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  1. No clue as to what a bangle is, but that is cool. My dad asked if i could make him a hasp. i saw that Swedish guy on youtube that we cant pronounce his name do one a while back. So i made something like it.
  2. Oh, lord no. I was meaning i got the idea of running the plumbing from my NO2 set-up. Not using NO2. Nothing put propane and propane plumbing. 100# for $60, i am guessing i am paying about the same per pound. Is that the price for delivery? Cause my old bones cant see hoisting 100# of propane in and out of the truck every couple weeks. Oh, another thought i just had, i live in suburbia i may not even be allowed a tank that size.
  3. I aint sure about cabin creek, but i do know that Paint creek is in Johnson county. I was thinking cabin creek was more North towards Ohio, around Portsmouth. When they built Paintsville lake they had to move my family cemetery. Nice lake and good bass fishing. There are also elk there now for hunting. By the way, Know what ya can do with a Buckeye ya cant do with a brier? Wipe your ...!
  4. Frosty, i actually got the idea of running in series from my drag racing days. We would run 2 NO2 bottles in series to keep pressure from dropping when you hit the juice. A pressure drop will cause a piston to blow. Anywho, one of the other ideas i was floating was the heated blanket. We would wrap the bottles with a bottle heater, a heated blanket. That was also to keep the pressure up. I actually almost posted here asking if you could do that. I was going to get a 40#er but my dad gave me 1 tank, my boss the other, and only 1 i purchased at $30. The hoses and fittings cost all of $20. So $50 bones or shell out another $90 for a 40# and have 3 20# just lying about for who knows how long. Oh, i consider it a sin to use a propane grill so no cooking with them. I am by no means saying my way is best, just what works for me. If my ideas help i am happy to have helped.
  5. I think there is something in the Bible about the glove. I aint no Bible scholar but i seem to remember: "To every thing there is a time a time to be gloved and a time to be bare. " Seriously though, my neighbor came over today and asked if i could show him how to make a knife. To which i said i am not a bladesmith but i will show you what i know. I gave him a piece of coil spring, a set of tongs, a hammer, and said here ya go. The only real problem i saw, besides hammer control, was not standing straight. I showed him how to punch a hole also (4 tries and he got the hole through) but for never putting hot metal to an anvil i think he did pretty well. The plunge is not as deep as it looks and can be easily corrected. There is also going to be a weak spot on his hole obviously. But all in all not bad in my opinion. His old lady come and took him home so we will finish the grind and heat treat later.
  6. P-Nut, i am from Johnson county, Paintsville is the closest "city". Lindy branch holler (thats Linda branch hollow for those who do not know hillspeak) . Love them old KY women. And that sounds exactly like something grandma would have said to me. Anyway something grandpa used to say: "an open mouth, gathers closed fists" Forgot to hit the notify button so another post. So another from grandad "close your mouth and open your ears"
  7. Bill, are you floating that tank in water? Helps keep the ice down. This past winter i froze my ice bath one day so i invested in another tank. For a while i would bounce from one to the other as they would frost. About 2 months ago my boss gave me a 3rd tank. Rather than try and bounce between 3 tanks i looked into this a little more. From what i gathered it is all about surface area. I invested in some fittings and plumbing and ran all 3 in series. When they get very low, i mean like 1" in the bottom they will get a little bit of frost but not much at all. I do not have to run near as much pressure and my gas is lasting much longer. I went from about an 8 hour run on 1 tank to close to 40 on all 3.
  8. Das, i used to work flat rate but in the past couple years buisiness has slowed down so much i would starve now. I have found a couple smiths on the youtube that i watch. John over at the Black Bear forge was the first sub i ever made on the youtube. I like his teaching. I also like Roy over at Christ Centered Ironworks, although some find him kind of condescending and my way or the highway type, i think he gives a lot of good info. The great thing about the youtube is most of the time you will learn what not to do. Cannon, love those bracelets. Me and the old lady are huge Reds fans.
  9. A nice thick coat of lard, then put it in your chimney for a year. (far enough from the fire as not to burn it of course.) Seriously though, my grandpa taught me how to use a shillelagh when i was younger and how to make one. And that is how a traditional shillelagh was made. I do not stick it in the chimney but i do put a nice coat of tallow on it then set it in a dry place for at least a year or longer. Depends on the thickness of the wood. General rule is 1 year per inch of diameter. The tallow or lard will give it a deep brown "stain" and leave a coating on it. It also keeps it from drying to fast which leads to cracks. You can just use tallow or even wax on just the ends or wherever you removed branches but with tallow you get brown spots. That's why i coat the whole thing. Do not put any kind of poly eurthane or similar coatings until completely dry. I will also cut them 10 or 12 inches longer than i want so if i do develop a crack i got enough to cut off and get back to good wood. One of my favorite woods to use, and it is a lot stronger and flexible than people think, is honeysuckle. Oh one more thing some people will attach them to boards to dry. Strapped in the middle and ends. This will prevent them from bending, warping, or twisting while drying. Make sure you flip them every 6 weeks or so and move the strap locations to expose those surfaces to the air.
  10. Das, i assume you work for a dealership? We do not have consultants, but every once in a while we get someone from home office come and tell us what we are doing wrong and how to fill out our work orders (again). How i dread them days. I get paid partially by work done, no work from me sitting in an office being told how to do my job (again) means it effects my paycheck. Oh yeah i work for AA(beep, beep)MCO.
  11. Thanks for the input guys. I of course chucked it. I may of heated a zinc plated piece once, but that was a while back ago and i am provably lucky i was outside. But i have since learned my lesson and if it dont look right, smell right, or feel right, i do not use it. Have not tried taste test yet, may hurt my fillings also.
  12. Finished a coat rack i started this weekend for my daughter. Juts had to screw it down to the board after staining the wood late last night. Had a pretty bad day so after i just sat down opened a beer and turned on Dr.John.
  13. Now, i may be posting this in the wrong place, but i was not real sure where to post it. Any way here goes. I found this piece of 3/8 round bar in my scrap pile. About 3' long or so an i figured i could use it for something, specifically for a foot on one of my garden stakes. Any way when i started heating it it turned yellow. Almost looked powder coated. The entire bar is rusted and i figured rust is my friend so i used it. When i saw the yellow i decided maybe i should not use it. Oh i layed heat to it one more time just to get the photo. I will post tommorrow if something from it has made me die to let yall know not to do it. Any way here is the yellow stuff and the second pic is just how the bar looks. (other end obviously) As another note before i knew much about metals i put a piece in that was zinc plated and i do not remember it turning yellow so i do not think it is galvanized. I also figure it is better to error on the safe side and take it to the scrap yard on my next run if i have any question as to safety. But i would still like to know what it means.
  14. D-2, incredibly tough stuff. Looking up the heat treating process it looks like you need a science degree. I am pretty sure this is beyond my current abilities to do anything with. So for now it will be a #6 paper weight until my skills get better or i can trade it for something more useful to me.
  15. Billings and Spencer tool company has a pretty cool history. The founder got his skills for drop forging from the Colt firearms company. Pretty cool Gazz, i am also glad you left the open end with the logo. I love tools. The Snap-on and MAC truck are like shoes store to women for me. (yeah like i am the only one here)