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  1. Cell phone. My radio is connected to my phone so the old lady can just call me when she needs something. The ringer comes through the speakers so i hear it, never late for dinner. Kycats, nice work. Like the way you made the hanger for the knocker rather than a piece of leather tying it to the triangle. Made this for a co-worker. Its a wrench extension. Use it to get more leverage on a wrench. Yeah i know the trick of locking 2 wrenches together but that is kind of frowned upon. The pic is a little deceiving. Yeah it is rough but function over pretty. The top knot in the wrap makes it look kind of thin but it is not. It is also not crooked. The piece in the middle is seperate and welded on. It does hook around so pressure is transferred to the bar rather than the weld. Made from 1/4" x 1" flat bar.
  2. They are quite tasty. If she ever gives me the recipe i will put it in Vulcans Grill section.
  3. Finished this kitchen knife for my mom today. O-1 with Zebra wood handle. Razor sharp. Now hopefully she will make me some of her chocolate chip cookies with walnut and coconut. A little nod to i think it was Grumpybiker for the Ale. Pretty tasty, glad i found some at my local grocery.
  4. DHarris, with the lights that looks more like a dragon breathing fire at you. I was suggested to move this here, so here is my fire pirate again.
  5. How about if i triple the cookies and leave a whole bag of carrots? We used to have a coal burning stove when i was a kid. I used to tell my daughters that we would be bad on purpose so Santa would eave us coal, that way we knew we would stay warm that night.
  6. Caught a fire pirate today. May be Long John Silver with the peg leg and all. Fitting being my screen name being Billy Bones i guess. Was making me a new coal rake. Took a half square piece about 10" long drew it out made a nice little rake, a twist, and went to bend the rake over. Got it hot, cooled off the business end and started to bend and a piece promptly broke off. So i straightened it back out, made it a little smaller, no bend, made me a basket for the handle, welded it on. Now just to forge it smooth and pretty it up. It is now a fire poker/digger/rakey thing.
  7. Now Thomas, no reason to be calling CGL a crusty old bar.
  8. Nice triangle, i have heard it is not the easiest task in the world to get it a nice triangle shape with all the sides the same. I have never tried one so i do not know.
  9. I do love the winter time. Except for where i live. We do not really get the nice snow and icicles hanging abouts, you know the classic post card scene. We get cold and wet with usually just a little snow. Only worst place i have been was when i was in Bremerhaven Germany working on the docks in December. Anyway a couple days ago someone on a thread brought up mushrooming on tools so i thought i would put up a pic of the sledge that is in our shop at work. Complete with split handle wrapped with duct tape.
  10. For Christmas i am making my mom a kitchen knife. Got the handle put on today. Zebra wood with raw hide filler. I like the raw hide in there. I was using balsa wood or something similar, the raw hide is much easier to work with. Now for shaping it. Got my "raindrop damascus" out of the etch. 24 hrs + in vinegar and salt. May do coffee to get it to pop just a bit more. Pretty happy with the way the pattern turned out. Next is the handle and sharpening. The top thumb groove was not supposed to be there. Had a small delam so i figured "hey i got a new welder lets weld it up." Well i should have paid attention and turned it down. Ends up 70amps blew out more than what i welded in. Oh well its a little thin at that point but it is for my dad and it will most likely spend its life with him on a shelf somewhere. One of these days i may just make a really nice knife. I just really really hate the grinding. Welding up the billet is a blast to do. Same with the drawing out and shaping, but man that grinding is just so tedious. Also did a few other little things. Straightened some spring stock, started a new fire rake etc., pretty productive day all in all.
  11. Ahha, so thats the trick. I aint been able to make a fist in at least 10 years. My problem with aging is that i keep getting taller, cuase that floor is a whole lot further down than it was 20 years ago.
  12. That is my dad with tape measures. When the Pecan tree fell on the house and we had to do a little remodeling me and my mom would have to about twice a day pick up all the tape measures, i swear he has a dozen, and put them all back so he could find one. He has a habit of using something then laying it down and rather than find it go get another and the cycle repeats. He worked construction for many a year but never learned to put that tape on his belt. After his stroke me and my mom will not let him work on anything anymore. The last straw was when he wired a switch into the wall with the black wire on one side and the white on the other.
  13. I can not think of anywhere you could get experience here, but i would like to say that some idea of where in the states you plan on coming to would be helpful. Anyway, welcome aboard.
  14. That wouldn't be the one on Dayton-yellow Springs would it?