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  1. Being a mechanic by trade i have quite the scrap pile in the shop i work in to pick through. Sway bars, coil, leaf springs, axles, input and output shafts, sway bars, sway bar links, etc. are all free for the taking for me. Not to mention the thousands and thousands of nuts and bolts. That is where most of my treasure trove has come from. I have also got the guys i work with now asking if i can use "this".
  2. Finally finished my table legs. I think they are a little spindly and think the scrolls need turned in not out, but hey the customer is always right. Getting the angles was a pain in the behind, bent them about 20x it seems. Did not want 90* cuase it seems if they were pitched out just a little they would be more stable.
  3. In good condition those go for about $40,000 now a days. Wish you would have kept it now aye? Fun fact, Nissan introduced them back in the 70's as Datsun, the reason was if they were not well like it would not reflect badly on the Nissan name.
  4. Heat treated my hot cut and done some grinding. May have to weld a little more for the shank. Had another piece of the sway bar so i am making a hawk out of it.
  5. Les, happy retirement. Wish i could but that will be many years away if ever. I too am essential, so off to work everyday. Was so hoping for a couple weeks off. I aint had a vacation in 20 years.
  6. Well, yesterday i took a hunk out of my hot cut. It is pretty old and if i could get a good close up almost looks like there was small crack. So today i made a new one. Still needs ground to shape, dont like so much arc on the top, i prefer flat. Then hardened and tempered. Came out purty good in my opinion. Started as a 1" diameter sway bar off of a Dodge 2500. Made the hardy shank separate from a piece of old axle then welded him on. Oh yeah, i also did all the work with just a hammer and anvil, no swages, fullers or anything.
  7. I had some, lets say bad habits, when i was young. Most of those years are just a blur, but my friends say i had fun and done some really stupid things.
  8. "we are stardust, we are golden, we are billion year old carbon, and we got to get ourselves back to the garden"
  9. Worked on my table legs some today. They are coming along nicely. Not what i would want but it is what my buddy wants so, hope he likes them. Tried my hand at making a heart. First one, i think the heart came out good, the rest ehh, but i was a little tired after having to R&R a new ford explorer this PM. The old lady likes it, so that is the important part.
  10. Lockwire tool, safety wire, we called it lacing wire when i was in the Army and it was a lacing tool.
  11. Frosty, thanks for the tip. Jennifer, i m having a hard time visualizing that. I have to watch my twin grandaughters today so it will give me an oppertunity to google search some examples. This is the first set and i need at least 2 more so i will try and get them at least some texture and depth. Thanks for the input. I should also peruse the fire dragon thread i suppose.
  12. Drug this big ole crate home from work to make a cabinet out of for the shop and i need hinges, so i tried my hand at hinges. They are supposed to resemble flames. I figured forge cabinet, flames what could be better.
  13. Sorry its been a minute since i have been on, but i am figuring measure twice cut once. Basically pay attention to all your dimensions and make sure they are all the same. There will definitely be some difference but just try and keep it to a minimum. I am shooting for no more than 1/16-1/32" in height. Number each one so that my friend making the tables will be able to adjust the wood and number the location on the wood. Speaking of my friend, i am going to trade the legs for him making me a sign for my shop. I call my shop "The Punkin Patch Forge" and this is what he has so far. The name will be in the anvil...maybe. This is his first idea so we will get together and work out the details. But he is a very talented artist.
  14. Boy howdy did i learn that the hard way. I had my own shop for a while and failed miserably. I am no business man for sure.
  15. JHCC, my buddy that wants them will be over tomorrow. We will get our heads together and figure out what is practical and what he is wanting. Hence the want for ideas and the like, so i can run as many possibilities as i can by him. I was also thinking instead of scrolls to do hearts to appeal to the lady folk.