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    Knowledge for beginners blacksmith.
    Am a 10 year wood carver.
    Enjoy painting models and figures.
    25year chef ready to learn the hammer that makes my knife!

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  1. just noticed some these replies still learning. it is a piece of oak from my knowledge. I guess I chose wrong word when said seal just scorching help deter bugs. was thinking about BLO to seal base but for now having the timber is a step closer fine tune later just want to start. will use ground if needed. just finally got some rigidizer going to coat again and fire once high pressure hose is delivered. all been a process but learning every step of the way. hope hose arrives soon.
  2. United States code copper pipe cant be used for natural gas anywhere technically
  3. one of my favorite quotes well used sir wow that set of pictures I just drooling want to get a basket and start shopping.
  4. have had no time to do anything too much work. hope to find a post vise soon and finish setting up. everyones work looks great and the belt looks no fun any way you look at it.
  5. thanks for info Jobtiel. I like them very much just wondered. my favorite draw blade handles are not attached. dowels slide into wholes at end of each side.
  6. I like the blade just I have never personally used one with handles angled that way. do you know what he using for?
  7. That forge is amazing oo I wish. But I will work with what I have soon as my packages come in the mail I get attempt 2 at getting my forge together. Hammers are beautiful. just itching to use mine but did cold forge (I believe is correct term)started making a nail into little blade and a started old silver nickel into ring.
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