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  1. Latticino, nice ax. Will, mostly no shim but i have used them on a couple that were stubborn. I use Borax with some metal filings thrown in. Not much, i keep my Borax in a .50 cal can, about a table spoon of filings in half a can of Borax. The worst part of making the ax is the heat radiating off such a large surface. You definitely want a long handled spoon for your flux. Be prepared for failure. Even though i have done a bunch of these i still have quite a few in the scrap pile.
  2. I always wanted one of those big long hillbilly beards i could tuck in my belt. I can not get past maybe 1/2" before i have to shave, the itch drives me nuts.
  3. I have made better than a dozen axes from leaf spring this past year. Yes it is a pain to weld but once you get the technique down it gets much easier. Do not get lax in that technique though. Do it the same way with as much attention to the details as the first one. Here is one i made a while back ago. I will start by necking down the center of the spring some before folding, that helps with the eye profile. Also after i have it done i fire up the old stick welder and run a bead in the blade side of the eye. That will take out the sharp "V" shape to get more of a gentle curve, more of a "U" s
  4. SinDoc, nothing of note in Ohio? You do know we are the "Heart of it All", right? I see you are in Marysville. That is about an hour away. Have you looked up SOFA yet? (Southern Ohio Forge and Anvil). SOFA is over in Troy at the fair grounds. SOFA is home to the most important event of the year, Quad state. Anyway hope to see you there and if your ever near Dayton with some time to kill give us a holler and bring your hammer.
  5. Frosty, some of my lumps of coal weigh in at about a 100#. I stand them up and use an old ax to split the seem. Once i get pieces about dinner plate size and an inch or so thick i put them in an old tar bucket and crush with a 12# sledge. So i will call the next part overthinking, not thinking and heartbreak. First the heartbreak. Started grinding my slitter and discovered a crack. It is far enough towards the end hopefully i will be able to lop it off and draw it out some more to salvage the piece. I think i worked a little to cold at some point. About halfway up the gr
  6. We are running a job at work of hex material, 3/4". It is 12L14. Really bites looking at piles and piles of scrap steel that is anywhere from 1/16" diameter to 1", 6"-8" long and not a bit usable, all free machine steel. Occasionaly we will get 1018 or 1030 maybe a bit of 303 stainless but almost all of it is 12L14. After a quick search on the internet machine there has already been a discussion of PTO shafts and group agreement comes out as 1040-ish. If the piece is something similar in use to a PTO i would assume that it is something similar in material. I have run into hex lug wrench
  7. Made a hangy thingy for next to the campfire. Then a new slitter. Still needs some work on the grinder. Made from A-2. Also managed to lop off a hunk of my hand with my coal axe, still sharp.
  8. I scored a piece of A-2 recently that was 12" x 4" x 7/16", was becuase i hacked of a 4" x 4" piece to make a flatter, mostly i was thinking slitters but maybe a chisel will be in order.
  9. Thanks guys, that is exactly what i was thinking just wanted to clarify. Also to clarify i did not think it was a soft spot on the anvil meaning less hard. i have heard the term softening a corner when taking the edge off. Some of his terminology is slightly different and I was just not sure if he meant the same thing.
  10. I was going to ask this in just another thread but decided to make its own thread, thought it may help others. Anyway i spent some time yesterday watching some videos. One was a Mark Asprey video of him making a miners candle stick. That video shows a great method of making sharp corners on a piece. During the process he said he would use the "soft side" of the anvil and that his chisel had a soft side he would use to finish a cut. So what does he mean the "soft side" of the anvil? I assume that he means that the corner has more radius on one side than the other and same with the ch
  11. Oops, copy and paste. Sorry i knew that it was not actually by Franklin but has been credited to him for years mistakenly. David Auerbach is the one who actually said it.
  12. "In wine there is wisdom, in beer there is freedom, in water there is bacteria." - Ben Franklin
  13. So that is why i got the weird looks. Drank straight from the bottled wrapped in a brown paper bag.
  14. Wine with corks and now curling? We need to quit or someone may start to think we are civilized here.
  15. If ya'll make to the park give me a hollar, my house is 2 stop lights from that park. Maybe 3/4 mile or so. The park has a fossilized coral reef system from the Silurian age (what ever that is) It is actually quite big with riding trails and the like. Well big for this part of Ohio. For info it is part of the Beavercreek wetlands water shed.
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