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  1. Forgive my crude drawing but how about this? Cross drill the bolt so a roll pin will go through it. Put a spring in between roll pin and mounting bracket. Pull down and the bolt releases. On the receiving part if a wedge is added it will act as a piece to push down the pin so no effort to close. You could even make a sleeve to conceal the spring and pin. Also i would make a ring on the bottom to pull rather than the arm.
  2. The fuel does not seem as bad now as it did a couple years ago. Between my dad, work, and my own gas powered tools i got quite good at tearing apart the carbs and cleaning them out.
  3. A little trick i learned from ODOT, take a couple old towels (or new but dont let the wife know) or blanket, and wrap the chain in. A couple pieces of duct tape will secure it fine. If the chain breaks the shrapnel will be contained inside the towels and the towels will also dampen the chain enough to prevent it whipping around.
  4. My air gate is a lid from a veggie can. I cut a slot in front of my fan in my tuyere little more than 3/4 of the way through. Inserted lid into slot. All the way closed i have about a 1/8" gap for air to pass. By lifting the lid out of the slot i can go from 1/8" to 2" opening. Since my original blower failed i have had to switch to hair dryer till i can get out again for a new blower i also drilled 6 holes between my blower and gate. Even with just a 1/8" opening the hair dryer was to much. I used exhaust pipe for my tuyere, the part that is flared to be the "female" end of the pipe i cut off and it makes a nice sleeve that goes over the holes to adjust air flow with. Keep it simple.
  5. No biggie, that is why we peer review here. Now stand in the corner till after recess. JHCC, i have heard those called dandelion/weed pullers.
  6. Rojo, do not burn off the coating. They are usually either coated in zinc or chrome. I stay away from anything that i suspect chrome, but i know the zinc can be removed by an over night soak in vinegar. Much safer than burning off, zinc will make you sick while chrome is down right deadly. When squaring the heads keep an open end wrench handy to size them with. After forging them give them a coat of wax also. I give all my lag bolts and screws this treatment. Oh and the screws, try find and slotted screws and not Philips.
  7. I like to spit on my stones. Joking, but i have done it, i usually just use what is close. Motor oil, tranny fluid, WD-40, what ever. By the way i do not know if yall know this or not but the WD in WD-40 stnds for water displacement.
  8. Had the subframe of a bucket truck fall on my hand one day. Severed the pinky at the first knuckle joint, luckily it dislocated the joint rather than cut the bone. It was danglig by a little skin and meat. Layed my hand flat on a table and with a good whack by the heal of the opposite hand i relocated the knuckle. Took a piece of paper towel soaked it in peroxide and wrapped it in. Then covered with electrical tape and back to pulling the trans out of that truck. My finger is now "L" shaped becuase of the severed tendon on the top. Wish i could still drive a standard but my knees do not allow that for very long.
  9. Huh... did not think of that. Always thought you needed somtehing to "eat" into the metal rather than "stain" the metal. Black walnut can also be used for hair dye. Had a friend who used it on his dog.
  10. TPAAAT- Thomas Powers applied anvil acquisition technique. Basically ask every single person you come in contact with everywhere you go. If you check the box at the bottom of post that says "Notify me of replies" you will get an e-mail notification when ever someone replies to a thread. You can also go to your profile page and there is a box that is marked "activity". This shows all the recent posts you have made. Click on the box that says "show my activity" will bring up all the posts you have made. No reason to apologize. Ignorance is curable.
  11. Alright, what do Oak tree have to do with etching? I am assuming it has something to do with the tannin and the reason we soak acorns in a running stream to make them edible.
  12. We use a tumbler for deburring parts in the shop i work in. The parts i make are rarely more that 3/4" long and usually less that 1/2" wide, small stuff. We use things like pnut mentioned jacks or caltrops, but also trapezoid, round , square, triangle, etc. They are also usually ceramic.
  13. All my tools will be buried with me. My treasures will be needed in the afterlife. I know i will go before the old lady, some one as mean as her lives a long long time.
  14. I used to live on a Flintridge dr. in a little town right outside Wright Pat called Fairborn.
  15. last week was in the 90's. The weekend it dropped into the lower to mid 80's. What a relief. This week is mid 80's ending in the mid 90's. Not much anvil time through the week but that is due to starting 2nd shift now. The neighbors do not seem to enjoy me banging on metal at 3 AM. Sure do wish they would not mind, be nice to get out there in the cool night air. My old lady is going through "the change" so one minute she is burning up and the next freezing right now.
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