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What did you do in the shop today?

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Well I got the stove pipe all up an screwed together and cleaned up half the shop around the stove, ive still got have the other half of the shop an three bench’s to clean up… this is turning into a bigger project than I thought it’d be lol,E7E8C043-823A-41F9-9039-8FBFC3F59684.thumb.jpeg.d3f5be69a0ebd2e26f78956783e0ead7.jpeg4CD468D2-AB05-4C39-8893-F929D42EAC3A.thumb.jpeg.9906ed02565a4552c3a74ea611819d75.jpeg

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 don’t feel bad Irondragon, 

I did the same thing, I had to look around out here for a minute before I realized what JHCC was talking about lol, 

Thomas, don’t you dare put a 400 pound bell on my newly purty an half clean floor! Lol 

I’m already tired from moving everything that’s already here I don’t think I’ve got enough steam to move that to right now lol

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No!  I'd Never!   I was thinking of putting *2* 400# bells in that vast barren expanse!

Probably the biggest things I'd ever bought at the scrapyard back when I was hoping to shove a bit of money their way to make sure they would stay in business, Now to build  tripods to hang them and come up with  way to hang a log to ring them.


Or there are a couple of pieces of a gun barrel still at the scrapyard.


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Do you know if it Is a navel gun? 
We have a few salvage yards around now but none were like the one that closed a couple years ago!

That place had been open since the 30s or 40s, and you wouldn’t believe the cool old stuff in there! 
I drug all kids of goodies out of there before they closed,

if I had any since I would have bought all the old line shafts and there was a pile of gears bigger than a pickup truck! Some of those gears probably weighed half a ton by themselves,

I don’t have everything here by the shop right now but here’s some pictures of a few things that came outta there before they closed,

the jack is over 300 pounds an a little over 5’ long with a 4’ handle, 

the three way John a roblings vise I haven’t weighed but it takes two people to lift it and even then you don’t wanna move it very far, 

the athol wet stone grinder took several guys to get it outta the brush an to my truck, it needs several cracks fixed and it needs new Babbitt an the stone is a little ruff shape 


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Twistedwillow this my first one. I ran it for an hour seems to be running great I held a piece of scrap in it and it's hot enough to get to temp. If I have enough light when I get home I will do kastolite if not Sunday morning it will be done.

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After getting back from Quad State I found that the messes from Ida hadn't cleaned themselves up, but at least now I have Internet again! Yay! 

My wife tells me that "May the Forge Be With You" T shirts are not appropriate souvenirs for everyone. One of the least of my purchases (and I was kicking myself for being a soft touch) was Frank's "Rose kit".  It consisted of a hand full of steel drawer file dividers and a copy of rose petals. I had already made a much larger rose with more layers, but needing more souvenirs I figured I'd give it a shot. I added a leaf and the bud husk to the kit. With my new swage block (also from Quad State), my induction forge (petals up to orange heat in 10 seconds) and my plasma torch to cut everything out I've already made three.  What I thought was a dumb purchase turned out really well. 


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Gandalfgreen, I’m excited to hear it’s running good!
I’ll be watching your progress to see how it goes, ive thought about either ordering a gas rig or building one, to use in the shop when it’s raining or high winds outside 


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TW, Yes I believe it *was*  a naval gun; it's a tad large for a navel gun.

I would kinda  like to run a Geiger counter on it as I have read that they once used sections of naval gun barrel to store radioactive test materials researchers at the University used back when and I'm a little spooked at a Naval gun showing up in the state with the penultimate amount of open water in it! (IIRC West Virginia has the least and is 1/6 the area of NM.)

Purple Bullet; it's strange how things we thought we really didn't need turn out to be great buys and then things we thought were great buys turn out to be not so great ones.

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Thomas, That’s why I was asking, because I was wondering why a gun off a warship was setting in a scrap yard in New Mexico?  

last I heard y’all ain’t got no major navy ports there lol 

Here in Oklahoma we have a ww2 submarine setting in muskogee, the USS Batfish,

but we also have a navigational water way the Arkansas river, so they can bring some smaller shipping all the way up to the port of catoosa, 


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I was told that when Congress asked the Corps of Engineers about making the Arkansas river navigable that they reported back that it would be cheaper to fill it in and pave it!  However the Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee, Wilbur Mills, wanted Tulsa to have a port and so now it does!   Happened in my lifetime as when I was in single digits I remember the Arkansas being pretty much dry in the summer and flooding Fort Smith on a regular basis when it was wet.

As the local university is rather known for it's explosives research; we have quite a number of odd items hanging around the area.  I don't know if the bullet riddled MiG is still out in the "bone pile"...but a chunk of the vessel built to contain the first atom bomb test, (Jumbo)----if it failed----is on display near the town's plaza.  Didn't get used and it wasn't a fizzle!

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It still floods parts of fort smith after heavy rains lol, 

that’s really interesting ive never heard that about how it came to be! I’ll have to read up on it now, 

that’s pretty cool y’all got stuff like that there! Maybe one day I’ll get a chance to run over there an check out your local junk yard! 

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doors I thought about getting fire bricks for now. if I new how to weld I would weld a straight piece of angle iron on the top and bottom of the back opening that I could slide bricks on then but for now stack bricks just need to get.  


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If your didn’t get a tank with your new mig welder trade then just run down to the hardware store and get you a roll of flux core wire, an then get some scrap metal and spend about 30 minutes playing with it and making beads back an forth, after that you will probably feel comfortable adding on your angle iron, 

but I’m guessing the outer shell is pretty thin on your forge so I’d make sure I practiced on something similar thickness before adding the angle iron to it! 

you can do it I have faith and five bucks on you! Lol 

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Thomas, years ago ('70s-early '80s) there was a satirical article in the April (fool) issue of the Sierra Club's magazine titled "Through the Rockies at 25 Knots."  Which was a supposed proposal to replace the Panama Canal with a shipping route up the Arkansas River, over the Continental Divide, and down the Colorado River to be excavated using nuclear explosives.  The article was clearly over the top, but, as is often the case with satire, some people took in seriously and were up in arms.

"By hammer and hand all arts do stand."

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1 hour ago, ThomasPowers said:

Yes I believe it *was*  a naval gun; it's a tad large for a navel gun.

That’s worth contemplating. 

9 minutes ago, TWISTEDWILLOW said:

just run down to the hardware store and get you a roll of flux core wire

Actually, don’t: I have much more flux core than I need, and I’m happy to share. 

10 minutes ago, George N. M. said:

to be excavated using nuclear explosives.  The article was clearly over the top

Although not without some basis in reality; see Operation Plowshare.

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