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  1. Looks like a nice hammer to me, I'd keep it and use it unless you particularly like buying and selling tools.
  2. Gosh, has it really been five years ... since I first posted we have had family issues and a close relative passed away. I've also had health problems myself over the past few years and even some of my relatively easy pastimes have been put aside. After several trips to the ED last year I've finally had surgery and feel generally much better. Not too sure where my priorities lie at the moment as I decided to retire and we also moved house so things are in limbo at the moment. I suppose the first thing is to get my tools out of storage and set up some kind of workshop. Sadly we are in a much smaller plot than before so doubt smacking hot metal is going to amuse my new neighbours very much. There is a working blacksmiths shop not far from me though so I intend to go and introduce myself when the hospital visits are over.
  3. That's as it should be, but very nice to hear none the less. :)
  4. This is really interesting Gerald. Why do you prefer the smaller one, notwithstanding moving it around if needed?
  5. I can't remember the exact mix but it was cat litter (bentonite) Portland cement and Perlite. Cheap and easy enough to mix and shape. It's easy to get hung up about what other folks use but we don't all have easy access to the best materials or have to work on a tight budget.
  6. I saw this at a historical reenactment. As I remember it was just lined with bricks.
  7. mtforge, that's a really neat setup you've got there!
  8. Arbalist


    That cleaver has some real style to it Dustin!
  9. The blade pattern is really nice Darren!
  10. Do you have any idea which hotel folks will be using? Might be nice to have a few beers after dinner ...
  11. Here are some pictures in case it helps anyone else: Stripped. Close up of split collar, nut etc. Three quarter view. Thanks again for you help Andrew! When I removed the Ram the hole in the top was full of clean oil. I expect it's supposed to be in there? Should I re-fill with oil on assembly? Sorry for so many questions but there's no owners manual with it! ;-) Update: All back together now. I used way oil in the end.
  12. Thanks very much Andrew. When I first looked at your pictures I thought I still had trouble as mine has a lock nut as well. Once removed though the threaded gland fell apart allowing me to remove the thread! Can I ask what lube you used on yours when you rebuilt it? Vic.
  13. I'll take some pics once it's indoors. I was thinking Moly grease might be good for the screw? The ram area has slots for oil? so I guess the vactra would be good for that. I have vactra way oil as I use it on my Mill and Lathe.
  14. It's a number 2 by Sweeney & Blocksidge, Birmingham.
  15. I've bought a small fly press and have stripped it for cleaning except I can't see how you remove the shaft and nuts from the bottom of the screw. On one diagram I've seen it seems the shaft is pinned to the screw but I can't see any fixings on mine at all?! Any ideas how it's fixed? Without removing the shaft and adjusting nuts I can't withdraw the screw from the body for cleaning and lubricating. What's the best lubricant for the Screw and Ram, Oil or Grease?
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