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  1. There are a few methods to repel coons and groundhogs. Caster oil works well for both, place it around the perimeter or in the case of ground hogs at the entrance of the den. Used cat litter around the building or male raccoon urine. Along those same lines straight ammonia will also keep them at bay. Both keep them away by simulating a predatory animal. I suppose you could just start relieving yourself around the outside of your shop also. Coons really, really do not like menthol, so some horse lineament poured around the building would do the trick. Planting pumpkin or cucumber around the shop will help, coons dont like to step on them with their dainty little feet. Groundhogs will rarely burrow more than a foot down so a fence that is buried a foot under ground will keep them out. Then there is electronic methods. The sonic repellents work along with motion detectors on a light and water sprinkler. However coons are pretty smart and learn to avoid the area where they would get sprayed, and they also get used to sound and noise. Then there is always the good old fashioned cage and a .22 rifle. Both coons and groundhogs are a little stringy but can be quite tasty, kind of like squirrel. I am in the burbs and even here i have to deal with coons and groundhogs. This past summer i almost broke my ankle when i stepped into a groundhog tunnel in my barn. As a side note the groundhog did keep the cats out of the barn. They will attack a cat like right now.
  2. Rust and poky things are a hazard, watch out for snakes. Me and my uncle were clearing a trash heap one day. I was using a hoe to flip over some old sheet metal while my uncle stood with a shot gun. After blowing off the head end with a 12 gauge we ended up with with over 60" of copperhead left. One of the biggest ever killed in KY.
  3. My grandpa was quite the accomplished carpenter and cabinet maker. I have a bunch of his old tools. Thanks to someone here on the anvil stand thread i learned that some of the drill bits i have are bell hangers bits. I also have a couple adjustable drill bits.
  4. Gazz, that never even dawned on me. I am having one of those "DUH" moments now.
  5. Started cleaning up an old plane that was my granddad's. It's pretty rusty so i been soaking it in oil for about 3 days now to get it apart. Just an old Stanley but there is a little sentimental value behind it.
  6. Found this by my barn today. I was looking through some rocks for a piece of flint. Looks like some clinkers and some coke or almost coke coal. The house is old enough that there was most likely a forge in the barn for what ever reason.
  7. Technically it is a CV shaft, but that is just nit picky. CV, for those who do not know, stands for constant velocity. Do you have the whole axle? That end goes into the wheel hub assembly, check the tranny end and see if there is not just a sheet metal plug in it. If so i have drilled a hole through them so that a piece of thin metal could be place inside it. Then on one end a string and the other end a knocker for a bell. I used one of the bearings for the knocker. They actually have a nice sound and are quite loud. Since moving last winter i have not been able to locate the one that goes on my porch. When i do i will post a pic. Not all of them have a "female" end nor a sheet metal plug. GM the drivers side is like that, while the passenger side has a "male" end going into the tranns. Some of them are a real pain in the ... to get apart. I have whaled on them with a 10# sledge and they aint budged. Most of them were European cars. I just realized that you do indeed do have have the whole thing. You are showing the tripod bearing and the Rzeppa joint.
  8. And a hearty thank you for that. You will find that many of us here are vets. It was my therapist at the VA that pushed me into finding a hobby other than drinking beer. So i picked up a hammer and started heating steel and mashing it into shape. Something kind of zen about beating the ... out of a hot piece of metal.
  9. That is what the shillelagh by the door is for. A good stout blackthorn keeps the wee ones at bay.
  10. This is actually the past 2 days. Yesterday after a few phone calls i found a place locally that sells coal. Kentucky bituminous @ $215 ton. Happy as a pig in mud over that one. Got a handle put on my knife. I am no bladesmith. This is mostly something i just wanted to try. The handle aint real pretty nor fancy but over all i am happy with it. Comfy to hold and cuts well. And the other side. I also made a handful of brooches for a friend to take to ren fes.
  11. I could tell just by picking up a piece of that purple heart how much more dense it was. It was much heavier than many of the other woods. I like the under floor heat in a bathroom. Can not stand getting out of the shower in the winter and stepping on a cold floor.
  12. Those are some seriously beautiful houses also. Alexandr, you would not have got me up that ladder for love nor money. So i went to the Hard Wood Store to get a chunk o' wood. They did not have what i wanted, red heart, but they did have purple heart, but it looked almost dyed rather than natural. So after some browsing i finally found something i liked. Zebra wood, real Zebra wood and not a marbled Maple or something. I like the contrasting colors in it. I took a small sliver and gave it a quick sanding and a coat of tung oil. You can not see the depth in the grain in the photo but it has gold hughes and almost looks like a Tigers eye stone. Really nice wood i think but at $16 a board foot i would not build a house out of it.
  13. Thanks, i am kind of proud of it. Probably the best profile i have accomplished. 15n20 (or so i was told, but have my doubts) 1065, and 52100.
  14. I spit coffee on my key board. That is too funny.