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I Forge Iron

Show me your Bottle Openers!

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Here's one I did a couple weeks ago. 2nd attempt, first one I didn't punch squarely and the ring broke while shaping it. Ran out of time (had to pick up the kid) before I could punch lanyard hole or forge a hook on the gripping end end. Next one I'll try making from a RR spike.


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While I do claim to have made several of these, I have to give design credit - as well as teaching me the skills to create - to Mark Aspery.

Mark, I know you're lurking out there from time to time. Hope you're doing well and you had a good summer in Tuolumne?

Fort Collins, CO.


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These are the ones I found I like the best.  Not the quickest or easiest to make, I have to command a high price for them with the time involved.

But I seem to sell lots of them....  These are made from 100yr old wrought iron, and they are beefy. 

Feel great in your hand, and have a heftiness quality that people seem to love.

Here's two I just finished up for people:





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.....to not have it split or fall apart when you're making the business end.


It still does happen once and awhile, no matter how carefully I'm going at it.... 

I swear at it a bit to make myself feel better and toss it into the reject pile and move on to the next one.  ;)

I do these in black oil finish too, but some people really like the colors.

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