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  1. Hondo you are correct lige is what you make it. yes the human brain is amazing dont stop pushing be amazed what you can regain. alexandr your work is impeccable. dont think i ever will have space to do projects like that but I sure do hope the little things I do can match that craftsmanship. thise things gotta be heavy as heck too.
  2. thise blades are excellent looking. everyones work is always amazing jeep on inspiring me I am almost set up.
  3. nothing done but getting supplies to properly do kastolite this Thursday should arrive tomorrow I believe. hopefully this time next week I am hammering my first piece of steel at home.
  4. that knife is beautiful would get lots of great use in these fingers. One day I hope to achieve that nice of work well done sir.
  5. A Roman dagger is a Puggio double blade leaf shaped. I didnt get amything done but checked on my mistake with KOL and now have a new back for forge I think.
  6. what I thought in my head didnt work out. I thought it would work out where I could slowly roll my forge and the begining part would stick I soon realized immediately I should half mixed half as kastolite did not act as I thought. but nothing I could do then was too late so I tried my hardest to fight that battle but in the end kastolite won that battle but he shall not win the war round 2 will go to me. should have waited till day off in hindsight probally rushed a little as worked a long RUFF shift and should have rested first gone into with clear head. all lessons learned and gave my main man Frosty enough ammo to make me realize what a coyote of a move and should have been the road runner use my brain.
  7. Been sitting here and believe that I will have to do in section top and bottom. think I will buy some cotton backing cut a piece out that would lay across half the pipe. then lay down cotton place wooden half inch blocks around edge press in kastolite pick up cotton backing lay press kastolite into forge press into walls and leave sit. Guess being nervous this entire time was an omen haha Now heres a question will kastolite adhere to cured kastolite so when I go to do second half being the bottom half after top has cured.
  8. well we will call that a learning expierence and loss of money. 5lbs kastolite wasted had about half the forged covered reposition to do the rest and everything just fell off couldnt get finished before exceeded time recommended by manufacturer after being mixed. so I have learned this wont work without a form of some sort on a cylinder forge. 2 kastolite is not at all sticky like I thought and 3 need to save money and buy more kastolite once I figure out a form. guess back to the drawing board and more videos that didnt act like I thought it would at all didnt stick to anything lol
  9. what a great thread more info then I needed but now I understand alot more.
  10. That's a nice looking swage block John. That's what I am keeping my eye out for. Been tinkering with jewelry here too while waiting on forge set up. Nothing crazy bit has kept me motivated. Getting ready to mix my kastolite and try my hand at Mason work not sure why but this step has me so nervous lol. well enough time to get it done. that copper flower is gorgeous
  11. looks like it's working great. excellent work. I agree just new territory so fotts do the basics first and master them. welding g and forging
  12. I'll take that bet. go get my welder sunday so prolly practice then. just stack bricks until I comfortable welding on my forge. I have lots of practice ahead of me but very excited for it
  13. doors I thought about getting fire bricks for now. if I new how to weld I would weld a straight piece of angle iron on the top and bottom of the back opening that I could slide bricks on then but for now stack bricks just need to get.
  14. Twistedwillow this my first one. I ran it for an hour seems to be running great I held a piece of scrap in it and it's hot enough to get to temp. If I have enough light when I get home I will do kastolite if not Sunday morning it will be done.
  15. well she is coated and now fired up to dry 20210930_171045.mp4
  16. Pounced on it ..somehow I always land on my feet but that's 9 lives worth of catales with no time right meow......
  17. Cats must be the foreman type. Nice shop yeah I imagine I would rather sweat then shiver doing that.
  18. showed up one day early heck yes. 12 ft s.s. braided line 0to 30psi regulator and a pressure gauge. tomorrow night could be firing up the forge though just to dry silica. so close and so ready.
  19. Thanks willow. Been a great day got that deal done. Ordered a high pressure hose and regulator that fit my price range. suppose to be here wednesday which fits perfect next day off is thursday so plan to coat forge and fire then let sit till sunday and coat with kastolite. if those days go as good as this day off should be forging within 2 weeks hot diggity dog.
  20. my buddy came way down on what cards he wanted realized the difference in value and well was able to work it out so I now own that welder 2 masks a giant brand new c clamp. and few odds and ends and this grinder below
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