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  1. I think the one on the right, your wizard looks like something from the "Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers." Both are most totem pole looking, quite cool.
  2. CGL, his hammer maybe a bit light. Hope all is well, been a minute since ya been on. Glenn, striker? I barely have any friends to come over and drink a beverage with me. (but i like it that way, no one to ask me to help them move) Jennifer, one nice thing about this was swinging down. I am usually swinging a #3 hammer upward at work. The biggest thing i think that hurt was that the bar is also 4' long, whats that about #20 bar or so. So just getting it in and out of the fire was a job in itself. I will say i was swinging that hammer like Joey Votto swinging a baseball bat. I like a longer handle on my hammers. If i lay the head in my palm they usually go past my elbow. I had my pinky and ring finger off the handle getting as much length as possible.
  3. Needed a shank for the hardy so i spent a good 2 hours beating one out, i see the advantage of a power hammer now. Man my back hurts. That big chunk at the top is the parent stock. The old lady liked the ice pick i made for my daughters beau better than the one i made her so i had to make another for her. Still needs a handle and all the pretty stuff but the forging part is done. She had better like it.
  4. P-nut, sorry to hear Basil bob aint been around, hope for the best and that maybe some kindly elderly lady took him in. We had a cat, David Catslehoff, we had to put down when he was maybe 5. He was diabetic and it was not caught in time. My best dog ever, Ziggy, died with me in the living room 12/29/18. He had cancer, but at least i was there with him to the very end. Just an old mutt but he was smart and loyal. We used to raise Norwegian Elkhounds when i was a kid. They were originally bred to hunt bear and of course elk. Brave and fearless dogs. If i ever get another i am going to get either an Elkhound or a veteran dog. As an old vet myself it would be nice to give one of them a good home. But the process is crazy complicated. Many of those dogs when their enlistment is up if the handler does not take them they are just put down.
  5. Frazer nice tongs wish my bosses would turn out half that good. Hammer heart, i agree with Jennifer on that, but over all nice. I like that design. I see a box of oh so tasty chocolate covered cherries there i think. Ever try the ones with black cherries? MMMmmmm...yummy. Cant go wrong with that orange crush either.
  6. Not much today, practised a few more nails. I think i my have it finally nailed down. (pun intended) Sanded the handle of my ice pick, then found my tung oil hardened so of to the local handyman. Got a nice coat of oil then after a while put on a coat of polyurethane. That zebar wood really pops when polished. Looks almost gold in the right light. Wish pics could give it more justice. Oh then i burnt up my angle grinder. Trying to hog off to much at once. Oh well, $15 bucks at the HF store, 3 years of service i got my moneys worth out of it.
  7. finished my nail header, turned out purty good so...i made another. The shadow make the holes look a little wonkey but they are square. My daughters boyfriend is a bartender in some fancy shmancy bar and has to use an ice pick to make drinks with, he asked me if i could make him one so here it is. The glue is still drying and the handle needs some sanding, mainly to get the black of my hand off of it, then a coat of tung oil and a good coat of polyurethane. I went with a copper piece on the end cuase germs and the like dont like copper very well. A piece of garage door spring, 5160 i think, and zebra wood for the handle. Of course hardened and tempered.
  8. Randy, nice little knife ya got there. If any yall ever get the chance to visit Monticello, go. If you have already then you provably know that it is an incredible piece of architecture. Thomas Jefferson designed much of it that was far ahead of the times. Also interestingly both Jefferson and Adams died on July 4th. Our forefathers (here in the US of A that is) were some very interesting and brilliant men.
  9. One of the finest rifle i have ever fired was the 1903 Springfield. In many ways it out preformed the M24 that was my primary weapon at the time. Accurate and deadly. The Barret is one heck of a rifle to. I only got to fire 3 rounds from one though. Savage, spend the money get the rounds and rock that Ma Deuce, fun to fire. I have fired them mounted on both a tank and tripod. In my opinion the best weapon to ever grace the US armed forces. In service since WW2 and still used today. Tried and true.
  10. I can not believe i missed it being a BAR. One of my favorite weapons ever made. They still use oversized trainers. That is how i learnt the functions of the 240 and Ma deuce (M2 .50 cal.)
  11. When it comes to tools, or really anything, i always go with the old adage "you get what you pay for." If i pay $1 for a wrench i do not expect much out it, and expect to buy another within short order. If it does last then i am pleasantly surprised. However if i spend $35 on a wrench i expect it to last a while, to be warranted, and the dealer to come to me. I also go with tried and true. Why all my air tools are IR. I know what the quality is. Sometimes a name is just a name also. Example, one of my co-workers just bought the new top of the line Snap-on multimeter. It is junk. 2 weeks after purchase it is already going back to be fixed. My old Fluke out preforms it any day of the week. One thing about buying cheap tools is i also do not mind modifying if necessary. 20-30 sec. per nail !?! took me an hour to make 5. Lot more math than i like to do there JHCC, but i was just going on something i read. Still 1 month of making nothing but nails... Jennifer, interesting read on the nail monger. Savage, what is that rifle in the background on the wall? I was thinking a Russian 12.7 but the mag is in the wrong place. Or is it one of those oversized training replicas the military uses?
  12. Tried my hand at making a nail header. Did not have time to get the hole punched and finished. But hey that gives me something to do tomorrow. Started life as a RR spike. Made a few more nails also, about the same so no pic. As a side note i was reading today that HUD estimates that in a house there is aprox. 40,000 nails. If a smith can make 1 nail a minute it would take almost 3 months of 10 hour days to make enough nails for 1 house. When you think about the old days the lumber was cut and hewn on site, smiths making nails and the like, stone masons making a foundation and fireplace, that is a really impressive amount of work going into 1 single home.
  13. No, no public ridicule needed.
  14. JHCC, if i get this right you want one of the plastic hand thingys to attach the manifold to the other tank, yes? TSC sell ones that will thread on to the end of the brass fittings.
  15. Alexander, as always beautiful work. Even if you add 10,000 square feet you still wont have enough shop, at least from my experience you will always find a way to fill. Kind of like a clean work bench dont stay that way long. Practiced some nails today. Mine always turned out funky looking and off to one side. A big thanks to Glenn for getting me on the right track. Anyway they aint great but much much better than what i would usually end up with. Put a handle on the hammer i made a week or so ago. so it is finished, now to move some metal with it. And made me a bottom flat hardy thingy.