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  1. If I remember right Samuel Yellin stamped his work YELLIN. Nothing clever about that. I think Sam did okay too. Just saying.
  2. http://home.tallships.ca/mspencer/shop/alldays2.html
  3. check out your local machine shops. they always have short ends in a pile. if not they will know where to get what you want. it's always a good idea to build up a relationship with them.
  4. a little damage now when you are young will really expand when you are 69yo. it's not worth it. think about it. time flies.
  5. could be a Kohlswa. They are well regarded anvils these days but some in the 70's were somewhat soft.
  6. thanks Frosty. sorry I am so late to reply but I have a heck of a time reading the current ifi. hit and miss mostly. Bob...
  7. ran across this anvil a while back on CL. Not sure if it's a repair? or what?
  8. looks like a long reach to the bottom if you have to fish something out...
  9. "many are cold but few are frozen" unk. minnesota Bob
  10. try shimming your clutch blocks out a bit. I cut up a coke can for shims. it doesn't take much to make a difference.
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