya'll coming from out of state : Fri. High 71 low 51 sunny Sat. High 73 low 48 Partly sunny Sun High 73 low 47 Partly cloudy. No rain called for, but this is mid Ohio so dont be surprised if it does. Lookin to be a nice weekend.
  7. When i was in Louisiana i knew a lot of folks who were pig hunters. We have open season on them here in Ohio, i think most places do, but i have never seen a wild pig in Ohio. I am sure there are a few but not many. We do have coyote though. They dont tear up the ground like that but will do a number on live stock. May want to look at that ground. Maybe they were diggin truffles.
  8. I had a set of wrenches that were the black like impact sockets. Worst investment i ever made. Not becuase they were not quality tools but becuase they were black. Working under cars i have a habit of setting tools in the frame while working. A bright chrome wrench is easy to see, the balck is easy to miss.
  9. Thomas, i would bet money that many of those cars came from repair facilities. Last year when i was still working in a garage we scrap 8 or 10 cars between Jan. and April. When we scrap them of course we look for valuables but as far as tools go Craftsman gets scrapped and anything that is below that quality, not that Craftsman is poor quality but our boxes are filled with Snap-on and such. Everything left goes with the car to the scrap yard. Once i got into smithing i started making sure to get lug wrenches though.
  10. I would leave out "for the dogs" on the sign.
  11. Thanks. That is actually what i was thinking its use was. When i first pulled it out i thought pipe bender but just did not look right. That is when i figured some sort of clamp.
  12. There were a couple posts made i did not catch and it was brought up that the tanks were only 15# rather than 17# in the suit. That advantage is one of the reasons i mentioned it earlier to find a place that fills by the gallon. When i was getting them filled by the bottle, before i found TSC doing by the gallon, i always felt i had to run it dry or i was cheating myself. That led to having to shut down halfway through something becuase it would happen late or something. By putting it on a schedule i always had fuel and getting it by the gallon i did not feel the need to run it out and waste money if i didnt.
  13. The last time i was getting propane i asked the guy how he could tell if the bottle was full or not. He did not put it on a scale or anything obvious. He pointed at his foot, which was next to the hose, and said you can feel the hose move a bit when it gets full. Kind of a water hammer effect i suppose. But he then went onto explain why the exchange places are allowed to short the bottles. Something to do with space for expansion during shipment. But his point was i was getting a full, if not a little more, bottle. Anyway came back in to get ready for work. Was out just piddlin around in the shop and barn. While in the barn something caught my attention sticking up out of the dirt. Just an old piece of wood, so i picked it up and low and behold this followed it. Keep in mind only about 2 inches of one corner of the wood was sticking out. I am assuming it is some sort of old pipe vice. The guy that owned the property before me was a well digger. Now to figure out how to repurpose it.
  14. Sindoc, dont know if this helps but like JHCC said have 3 bottles. When i was running gas 3 20# bottles would last just a little more than 1 week. I would guess 20 - 25 hours maybe, i got them filled on Sundays every week, empty or not. Find a place that fills by amount they put in and not a per bottle charge. Make it like grocery shopping every week. That way you do not have to worry as much about running out half way through a project. The local Tractor Supply here sells propane by gallon (?) (pound (?) cant remember which it is)
  15. Found a lump o' bees's wax straight from the hive. This stuff is almost impossible to find in any sort of quantity locally. Go to the box hardware store and they look at you like you got 3 heads when you ask about. The smaller places have small "disks" about 1/2" thick and maybe 1 1/2" wide. So i set out with nothing hard or strenuous, good day in the shop. Made these 2 pendants for a friend and his better half. Celtic style, or my take on it at least. The one is supposed to be a dragon. The split one as i was opening up the split and fullering the bottom, the fuller slipped and i ended up with a cut from the rag that was red hot so it also burned. Did not quite cauterize so just a little blood. A first of what will be many i suppose. Friday i learned why blacksmithing can be a not so glamorous job. Production work, the same thing over and over and over. Made a few scrolls for my railings.
  16. I have seen both Auqachigger and the beaver zombie movie. When i am bored at work i will try and find some videos, mostly look for smiths but some times there are not any i have not seen a bunch already so i will watch some others like the metal detector guys. It amazes me with the amount of colonial buttons they find how people back then kept their clothes on. When i was a kid the apple tree outside the kitchen had about all the small branches cut off becuase that is where grandma made me cut the switch from. Surprised that me and my cousin did not cuase the demise of that tree from cutting so many switches.
  17. Les, thanks for that tip, may have to look into it. Frosty, words of wisdom when it comes to working with acid. I hate it. You cant be to careful. Blue, no matter how many times i read or hear what you said i will never remember which is anode or cathode. PHD, i like the oval portion behind the working end. Nice design. Alexandr, as always very nice. Had a visitor from Mergatroid over at the shop today. Showed him around and fed him some brisket. The rainbowed guy is him, the alien looking thing is his new buddy my grandaughter.
  18. ? dont know. I followed some directions i read that you use vinegar and salt. Put 2 pieces of copper connected to a battery charger. It was starting to turn a nice blue color when my dad came over. We started talking and about an hour later i remembered my solution. When i came back to it my anode (?, "-" side, can never remember which is which) had about a half inch of copper colored "mud" on it. I think that is where i made the mistake. So i disconnected everything, cleaned the scale off my fork and did an acid soak. I hate working with acid. Stuck a fresh piece of copper in and my fork, checked my plans for wiring, wired it up and let it sit for a couple hours. Like i said it was fun trying, may try again sometime later but nothing i am seriously into. Just playing. Some salt, some vinegar, a couple pieces of copper pipe and to much time on my hands.
  19. Well no faire today. guess my daughter was afraid i would give the girls whiskey again. What a worry wort. Got some forge time in though and made a fork. Tried my hand at some simple electroplating with copper. Not what i expected but was a fun experiment.
  20. I got 1 of the blacksmiths granddaughter sitting on the wheel of his forge, i do not want to post it though for privacy concerns. Wish i got another of his forge to post. A cavalry wagon type forge with bellows. JA Hoffman i believe was the smith. Going to try and take the granddaughters tomorrow (why does that look spelled wrong? must be the hard cider from the faire) so i will get more then.
  21. Went to the faire at New Boston today. A re-enactment of 1799 Ohio complete with Indians and militia, cannons and muskets. Pretty good time. Anyway at the doctors tent i ran across this i thought may be of interest, the first one i have actually seen in real life, a chastity belt notice the sharks teeth inlays to keep away unwanted visitors. Just thought it a pretty cool curiosity.
  22. Somewhere buried my parents have an old 8mm home movie of my uncle being chased by a bear in the Smokey's. He is one of those ... who tried to get close and feed the bear. Luckily he is married into the family. "The Great Outdoors" bear dump scene always reminds me of him.
  23. I think there are some missing pieces and those are auto punches. The thing on the back will adjust the spring (missing) tension to get the carbide tip (also missing) to make a deeper or shallower punch mark. They look very similar to the set our tool maker has at work.
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