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    Knowledge for beginners blacksmith.
    Am a 10 year wood carver.
    Enjoy painting models and figures.
    25year chef ready to learn the hammer that makes my knife!

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  1. Well I have my anvil forge hammer and tongs. Now need to get forge set up and ready for some metal and flame
  2. Site has already saved me and given a bunch of knowledge thanks to all. My start up may be slowed down but atleast it will be properly done.
  3. Right now I have a Hells Forge was gifted to me any thoughts? Single burner
  4. Yes she is a keeper. And that is an amazing story and score. Now my turn to make her happy. Not sure if I can out do you but I will do my best.
  5. Well my wife is amazing or was sick of listening to me and she bought me the NC knifemaker. I going with both amazing and sick of hearing me but thankyou all for the help and info I havent stopped reading from this site when ever have free time. Hopefully no issues.
  6. Thankyou all for your responses I am reading up. I have added my location. Apreciate your help now more reading.
  7. Hello all just join and and I am brand new to blacksmithing. I am buying my first anvil and wondered if the NC knifemakers would be of good quality for the money I can spend or should I go with another brand? Any info would be excellent thanks
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